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Overall Score: 4/5

  • Price Per Pound – 3/5
  • Multi-Cat Formulas – 2/5
  • Long-Lasting Odor Control – 5/5
  • Natural/Alternative Options – 5/5
  • Customer Service – 5/5

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If you want your cat to live a long and healthy life, feeding him a healthy diet is a great place to start. Even if you do everything right, however, you shouldn’t be surprised if your cat gets sick from time to time. Unfortunately, cats have a natural instinct to hide their pain.

This means that if your cat is sick, you might not know it until he’s unable to hide it any longer. At that point, it may be too late or too expensive to resolve a health problem that might have been treatable if you’d caught it early. Enter Pretty Litter.

A uniquely formulated crystal cat litter, Pretty Litter helps alert you to potential health problems based on chemicals in your cat’s urine. The litter actually changes color if the acidity of your cat’s urine changes, letting you know it might be time to pay a visit to your veterinarian.

How We Tested:

  • We purchased Pretty Litter Cat Litter.
  • We spent a few weeks testing the cat litter on several cats
  • We did not receive these product in exchange for a favorable review, they were purchased with our own money

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Brand Overview

The Pretty Litter brand is fairly new, though it has already achieved a massive following. In addition to being featured in a number of online magazines, Pretty Litter has made appearances on news sites and social media hubs. Before getting into the details of the product below, we want to highlight a few of the things that make Pretty Litter different.

Typical cat litter is easy to come by. You swing by the pet store or order it online along with your cat food, toys, and treats. The only way Pretty Litter is currently available for purchase is through the company’s website and it is sold via subscription.

You simply select the number of cats you have in your house and provide your billing and shipping information. From there, you’ll automatically be enrolled in a monthly subscription that renews each month. Simply take the litter that comes to your door and fill your litter box with a new bag each month.

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Product Included in This Review
NameMaterialsClumping?Price Per PoundAdditional Features
PrettyLitter Cat LitterSilica GelNo$3.67Highly Absorbent, Provides Insight into Cat Health, Odor Control

What Kinds of Litter Does the Brand Offer?

Currently, Pretty Litter only offers one type of litter. It is a silica crystal litter that comes in very fine, lightweight granules. This cat litter was developed by a team of veterinarians and scientists specifically for cats, so you can count on it being safe for your cat. It is made of highly absorbent silica gel combined with a proprietary formulation of indicators to help cat owners monitor their cat’s urine for acidity and alkalinity levels outside of the normal range.

Here is what the different colors indicate:

  • Red (Detection of Blood) – May indicate a Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder (FLUTD), kidney stones, bladder stones, bladder inflammation, kidney disease, or clotting disorders. In rare cases, it may also indicate bladder cancer or internal injury.
  • Orange (Acidity Outside Normal Range) – May be a sign of metabolic acidosis, kidney tubular acidosis, or calcium oxalate crystal formation.
  • Blue or Dark Green (Alkalinity Outside Normal Range) – May indicate certain types of urinary tract infections and an increased risk for crystal/stone formation.

It is important to note that Pretty Litter is a tool that provides insight into your cat’s health but should not be used as a replacement for medical diagnostics or veterinary care. If the product indicates a potential health problem, take your cat to the vet.

Pretty Litter Cat Litter

Pretty Litter Cat Litter

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Clumping Action1/5
Odor Control5/5
Easy to Scoop5/5
Overall Rating3.5/5

Additional Features: Highly Absorbent, Provides Insight into Cat Health, Odor Control

The overall rating for the Pretty Litter brand is not perfect (4/5), but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a high-quality product. Pretty Litter is a unique product, so the same rating system used for typical cat litters doesn’t exactly apply.

We were forced to deduct points for lack of product variety and non-clumping, but we still consider Pretty Litter to be an excellent option within the alternative cat litter category.Pros of Pretty Litter:

  • Monthly subscription delivered automatically to your door
  • Unique color-changing quality detects potential health problems
  • Highly absorbent and offers excellent odor control

Cons of Pretty Litter:

  • May not absorb liquid as efficiently if cat repeatedly uses the same spot
  • This cat litter is not designed to clump but does dehydrate solid waste
  • Very expensive compared to most cat litters, costs over $6/pound
  • Some users found that it didn’t last quite the full month

This litter comes in a 4-pound bag designed to last one month for a single medium-sized cat. You can purchase multiple bags as needed, according to the number of cats you have in your household.

What Do Customers Think of Pretty Litter Cat Litter?

For the most part, Pretty Litter receives very positive ratings. The litter fulfills its promise of changing colors when a potential health problem is detected, but it is still on the cat owner to take the cat to the vet. There are many comments about the price being high, but that is fairly standard for crystal cat litter, particularly one with such unique benefits. The most consistent negative comment is that the 4-pound bag doesn’t last quite a month for larger cats or multi-cat households.

This being said, every customer’s experience is unique, and there are both good and bad reviews for the brand online. Keep reading to see two positive and negative customer reviews for the cat litter formula featured above:

Positive Customer Reviews for Pretty Litter Cat Litter

“I’ve had cats for 17 years and this is the best litter I’ve ever found I read all the reviews before trying it but that was after I had bought it and was worried that I wouldn’t like it so I took a couple of months for me to use it but when I did my husband and I just fell in love with it no odor very lightweight it’s costly but I guess you might say it’s worth it but it’s really a nice product if you don’t want to believe it try it and make your own decision now we’re trying to cat food so far so good.”

– Sean B, reviewing Pretty Litter

“I was skeptical to start. Cats aren’t the only ones who have difficulty changing. But the promise of “not having to lug heavy boxes of litter around,” really spoke to me (and IT’S TRUE!). It comes to your door! And it really works. What kind of magic is this? My male cat is old and peeing a lot, and it was really getting annoying. Until now! I cannot smell anything! And it looks beautiful. Thank you, Pretty Litter. This stuff is so amazing. I can’t wait for my next shipment.”

– MicheBel, reviewing Pretty Litter

Negative Customer Reviews for Pretty Litter Cat Litter

“We have 2 indoor cats – so we get two bags a month. After 3 weeks – the litter needs to be replaced. Think if you have cats that are outside and inside this would work…. but when it’s the only place they pee, it gets saturated in less than 4 weeks. However, it’s awesome litter. Love how light it is, how easy to scoop/stir, and that it can give you some information about your cat’s health based upon the color. Just wish the bags had about 25% more in each.”

– Liz K, reviewing Pretty Litter

“The amount of litter will only fill one inch in my medium size cat box. My cats are both over 15 pounds and have some difficulty with the medium box but can fit in it. The litter turned blue and my male cat turned out to have a UTI. After 10 days the new litter stayed white however it turned blue after he had been using it for a couple of days. The box is blue, and I wonder if it is just picking up the color of the box. I like the way the litter absorbs the urine and the feces is easily removed. The biggest minus though is the cost. $39.00 a month for cat litter is a bit pricey.”

– CarribethP, reviewing Pretty Litter

How Much Does Pretty Litter Cat Litter Cost?

A single 4-pound bag of Pretty Litter retails for $27 on the company website. Depending how many bags you purchase at one time, you may receive a discount. If you purchase three bags of Pretty Litter, your fourth bag is free. Pretty Litter frequently offers discounts and promotions, plus you can contact the company via email to ask about bulk discounts.

Overall, is Pretty Litter Cat Litter a Good Choice?

When we first received Pretty Litter, we were a little skeptical. Not only was a 4-pound bag supposed to last a month, but our test cats have notoriously disliked crystal litter. Fortunately, we found the texture of the litter to be similar enough to clay litter that our cats took to it easily and we were thrilled with the liquid-absorbing and odor-controlling power of the litter itself.

It’s important to remember that Pretty Litter is a silica crystal cat litter, so it acts differently than clay litter. Not only is it designed NOT to clump, but you need to stir it from time to time to prevent one area from becoming oversaturated. You may find that the crystals dehydrate solid waste, making it easier to scoop, but it may not form hard clumps.

Crystal cat litter like Pretty Litter is not the perfect solution for every cat. Some cats who have very sensitive paws may not like the texture of the silica crystals, though we found them to be very fine. Technically, Pretty Litter is safe for all cats and kittens because there is no risk of expansion if your cat accidentally ingests the particles.

Where is Pretty Litter Cat Litter Sold?

Pretty Litter is currently only available through the company website. To get started, simply log on to the website and select the number of cats you have (one, two, or more than two). From there, you’ll be awarded a special offer for a one-month supply of litter for your household size, then you’re ready to check out. Choose from (optional) additional offers then provide your shipping and payment information. When you place your order, you’re agreeing to a monthly subscription that automatically renews. You can cancel or change your order at any time.

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About the author:

Kate Barrington holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and is the published author of several self-help books and nutrition guides. Also an avid dog lover and adoring owner of three cats, Kate’s love for animals has led her to a successful career as a freelance writer specializing in pet care and nutrition. Kate holds a certificate in fitness nutrition and enjoys writing about health and wellness trends — she also enjoys crafting original recipes. In addition to her work as a ghostwriter and author, Kate is also a blogger for a number of organic and natural food companies as well as a columnist for several pet magazines.

Pretty Litter FAQ's

How much is Pretty Litter?

A single 4 lbs. bag of Pretty Litter costs $22 and should last a single cat for 1 month. You can purchase additional bags at a discount of $2 per bag. Two bags of Pretty Litter will cost $40 and three bags will cost $60. All orders come with free shipping and you can customize your delivery schedule.

Is Pretty Litter worth it?

Not only does one bag last an entire month, but the silica litter is super-absorbent and lightweight. What really makes Pretty Litter worth it, however, is the fact that it is designed to alert you to changes in the pH of your cat’s urine as an indication of potential health problems like urinary tract infections.

What is Pretty Litter made of?

Unlike traditional clay litter, Pretty Litter is made from super-absorbent silica gel combined with a proprietary formula if indicators that help you monitor your cat’s health. The litter responds to the alkalinity or acidity of your cat’s urine to alert you to abnormalities.

Where do I buy Pretty Litter?

Pretty Litter is currently only available for purchase online.

Is Pretty Litter available in Canada?

Yes, Pretty Litter is available for international shipping, including Canada. Canadian customers will not have to pay customs duties and some provinces may qualify for free shipping.

Is Pretty Litter dust-free?

Yes, Pretty Litter is made from super-absorbent silica gel rather than sodium bentonite clay. It is completely dust-free and safe for your cat.

Is Pretty Litter environmentally friendly?

As a silica gel litter, Pretty Litter is less harmful for the environment than bentonite clay litter, but not as environmentally friendly as natural litters made from wheat, corn, or recycled paper.

Is Pretty Litter compostable?

No, Pretty Litter is made from silica gel, so it doesn’t biodegrade as well as natural cat litters. It is not recommended for composting.

Pretty Litter safe?

Yes, Pretty Litter was specially developed by a team of veterinarians and scientists to be safe for cats. It is made from silica gel which is super-absorbent but does not swell in the presence of humidity and won’t be absorbed by the bowel if accidentally ingested.

Can you flush Pretty Litter?

Pretty Litter is a non-clumping litter that absorbs urine and dries over time so it can be reused. Solid waste should be scooped daily and can be flushed but the litter itself should be disposed of in the trash when you empty the litter box.