Can Cats See Spirits, Ghosts and Angels?

Can Cats See Spirits, Ghosts and Angels

Can cats see ghosts? How about angels? Or even demons?

Well, animals may not use a language to communicate like humans but a true animal observer will realize that animals do communicate very well with their sounds and body language.

The cat is one such species and apart from communicating with their owners, they have a connection with each other as well.

It might seem a bit unusual for humans who consider this preposterous, but if you observe cats keenly, they are not as unintelligent as many of us might consider them to be.

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Some feline observers have found their cats staring continuously at a particular spot, from which they later found unusual sounds coming.

Cats and Paranormal Activity

cat Paranormal Activity
Other examples include cats that sense ghosts and stare at the stairway like someone is walking up and down. After a while staring, it looks like they are trying to fight something off their face.

Some of us might consider it as playing, while others might just think this is the way cats behave.

But is that really true?

There was another cat who lived with his pet owner and kept staring at a room. The owner did in fact report she could hear some unusual sounds coming from the room.

Did the cat see anything that was not visible to the human eye?

It has been predicted that cats can see things from the spiritual world which normal people usually cannot.

According to some studies, it has been said that cats genuinely know more than humans. They feel certain vibrations, and that seems to be the reason they despise people who are not fond of cats.

It is quite shocking, but they can sense negativity coming from certain people, and they tend to either stay away from such people or hiss at them.

They even know when their owners are going to arrive and who loves them the most. They are even capable of realizing any danger that is near them or near their pet parents.

Another well-known trait they posses, is understanding when their caretaker is sad or hurt.

Such telepathic traits make it more believable that they are completely capable of sensing things that we humans may often not notice.

Cat Mythology

Cat Mythology

In ancient Egypt, cats were worshiped. The Egyptian culture was famous for its devotion to cats. As killing a cat back then was considered a crime, there was punishment for people who hurt cats. If a cat died, everybody in the owning family had to shave their eyebrows.

They worshiped a goddess who had the face of a cat and was the protector of women’s secrets, and a guardian against evil spirits and diseases.

The cat was an important animal for the Egyptians and they considered it as a way to communicate to the realm of spirits.

Although it might be shocking for us, if the Egyptian mythology is to be believed, then cats can communicate with spirits and they might be able to clearly identify one.

Cats have had many occurrences in the past and their species have played some significant roles making it altogether believable that they could in fact understand if there was any paranormal activity going on around them.

The Egyptian history claims them to be a mediator between the two realms – the one humans lived in, and the one of spirits. Could that really be true?

Are Cats Protectors From Spirits?

Are Cats Protectors from spirits

It has been observed that cats behave weird when they sense an unusual presence around them. It is even said that they do not like a place if they sense any psychic presence there. Ancient Egyptian mythology claims that cats are blessed with the power to ward away evil spirits.

Lots of folklore tales claim that dogs bark in the night in order to ward away any evil spirits. The same is told with feline creatures as well.

Buddhists believe that cats are the souls of the dead who live in the bodies of cats before they get another new life. Cats are also believed to see any aura or evil presence around human beings.

Many believe that cats can easily predict future as they get to ‘know’ their owner, or that they can easily sense feelings.

They certainly may not be able to completely protect you from evil spirits, but they may warn you if anything bad is about to happen, according to popular belief.

There are times when you might have seen a cat behave weirdly as if something exists around it, or as if it is playing with something.

There are some owners who have reported that they have seen their cat’s eyeballs move as if it was looking at someone walking by or running up and down the stairs.

So Do Cats Really See Ghosts And Angles?

Sadly, cats have been associated with bad luck as well. Whenever a black cat crosses your path you either wait for someone to cross it first or you may take a turn and try going on another road. It may seem trivial, but  the simple fact that we still do that shows that we must believe it to some degree.

To the contrary, there are those who adore cats and don’t believe that they could be associated with any supernatural abilities.

Whichever the case, we do have to admit that they do behave weird at times, and that sometimes we can see them act as though they were seeing someone around. Still, believing whether they posses any supernatural power or not is entirely up to you.

Cats share an integral part of our human lives. Any funny stories to tell us about your super-powered psychic cat?

Write us all about it in a comment below!

101 thoughts on “Can Cats See Spirits, Ghosts and Angels?

  1. AvatarBarbara Berg

    One day I had just closed my eyes for my my afternoon nap when I felt the edge of my bed go down, as if someone was there. I turned to see who it was and, although there was a dent on the edge of the bed, no one was there. Then I felt hands pressing on my chest–I couldn’t take a breathe in, I couldn’t breath. I felt this pressure on my chest for about a minute before one of my cats jumped up onto the bed from the other side hissing and growling. She ran to my side, looking up at something, still hissing and growling–she looked as if she was about to attack whatever it was! The pressure on my chest was lifted. She continued to hiss and growl, looking up at whatever it was, as she laid down resting her front legs on my chest. She continued to hiss and growl for severel seconds–stopping only when the dent on the edge of the bed was gone. She then looked at me, got up, licked my cheek and laid down beside me as if to say everything was and would be ok–she would protect me.

      1. AvatarDemetri

        I took a nap dreamt about blessing my baby Mona then I woke up and slept again there was something by me that was get with a hood on.then I snort so loud that my mom heard it

      2. AvatarBonnie

        After my sister passed away, my cats (seven) began playing and chasing with objects I couldn’t see. I began filming this and what they would play with were dozens of pastel shades orbs. I saw a few with my naked eye, five times. They are friendly, self-directed, playful. One cat belonged to my sister and the spheres were often around him. It gave me comfort and hope. It has been six years, three different apartments under all weather conditions, night and day. They are from another dimension and relate to the cats. They appear most often when I am sad or worried. Just putting it out there. 🐾

        1. AvatarJacqueline Wallace

          Hi I can relate to this post . Because my new cat just stares into thin air. I decided to film it and I saw a white orb. The second time I filmed a few more orbs moving up the ceiling and down the wall then today around 5 am I heard outside a stranger noise. My cat suddenly looked at the window very intensely so again I filmed it and I saw a huge cat the size of my window

        2. AvatarZoey Spirito

          there is something living in my basement. sadie she’s never acted like this before in her whole life her pupils haven’t changed in the past three days same size they always change and she won’t leave my side like actually she’s seen something she keeps bringing me to the same area in my basement near a window and maverick three days ago when sadie started acting like this had a nightmare about someone breaking in that’s when sadie started acting up maverick started locking everything I don’t know what’s down there but it’s scaring sadie like no joke my dad sees it too she makes me follow her to the same area and meows and won’t leave until I actually look or grab her and my mom a couple days ago her sticker on her old car went missing vanished. someone took it off I’m not going crazy because my parents are seeing it too sadies my cat and Mavericks my little brother. Please let me know what’s going on I’m scared for my family’s safety.

          1. AvatarAmanda Higgins

            You should get your house blessed. If your religious get a preist from your religion to do a before dawn expulsion and bless the house and each room with holy water. Especially the basement, then when the dawn breaks and the light comes through it will wash away and keep away any bad spirits. Your cat senses these spirits and is trying to warn you.

          2. AvatarMary

            First off put your future in faiths hand and don’t give your energy away to fear. Life is a classroom and all around us there are lessons , some difficult to teach us. If your father has seen and believes you need to talk to your dad about what to do. If nothing else a good idea is to pray with him and others in the house. If they are not religious make up a affirmation statement and have the family repeat that together about how the vibrations will change in the house. Nothing can hurt us when we are really tuned in to the emotions of faith love and hope. That is the type of warriors we need on this planet. Fight for freedom of what seems to be negitive outside us by filling up with so much joy and truth ( don’t buy into the darkness – just don’t give it any power any more. Something I might see as psychic darkness has as much power for powerful human growth and overcoming makes us more.

          3. AvatarLisa

            Burn white sage incense sticks or smudging sticks with a window open to release the negative energy. White sage is completely safe for cats & it casts out any negative energy. Burn everyday until you feel the energy change & your mood lift. Try burning it in the area your cat keeps taking you too. You should find a change in your cats behaviour once the negative energy has gone.
            You could even walk around your home with the incense or smudging stick to make sure every room has been smudged.
            My cat keeps looking in 1 particular area in our house, my mums urn is there. He sits infront of the cabinet and stares at her urn & chirps.
            Before I had my mums urn on top of the cabinet but he would jump up & lay infront of mums urn, almost like he was protecting her.
            I acknowledge his behaviour and say to him ‘is it nana, can you see nana’. He looks at me, tilts his head & wants me to stroke him. The look in his eyes are as if he’s saying ‘Yes, you understand’.
            This may sound crazy to others but unless you’ve experienced it, you won’t believe it.

        3. AvatarChristie

          How beautiful ❤ It is my belief that loved ones are with us in Spirit after passing. Such a blessing to see your kitties interacting with the orbs 😇

    1. AvatarMatilda

      I am a empath and I see spirits and i have visions among other gifts. My cat actually senses about the same time I do she will come running in and do the same by protecting me. Having a cat is a good idea. Everyone was born with there third eye opened but Some people it will go dooment for different reasons. Meditation and eating healthy and plenty of water is the key to opening back up. It’s who we are supposed to be Love and Light.


        Last night, I was dozing in bed with a light on. My cat jumped on the bed and I opened my eyes, only to see a giant black and red spider (soccer ball sized), scuttling across the wall near the ceiling, The cat was on his feet watching it too. Then, poof! it disappeared! The cat then laid down and curled up. I would’ve dismissed it as a sleep-induced dream, except for the cat watching it too! What was that? A spirit?

        1. AvatarSkip

          Wow thats for real .. Lux Lenore came to me like 5 am last October screaming her little head off across the street, screaming so loud it made my insides shake, I grabbed my big stick and ran outside to see what was going on no one was there just one black baby kitten.. I assume given the time of year she was abandoned because of stupid superstitions. I bent down and ask her what happened and she jumped in my sweater the moon was bright that night like I mean bright that’s why she’s Lenore of the light.. she came to me on the morning of October 22nd since my teens I had a problem every year with trying to commit suicide on October 23rd she’s my friend and she sees things I don’t… So we watch each other’s backs..

      2. AvatarSam

        I’m an empath too. It’s a really good advice to have a cat at home. Even if your not able to fully sense the changes in the vibes you will always get a hind from ur feline pets.

        1. Avatarkaren marburger

          I to am an empath.My estranged husband called in evil against me. I started feeling things crawling thru my body.This cat came to me out of nowhere, I took him in. He sees the energy that I see. When he lays next to me,I can feel the energies getting agitated and I can feel them going out of me and physically see them leaving his body and coming out the tips of his ears. He has licked like feathers from my head.He was sick and near death when I found him. I believe he was sent to me from heavenly realms for protection against these ungodly spirits.

          1. AvatarKim Farris

            I have several photos that my security camera caught of ghost like images. Can I send them to you for advise? I also have a cat who has definitely been acting strange and today we came home from camping and my husband was petting him and all the sudden he growled and lounged on his face cuts his top lip and bottom lip with his claws. He has NEVER done anything like this before

    2. AvatarMonique Vasques

      We have been living in a new apartment for 2 weeks now. I have to teenage cats is what I call them their nine-month-old Brothers, right away they started acting very afraid I know that moving into a new place cats are afraid and have to get used to their surroundings but this was very different. Every sound noise they jump they won’t come just certain areas of the house when we call them and the one boy ended up getting boogies in his eyes we clean them out and a couple days later the other cat has Boogie’s in his eye and I mean I’ve seen this before but not as bad I really really believe there are very bad spirits in my house

    3. AvatarPhillip A. Kuhn

      It seems that humans in western countries are, for the most part, the only ones remaining who do not fully comprehend the nature and ability of kitties. I truly am glad that you are one of the more enlightened in this respect. It is quite fortunate indeed that you are friends with a being as intelligent and intuitive as is your kitty. (Please give her a kiss from me.)

      If you wish to understand more profoundly the depth of the intelligence and psychic abilities of your kitty, I would advise you to read the books and/or articles from the Tibetan Llama who goes by the name: Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. Yes, that is correct. His first name is “Tuesday”. This is part of the ancient tradition among his people to name children based upon the day of the week they were born. Personally, I find this tradition fascinating.

      This monk relates how kitties living in their Buddhist temples were easily able to detect the presence of spirit beings of all different types. Everything from a disembodied human to a djinn and anything in between. Quite a handy ability if you are concerned about spirit invaders in the home.

      And, in addition to this sensing ability, he describes an even more fascinating behaviour of these kitties. It seems they were employed in the guarding of their temples, when there were still traditional temples in Tibet, before the Chinese invaded and destroyed the country. The kitties they used for this purpose were, according to him, the local Tibetan Siamese. As he describes them, they are apparently quite a bit larger than our variety of Siamese. It seems these kitties were bred for this characteristic. They are also extraordinarily intelligent and quite fierce, toward unsavoury individuals. He tells how these kitties (an entire “squad” would be employed to guard a temple) would keep careful watch over the very precious, gold items commonly found in these temples. If anyone were so unwise as to pick up one of these items, these kitties would first casually surround the person, but would do nothing — yet. If the person then either ran, or even just walked, toward the door, still in possession of this valuable item, the kitties would, en masse, “bum rush” him, covering the thief in most ferocious cat claws and teeth. If the process were not stopped, eventually, the thief would actually be killed. He claims this very rarely happened, since the general populace were very familiar with the temple kitties and would always exercise the appropriate care when entering these temples. Yes — I should say so!

      However, exactly how were these kitties able to be trained in this way? Believe it or not, both the monks and the kitties were able to communicate with each other telepathically. Yes. Telepathically. Not using words necessarily, but mental pictograms. Sending images to each other is the means by which these monks were able to “speak” with and even train these remarkable kitties.

      This being the case, I would suggest anyone with a kitty friend try to do this. According to this monk, all kitties are telepathic. This is how they communicate more complex concepts to each other. But humans can do this as well. And because kitties are already so highly telepathic, it should be a bit easier for a human to learn to communicate with her kitty. Just a suggestion.

      And thank you kindly for your fascinating post.

      1. AvatarMargie lugo

        Phillip A. Kuhn hello there…I was very curious to know more about what you wrote. I’ve always loved cats and 4 yrs ago I raised two. A brother and sister. I felt scared at home living alone in a new apartment. They were raised and trained by my ways of kindness and my everyday routine. I spoke to them constantly. I always felt they understood me. They did exactly what I brought them home for to keep me safe and protected. I had to move and I felt they would be good to stay with my 14 yr old twin boys with their dad. They have now been with them for almost 2 yrs. Lately I’ve been hearing one of them meow. I took also a picture of myself one day and the one cat I’ve been hearing meow came out in the reflection of the picture. I feel like they are trying to get ahold of me for a reason and I don’t know why. Usually a black cat will pass my path from right to left. Only One time a white cat passed left to right and 3 bad things happened that day. I’m also a person that can sense certain things. What is happening here, can I get your opinion please

      2. AvatarMuhaned Mohamed

        My cat was trying to attack something in mid air I got scared so walk to the live room and he’s gone and all the are open

    4. AvatarFox Drajneel

      When we got my cat she had a sister that was sick. She would always play with her sister and chase her around the house. One day I came home to my cat yowling, confused I went to my cat and saw her laying on her sister that had passed. Now my cat almost every night will run around yipping and meowing. I just know that she is playing with her sister.

    5. AvatarSarah Nevaeh

      Barbra B. you probably need to clear your house and especially your room with sage and pray. If there are evil beings present and are actually affecting you, it means that either someone who came into your house brought them in or you brought them in by getting involved with the spirit world (doing magic, communicating with spirits, etc.) My advice to you is be wary of certain people you let into your home and to not get involved in any sort of spirit/demon activity, especially when you’re not grounded.

    6. AvatarNanno

      Yes Cats are very territorial. Check to see if your cat is a special breed like a Turkish van. My male cat is & protects me everywhere I go. When I leave the house, he gets this look like he doesn’t want me to go.

    7. AvatarTim Suka

      You had an experience of sleep paralysis. That’s awsome lol well at least for me they are. I have this happen to me all the time but the entity that comes to me is very positive and dosnt harm me at all. One time it aside In my ear as I felt her breath on my neck she said “ I love you” And crawled on my bed and layed next to me and held me with one arm and started cuddling me lol. And that’s just one example I have And I have so many more. It’s bugged out but it’s awsome at the same time.

    8. AvatarKarrie

      Thats awesome…My cat watches spirits around me, Im thinking they might be orbs or something, but she always lets me know they are there.

    9. AvatarUrglgrew

      The fact that you guys believe this is just sad. Ghosts are obviously not real and I’d like to see someone try and explain how they would be. But honestly, I’m probably the logical one here. There’s no way I’m actually going to believe some hippy crap like this.

    10. AvatarUrglgrew

      I don’t get how u guys think this is real. The fact that you believe this is just sad. I truly think I’m the only logical one here because I don’t believe in any of this hippie crap. GHOSTS ARE NOT REAL!!!!!!!

  2. AvatarMary Griffin

    I have a small dresser in the far corner of my bedroom and I have caught my cat sitting on top of it several times staring into the corner of the ceiling. I have tried to redirect his attention away from the ceiling but he is fixated on that spot. He will even stand on his hind legs and reach up as if he is pawing at something. He has done this several times as long as an hour each time. I have also seen him stare at the wall vents and the ceiling fan in the living room on other occasions but not as long. He has never growled or hissed but has meowed as though he was very excited and interested. I am very weirded out and am wondering if there’s an evil entity in my home.

    1. AvatarSheila

      Hello Mary! My husband, 2 kids & myself are experiencing the same type of behavior from our cat. Which is why I am researching then stumbled upon this site & your comment! Things seem to be progressing fast. We have a 4 level home where the family room (where we reside the most) is above the basement then the living room, then bedrooms on the top. The middle floors are super cold all the time no matter what….didn’t used to be. Our cat sits on the stairs non-stop with her head moving as though something is flying over her or crawling on the walls. It is so scary. There is definitely something there. The past week it is getting worse, she is restless & not sleeping like normal as though she has become super obsessed. Not sure what our next step will be but I wanted to share with you as we are pretty freaked out and also say I hope in your case it ended up being nothing too serious. Sheila

    2. AvatarBonita Lehtonen

      Try turning out lights and filming the area with smart phone. My cats did this and once filmed and I re-watch tape, flying and floating, self directed pastel coloured orbs are present. They are not scary at all. Friendly and playful. I think good spirits and family/animals that have passed are showing us that they are around us. Good news!

  3. AvatarViolet

    Today, less than 20 minutes I experience something really creepy and cool at the same time .
    I fell asleep in the living room on the couch soon after I sent out my last message to a friend. Sound of steps woke me up as if somebody jumped from the ceiling on to the floor. I recognize the steps. Then I open my eyes a little, I recognize my living room, but for some reason everything I see appears as if I was looking through a large deformed clear gals. Then, I felt somebody climb on the couch and stopped there for a moment. I closed my eyes and stayed still as I feel the slow steps coming toward me. I could feel the couch going down with every step. Then, I feel cool pressure hands like touching me. At this point I open my eyes again, I recognize the place but in clear view this time. Down on the floor sitting agitated, I see Mitzy, the cat. She is staring in my direction, but above me. I tried fighting what it was and completely freeze my entire body. I could no longer move or make a sound. I was hold like that for a good wile. I know because I could feel my left hand going numb. I kept my eyes closed and could feel struggling to breath as if cool air weight was pressing down on me. The cat jumped on the other side of the couch. I could feel her presence and her breathing, sniffing her way to me but then backed up , however she did not left me, she made a short growling noise. The Spirit must’ve read my mind because started to release the tightness and the pressure weight on me seconds after I said ”ok, ill stay still, I won’t move if that’s what you want”. I could hear the jump that it did off the couch and on to the floor and then the steps went away. At that point I i had no energy to move. I staid there thinking of what just happened. I feel as if I am falling asleep now but the Spirit returns. I know because I could hear the steps as if it jumped down from the ceiling again. Than climbs on the couch again, again the slow steps coming towards me and sat on the back of the couch. I took the chance with less fear in me and soon as I felt the cool touch I try to fight it again. It did freeze my body again, legs and arms, and had a power that took away my voice. I could only open my eyes and saw the cat jumping on the back of the couch. I can hear her hissing and growling as if was ready for attack. The situation felt as if went on for almost a minute. Then “whatever it was” jumps off the couch and on to the floor. The steps went away because of the cat, I believe. I don’t want to see what it is. I fell like the presence was still there in the room. The cat did not left me. She staid where she was and send out a long growling as an warning. I turned my body towards the back of the couch. I opened my eyes. I see and recognize my couch. I close my eyes and stay there still. The cat continues to give that same long growling warning at what ever it was. She would stop for few seconds and then I can hear her repeating it again. A long growling warning! I did not move. This went on for a while. Next thing I know and without hearing any steps something lays on the couch by my side. Wraps its cool air pressure arms like around me, holds my left hand and just cuddle for few moments as the cat growled calmly two more times before went away what ever it was. Then the cat and I reunited as I wondered about what just happened ?!!!!!

    Was this a dream or Spirits truly exist?

    I wonder if this kind of presence can be activated by our own mind as we strongly hope and passionately desire something we’ve been missing in our life for a long time. I am a single lady for a few ears. I want “that kind” of relationship in which there is love, devotion and can leave a life full of adventure with my sole mate. Wonder if telepathy play a role in this whole thing ?

    1. AvatarBonita Lehtonen

      Yes! Invoke the name of Jesus Christ and your belief in his power and protection when this happens! The entity will leave. This is not a good spirit. Do not mess with this! Burn sage and/or sweetgrass, walk around your home, windows, doors open, pronouncing your power and telling all negativity in the name of your Lord, it is not welcome hear and needs to leave. My cats played with invisible objects. I filmed them with smartphone and lights off or low. There are multiple pastel coloured, self directed orbs floating around them and me. This is a comfort. Not threatening at all. They play with my cats. My cats enjoy them, look for them. Ask for the angels to protect you. Archangel Michael will protect you.

    2. AvatarLisa

      It sounds like Old Hag. Some say it’s sleep paralysis but I’ve experienced it while laying on the sofa wide awake. I could see my tshirt dent in & felt like someone was sitting on my chest. It was very frightening at the time, I couldn’t move, call out for help or anything.
      I was advised that the next time it happened, I was to say aloud ‘I understand you’re trying to get my attention but could you please get my attention in a nicer way, Thank you’
      Since I did that, I’ve not experienced it since, which is over a year now.
      You can only give it a try.

  4. AvatarSavannah

    So I’ve had my cat since she was born and she’s been my baby since, but recently she’s been super clingy and refuses to leave my room. When she does leave my room though she’ll only eat or use the litter box and then stand at my door till I open it. She’s only been clingy when I come back from a long weekend, but recently I’ve been staying home so I don’t understand why she’s doing this…Well I didn’t until the other night. It was 3:25am when Athena started running about my bed and woke me up from walking on my face. I got up to calm her down and laid back down myself, that’s when 3:30am hit. I was almost asleep when I heard somebody whistling behind me, it was some kind of song and was really loud like it was in my room. It then stopped at 3:31 am and I didn’t sleep at all that night, but the whole time Athena stayed by my side and would occasionally go over to the door to swipe at it before coming back to lay with me. Needless to say she still hasn’t left my room and that spirit is still in there, but I know if Athena is then I’ll be okay

    1. AvatarZinnia

      You either need to move away or get a deep cleansing in that house. A cat may protect you but cannot get rid of such entity if it’s that powerful.

  5. AvatarHeather

    My cat was lounging on the sofa; I was on a chair on other side of living room and my daughter was at the breakfast room table behind the sectional when our cat FLEW off the sofa and dissappeared so fast we didn’t know where he was! I lifted up the sofa skirt and he was hiding and actually shaking. He refused to come back out. Our other cat came up from the basement and looked around, but nothing strange in his behavior, ( he’s a Persian and doesn’t seem to have our domestic guys insights…) it was freaky, it scared us!! I KNOW he saw something we couldn’t see. He eventually came back out and was very cautious at first but then everything has been fine. Poor little guy.

  6. AvatarWillow R

    Our house has had only three owners, including us. But I believe the first owner is still here, and our cats are very aware of this. They’ve always watched something on the stairs. And they follow the footsteps we hear.

    The first time I heard the footsteps my husband had already left for work, and I was upstairs in the spare bedroom. They were so distinct I thought someone had gotten into the house. I was petrified. After a good 5 minutes of someone walking back and forth in the hallway they just stopped in the master bedroom. Me and the cats went in and – no one. That I could see. The cats, however, were very interested in the corner of the room. But not in a threatened way.

    We’re now used to the footsteps, and I know since the cats are not frightened I don’t think we have anything to worry about. Several people, including myself, have seen a middle-aged man on the stairs. And that’s exactly where the cats like to watch. And follow the footsteps …

  7. AvatarJc

    Wwooooo bai yall ni-s Cray Cray I thank I be done Los my min if som like det hap 2 me…. That’s why I don’t believe a single word of it, thanks for the entertainment though

  8. AvatarDelia

    I didn’t pay attention to my cat weird behaviour because I assumed that he wanted to spend more time with me but last night I went to bed and decided to check up on my husband who was in the kitchen via our surveillance cam. When I turned it on I saw a weird light so I recorded 2 minutes of it before getting out of bed and walking there to see what it was. I kept looking at camera feed even until I walked into the camera and it was still there but I didn’t see it with my eyes only on camera. So I walked to corner where light was and it disappeared. I went back to bed after telling my husband but the weirdest thing happened minutes later. My cat got into bed with me which he never does. Layed between my feet up until 3 am with his little head right on my leg.

  9. AvatarRebecca

    Every time i come out to the living room from our bed,at night, she follows me. She keeps looking up at the ceiling, as if following something. After a few minutes she stops and relaxes. I have to wonder what she senses. We have Moms ashes, but she was a cat lover. Did something happen here before we bought this place? She follows me where ever i sleep/relax. Very thankful for her, as she was a rescue stray. I love my Blossom.

  10. AvatarLizmary

    I have a cat named Emily and she sits with me on my reclining couch everyday.i have a statue of the Virgin Mary and every once in a while she stares at it and then pays attention to something else.i feel like she feels a angel or something like just glad that she stays here with me keeping me company.

    1. AvatarPiggy

      I read that having those Virgin Mary pagan symbol s are somewhat of the devil so the cat maybe seeing spirit sthere for sure

  11. AvatarApril

    My precious baby lola one night was standing in front of our shoe closet around 10 pm, she just kept staring at the closed door for a good few minutes, I opened the door and she ran inside then walked out. She never went near that closet again so now everyday im afraid of that closet, like something is gonna come out…

  12. AvatarPam

    I had two cats, litter mates, 12 years old and never been seperated. I got them when they were 8 weeks old. This summer, I had to have one put to sleep because of cancer. His brother has grieved and grieved for him. He goes through the house looking for him. The strange thing, TomToo was buried in the yard in a sealed casket. Tanner didn’t see us burying his brother. As soon as I let him outside, he went straight to the grave, sat there, looked at me and howled. It has been 3 months and Tanner still does this. He will go and sit beside of TomToo’s grave, sometimes, lays on it. Has anyone else experienced this? Do you think Tanner sees TomToo’s spirit? How does he know TomTo o is buried there?

    1. AvatarBonita Lehtonen

      Yes! Yes! Yes! I am so sorry for your loss. I am so sorry your baby is grief stricken. They are somehow more astute in terms of connection with other dimension than we are. God bless you.

  13. AvatarRuwandi Jayasinghe

    I have noticed 2 times my cat looking at my direction but over my head. First time when i just got home from out side. Second time , she was on the couchm hidden behind the illow and looking at me. But when I go closer to him, he hided is head inside…looked scared. Special thing is he was looking above me very closer to celing. But my direction. But after a while he cames out side and act normal.

    But I have never felt any bad presence. I am intrested abit this. Any idea, what this might be..?

  14. AvatarRuwandi Jayasinghe

    I noticed my cat looks my direction but over my head. Another time I noticed , the cat looks scared and staring very above my head. When I go closer he hidden his head. After a while he comes out and act normal. I have never felt any bad presence though. Any idea , what this might be..? Just my mind…?

  15. AvatarEliza De Wit

    I did this random chant thingy yesterday at school and it was like Spirit show yourself, Spirit reveal, Spirit come to me, so I know you are real. I thought it was just a joke thing and it wouldn’t actually work but I went into my bathroom and the lights started flickering. I thought nothing of demons or spirits because I have a really old house. So I went to sleep and I woke up with the feeling of something sitting on my chest and my cat was asleep. I saw some shadows moving around my room but I was tired so I just went back to sleep. I woke up again to the sound of my cat throwing up and then running all over my room and trying to get out of my room. I cleaned up the vomit and then let my cat out of my room and went back to sleep. I felt cold hands on my leg and my leg went numb, I couldn’t move at all! my cat started running around my house growling and throwing up more. Im so scared and confused what should I do???

    1. AvatarNithin Gutta

      That’s called Sleep Paralisis, when you sleep your brain doesn’t let your body move so u won’t act out your dreams this can sometimes happen if you don’t sleep enough or don’t sleep early enough but it might be spiritual too.

  16. AvatarKatie

    We recently just acquired our second cat immediately after moving into a new house. We also have a 6 month old Maine coon mix that we’ve had since she was 6 weeks, her name is Binxie (and yes she is black if you caught the name). Our new cat is named Wolfie, he used to be sister in laws but my husband loves this cat so much she gave him to us. Binxie was a very lovable kitten, and for some reason she stopped being so nice. She wouldn’t let us pet her and always wanted to bite. Recently she’s started coming up to me and making her little noises and wouldn’t stop until I touched her. She’s never been a very vocal kitty.

    Now onto Wolfie. This cat… he was a real butt head. He wouldn’t let anyone touch him until he came into our house. He sleeps in the bed with me every night. Some nights on my pillow. Always rubbing my legs, and letting me pet his head.

    Now onto Wolfie’s behavior, which my husbands niece and my sister in law say he’s NEVER done. He will run and chase something that isn’t there. No toys, no animals nothing, all while making weird trolling noises. I’ve even seen him running around like cats do when they are scared with theyr tail arched and stiff while meowing loudly. He has woken me up every night climbing up our head board (which is cloth) trying to climb up walls making noises like something is there. He will chase something all around our room like he’s playing catch with a mouse only nothing is there when I turn The light on. My dogs don’t even sense anything so I know it’s not a mouse. He was also just sitting in our recliner staring into our dining room like something was there with his pupils dialated and ears pulled back like he hears a high pitched sound.

    I do Have my dogs ashes. She was 17 when she passed away in 2017. Our house was also built in the 80’s so there is no telling what has happened her. My husbands step dad is finishing up his classes to become a pastor, but he said he didn’t sense any negative energy. He said if need be he will bless our home. Anyone have thoughts? It’s greatly appreciated. Also, I should Add I’m usually sensitive in places where there is negativity. I cant Even go to Pearl Harbor, every time I feel An overwhelming sadness that I cant Control. It makes me feel like I’m suffocating.

  17. AvatarKaren

    Last night when I brought my cat into my room he didn’t jump onto the bed like he usually does, instead he stayed on the floor and kept looking under my bed in a low stance with his back arched. Finally when I left my desk and layed on my bed he jumped up then started following something with his eyes all around the room looking really tense; not sure what was up but it made me pretty scared I thought only dogs picked up on spirits and stuff like that

  18. AvatarCatLover

    Cats are just amazing beings! I can tell all of you for 10000000% .. Cats can see other dimensions. We humans-also can, only not while we`re wake up. We can see those dimensions (not sure as much as Cats can), but while we are sleeping – we are there too!

  19. AvatarMonica

    I don’t have any cat in my house but it looks like cats likes my house,every now and then cat comes in wears the defferent cats and I don’t know what’s really going on ,I even thought it’s a an evil cats .pls help

  20. AvatarAndrea England

    My baby cat suddenly started growling and hissing. She was staring at something that surely she didn’t like. I was scared and I thought she had intentions to attack me. After a few seconds she calmed down.

  21. Avatarbrooklynn merry

    I was about to go to bed, my cat would lay on my chest. soon later he jumped up and started needing on me… soon after she started growling at the corner and hissing. he stopped when i moved to my parents room….. my cat has staretd to freak me out… he’s avoiding his favorite chair and the same corner in my room..

  22. AvatarChristopher D Schaffner

    I had three cats the mother cat passed in the last few days. While I have been grieving the other two cats have been behaving as if nothing has occurred, ( As if the Mother cat is still here). They have felt my sorrow at the loss of mu little Miley Ray and been here for me. It seems as if I know have a Guardian Cat looking over me based on the reactions from the other two. Wile I may not be able to see her I get the impression she is still here with me.

  23. AvatarTAMIKA DAVID

    The weirdest thing at 12am my dog comes get me going crazy and my daughter comes tell me there is a cat on our kitchen table. I am not a big fan of cats and have never been but this cat just comes to me and allow me to pick it up and hold it. First off we dont have cats and have not idea how this cat got into our house. this has been the creepiest night every. I am afraid to go back to sleep, becasue i have always thought of cats as spirits.

  24. AvatarDana

    Hey Cat lover, what did you mean by we can see the other dimensions just like cats , maybe not as much but we can see but only when were sleeping.
    I ask that because I have been having some really weird ghost dreams and for some reason I have been scaring myself lately, thinking something is in my house. Not long ago , THIS WILL SOUND CRAZY, but I was seeing visions of things either when I would close my eyes or when the room was pitch black. Things like evil faces or people running away from things. I would see like a woman yelling at kids, crazy , scary smiles I WAS NOT ASLEEP when Seeing this stuff. that wen’t on for a while, seemed to have gotten worst when I prayed.. For some reasons that just stopped happening to me. Now I have a bad feeling again, a scared feeling and last night my cat was acting so weird. At one point as I was dozing oiff she jumped on my bed and scared me badly, then she came up to me , I rubbed her for a minute and she jumped down and ran in the Hall way and stayed underneith my stand up key board starring at something, her behaviors were just very strange. She wasn’t hissing or meowing, she looked frighten in a way and was running around at some point, just acting different. I fell a sleep and dreamed she was on my bed attacking something but nothing was there, I woke up scared and all seemed okay. I slept with a rosery in my hands for the last two nights. I’m not even Catholic, but U am a believer of Christ. I never sleep more than 1.5 to 2 hours at a time, NEVER….. I DREAMED the other night that a cereal box was a ghost and was saying something to me but I couldn’t understand it but it seemed mad. In my dream I went and got my son and my cat Charlotte to get in bed with me and when I went back to the kitchen that evil cereal box was gone but my window was wide open with curtains and blinds gone and then there were other cereal boxes opened on the floor. Sounds stupid huh? I have had the craziest dreams lately and they’re scaring me. Everytime I wake up My cat Charlotte is not far, she is either on the bed with me or my son or in hallway out side my door. I’m freaking out. I took a rosery around my entire house last night rebuking evil spirits. I don’t know what is happening to me. Maybe I am crazy. Thoughts?

  25. AvatarSoph

    Just now my cat has been acting very strange in the lounge. Very restless, which I usually would pass off as his usual playfulness in the morning but this was different. Like he was stressing out. He kept running to the door and looking out the cat door and then doing laps of the lounge.
    Anyway I was worried about him, maybe there was something outside thay was scaring him so I got up, unlocked the front door and as I opened it it was as though another cat had been waiting outside the door and it sprinted passed me and brushed against my slippers. It was very vivid and my partner saw it too, he saw a small ball of fluff make it to the middle of the room and then, poof, it just dissapeard.
    I was quite freaked out. I’m not necessarily a believer or non believer in ghosts. I have never experienced something like this and I don’t know what it means.
    I’m trying to understand if my eyes tricked me or not. The thing that confirmed it is that my partner saw it too not just me..
    Super weird.

  26. AvatarTerri Reno

    My cat always lays in the crook of my arm at night as I drift off to sleep. Last night I was feeling like something was attached to me that didn’t belong there, don’ know what but it was not a good feeling. When I laid down my cat (Ranger) jumped up on the bed and dropped into his normal spot. He immediately stood up stopped purring and moved closer to the foot of the bed and spent the night there. I had a very bad night and as of 9:00 this morning Ranger won’t come near my chest or abdomen.

  27. AvatarWendy

    At about 1:30 am, but cats ran upstairs chasing the laser light. One came down right away and the other stayed several minutes (the l laser was gone). When the 2nd cat came down he had a puffy tail and was acting freaked out (ears back). He then started at the staircase for 20 to 30 minutes, except when he went behind the couch briefly . After he came out from the couch, he continues to look at the stairs. The stairway was dark and living room light (where we all were). This cat is a tabby that never seems to have more than a 2 second memory. We always say he’s pretty but has nothing in his head. So I don’t know what to make of it but it was very strange .

  28. AvatarRenea Robinson

    I have 2 cats. They’re Both rescued ferals i took care of outside for yrs…i moved and brought them with me. They’re both inside now.
    My older female likes to watch TV and the Male couldn’t care less about it. He lays at the foot of my
    bed and stares up at something all the time. I feel it’s my Angels….Others have seen them and have told me they’re really big. He seems content enough. Sometimes i feel my Angel sit on the bed… but I’m Not afraid. They take Very Good care of me and watch over me and my little home and kitties very well.

  29. AvatarElla

    I had two kittens who were litter mates one was black the other orange. When they were six months old the orange one died because of a heart defect. They used to run around the house and play with each other. And my black cat still has been doing that and attacking the air like he would his brother. So I’ve believed we have been ‘haunted’ by his brother.

  30. AvatarEstephany Fesler

    I just moved to a new apartment about a month ago. I own 2 adult cats. Since day one the male cat walks around meowing all night. I thought it might have been due to the move but it hasn’t stopped. I decided to pray for the cat and ask God to give him peace for whatever it mighty be that’s making him have this behavior and it worked but then He would do it again the next night and I would pray and He would then stop this has been going on for a week now strangely. I had a feeling that something was causing His behavior because the prayers would give him peace. So I wondered could it be demonic activity!? I searched the web and found this page and so many others talking about the same thing. I’m glad others have reported their experiences so that it confirms my theory. Thanks! Time to get an exorcism 😂 By the Way I did used to experience the presence on the bed as well. I thought it was my cat walking the bed but when I looked it was nothing. I used to get high and several times I was sexually over taken by these demonic entities. Back then I was not a Christian and I did nothing to stop it. I think they’re knows as sucubus and incubus. Spiritual realm is definitely real! I just had no idea the cats could see if!

  31. AvatarChris

    Yes my cat has protected me from day one when I brought him and his believed brother who were both strays. I love them, and at first they kept hanging around by my bedroom window outside my house. I have had many supernatural events happening throughout my lifetime. I have been told by a very well known medium in my area, that I was a mystic. She told many spirits surround you. I have been seeing so many phenomenons in my life, and also hearing so many strange sounds. From Smokey shadows, full on Aberrations, half of body parts, voices that sound like someone tuning a radio clock from FM to AM. Even clear voices that sound like they came from outside, so loud and clear that brings chills up your entire body to the top of my head. I was medicated for this at a young age. Doctors thought I had a condition. Since I’ve been fighting addiction from a very young age, these dreams and spirits are intensifying more frequently then ever. But since my cat “shadow” and “ Tange” stay close to me at nights I feel there strong shield they keep up at night to protect me from the evil energy that surround me my whole life. I still fight the spirits everyday, I still have nightmares so real, I feel terrified as if it really happened in real life. But every time I wake up with a nightmare, there curled up by me to protect me and make sure I’m not alone in the fight. My cat always meows at me when I wake up from a night terror. Like as if he’s saying “ don’t worry, I’m here” I love them. I was never a cat owner also before, always had dogs. But did they change my mind on who really shows affection. Love all animals but my cats are my everything

  32. AvatarDontpanic

    I was in germany thinking of my ginger cat that lived by my mother in switzerland. I wanted to collect tea it was a saturday in july, when i stopped next to a noisy street, cause i sensed a cat scream, later i wondered how i could hear it even. There was a dumpster with lid inside was a kitten in a garbage bag, he was ginger and i took him out he was barely alive, they maybe tried to get rid of him cause he looked weird he had his chest out like a chicken. I feeded him in my old brick house. I had ormus that i made for my plants to save him it worked allmost too well soon he run arround like a tornado. I called him Safran. Im quite empathic but i cant controll any of my gifts its more like a curse only seeing bad things unable to prevent them. Those things still creep me out. A friend who was caretaking an mansion who was owned of thule society, he asked me to look into it, the owner never lived in it cause he was scared of it. Its a beautiful art nouveau building with stainglass windows. But when i should enter the main door after him, my head bent backwards by itself i nearly fell on my back, as if my head didnt want to enter the house, i never had this before. The staircase elegant in its grandeur indoor siding doors with stainglass flowers oak floors, all ok. I sayed even in the cellar which was the same layout as above it has big windows even, it would make a good flat too. Untill i entered one room i felt it in my feet i couldnt move my feet where numb i had goosebumps all over i couldnt stand on it. There was this horrible urge to dig it up which was not mine at all, it didnt care if my fingers bleed or brake it creeped me out. I went to my house again. Several nights later i had pain in my heart as if a hand tear on me. It urged me to come back. Then i was in my beedroom my cat sitting on my bedsend, i had my nightstand lamp on was reading a book. It was late 2 or 3 am. Then suddenly my cat started to stare at the door without blinking his fur getting up i looked at the door, the handle started slowly to move i was in schock freezed of fear, the handle spring slowly go down the door opened slowly outwards the corridor. The door stops the handle still down no one visible. The handle slowly got up i was full of fear and goosebumps, there was no one. The staircase to the attic is wooden no creek downstairs stone, the other two bedroom empty i was alone. The spring in the doorhandle is strong its not natural. This happened again some days later, my cat on bed at feet end me in bed it was day around 1 or 2 my cat started again to stare at the door fur going up. Me too, the doorhandle moving slowly door opening and stopping as if someone look into my room while handle was hold down, again goosebumps sensation of being watched handle slowly got up. Which it cant naturally it jumps immeadetely you have to hold it down its a strong spring. After i tried banish this thing. I need help it scares me a lot. I saw on my phone in preview with camera at night in winter round bulbs fly around going thro a hole in the ceiling in bedroom below its creepy.
    i own the house but know i live by my mother, as i had burglers brake into it and destroyed all rooms, last time i cleaned my bedroom and music room up again and boarded several backwindows. I need help.If someone know Protection thanks my email is

    1. AvatarVictoria Poole

      My kitten has been hiding all day like he’s seen something and something has touched his fur only me and my husband is in the house. Can a spirit follow from where the passed on he looks at the walls like he sees something and hides like he’s scared of something anything will help

  33. AvatarCalli

    My cat has always been in tune with my families emotions. But very recently if myself or one of my children are crying she is instantly by our side and has a concerned look on her face and meows. Whenever I am reading Gods word aloud she starts meowing and comes by my side. And whenever I speak in tongues she comes to where I am and starts meowing even louder and seems very agitated or worried. Even when she is outside and I am inside speaking in tongues and praying she will come to the door and just sit there meowing loudly. Now last night when I was on the floor on my knees praying Psalms out loud she did the same thing. And when I started praying in tongues and I felt the Holy Spirigs Precense she came up behind me AND BIT ME IN THE BACK OF MY ARM!
    I always just thought it’s the tone of my voice I’m using because when I pray I CLAIM. I have been doing battle in the spiritual realm for 2 months now for my husbands salvation, so I speak out loud to the devil and cast out any evil spirits. And have repeatedly anointed my home and pleaded the blood of jesus. And I am always in the Holy Spirits Precense when I pray. So I started wondering if my cat maybe has an evil spirit if she does not like the Holy Spirits precense or it scares her or if it is just in fact the tone of voice I am using that scares her? I did only get baptized in the holy spirit 6 months ago and I have had her for 5 years. So maybe my new behavior is freaking her out to ? Any thoughts?
    I just prayed over her this morning. Because it also seems like she shows up as soon as I am trying to read the bible and pray to distract me and I always wondered if satan was using her….

  34. AvatarTiri

    I’m proudly owned by my Himalayan blue pointed female cat who has been the love of my life , I am a bit sensitive to paranormal stuff like occasionally seeing fast moving shadows in the night sky or seeing fast moving shadows in my living space , I saw a fast moving shadow few minutes ago and exactly at the same time my adorable cat look at the same spot for a few second ! I was really amazed by her immediate reaction , I’m not happy with seeing things like that and my mind deletes all the weird experiences very quickly but lately I have become too sensitive to stuff like that and the only way I can feel safe is by having my cat near me , especially when I wanna sleep and the other thing I’ve discovered is the fact that when she’s staying with me whilst I’m sleeping I tend to dream nice things and sometimes my dreams can be very lucid when she’s on my bed , I love cats and dogs both but there’s something MAGICKAL about cats , dogs are easily pleased but a cat needs to know exactly why you’re trying to please her and they can read a person’s mind even before a thought surfaces , my cat knows few seconds before me if I’m going to make a cup of tea or going to pee ! But then again I’m biased towards my cat and I think she’s the most special feline in the world.

  35. AvatarThe One True Cat Person

    I have a Nebelung cat named Lily and she’s the sweetest thing in the world! She plays fetch, swims, and uses the toilet. The other night I was in bed trying to sleep and I hear a bump in the hall. I have four other cats, so this is not surprising, but then they all started meowing and hissing at each other. One of them is a tortie and she’s pretty overweight, but she can open doors. She opened my bedroom door and the other cats ran in too. I got up and shut it, but I saw a tall, shadowy figure in my hall. Two of my other cats, including the tortie jumped onto my bed and curled up beside me as if trying to protect me. The other two are an Australian Mist and a Toybob. They just sat there and kept hissing at the door. Lily got down and pawed at the door and the other cats stopped.

  36. AvatarLeslie

    I have my moms ashes in a curio cabinet in my living room. Ever since I put them in there, my cat stares into it, and meows and scratches at it…it’s very odd. Is she seeing my mom? Communicating with her? Something is definitely going on. She has never done that before the ashes were in there

  37. AvatarDe

    People who don’t believe in a cat’s spirituality makes me wonder…just observe them!
    Ive had cats since 3 yrs old and they have always been attracted to me..ferals…strays..whatever.
    But one cat particularly named Mudewa was my healing cat..some cats are and there’s no real way to explain.
    I’ve been ill since 16 with Crohns..and when i got her my Crohns was a little bit in remission.
    As I got sicker she would stay with me in bed not moving unless going to catbox or to eat a little..right back to bed with me.
    This went on for 13 yrs of her life.
    Shed lay on my stomach( the area of great pain) or lay at my head when migraines happened. I know she knew where and when the pain was.
    She was born with Feline AIDS and made it to 13….I was blessed to have her comfort at times when I wanted to give up.
    I’ve never had a cat since anytjing like her.

    My male cat now Guiseppi…is very protective…does that yowling meow always @3-4am…comes into my room afterwards and lays close to my side or on my legs. Im an amputee now and he insists on laying on my 1/2 leg…mostly hurts me at night..he knows.
    Our new house he seems fine in but he wont leave me at night…not sure what the night stuff is but he may sense something.
    I couldn’t live without cats in my home…people do need them.
    One last thing..he warned us of a tornado approaching before I heatd the news….crying…yelling…going to windows..
    Then the winds picked up..80mph with heavy rains…all our neighbors trees fell and crashed..ours stood tall.
    This happened with our hurricanes we had here in NC..2016..2018…and I know we are protected by angels and my cat(s).

  38. AvatarKarmaKitsunexox

    over night, my mum woke up to feed my baby sister maymuna, mum needed the toilet so she sat may on the floor and watched the camera to make sure a mouse or something doesnt come, then when she was hopping off, she saw something white, realy fast and orb-shaped, she thought it was a rat at first so she ran into the loung room, seeing no mouse or rat, this strange thing, stil circling may, was on the camera, but not realy there, she was looking at may and the camera, the ting wouldnt stop, my cat, grange, looked through the window then, the thing stoped, granged hissed and the thing just… vanished, im not sure what happend, but when i woke up, mum showed me the video and told me what happend, i feel like thers some sort of strange presence in my house…

  39. AvatarKarmaKitsunexox

    another strange this happend, but this is not related to cats, once, my sister khadheshia (khad for short), was trying to sleep, she suddenly got realy cold, and needed the toilet, she walked over to the toilet, and instead of going there, she just stood there. There was a human sitting on a rocking chair, that had never been there before, she was in between the toilet room, and the laundry, khad went back to her room and slept, now every night, she goes to that same spot in front of my room, in between the toilet and the laundry, and just sits where the girl was sitting.. for hours, after about 4 hours she heads back in her room and sleeps, i think she might be possesed, but im a bit lucky for that, because before she started doing it, the human sang the song that she sang when her room gt cold, and she needed the toilet, yu know that lalaby that goes, la la la… la la la… la la la la la la la. over and over, she sang right in front of my room, and every night khad didnt sit there, when the girl started singing, i stop breathing, and see her in my dreams

  40. AvatarKarmaKitsunexox

    every night when the girl stops me from breathing, i hear everything, extreamly loudly, i always heard my cat grange licking his self, stop, and dash throught the laundry window, str growling at it, then leave, at that point, when she stops singing, i can breath agai, ever since i have had a fear of closing that window, and when its closed, i open y own, and re open the laundy window, im only 10,and i have a stresful life on its own, i dont want to have even more stress, somebody please tell me how to stop my sister from doing that without the little girl singing, please. I have tried saying leave in the name of jesus, and putting the salt and holy water everywhere, but it wont work, i cant even last a minute without looking all around me to chek if somethings there

  41. AvatarKarmaKitsunexox

    once my mum saw a spirit orb, and my cat scared it away, it was running around in circles, it was very blurry at night, so it wasn’t visible properly, it was circling Maymuna, my baby sister
    And mum thought it was a mouse, she went in to take her from
    the floor, when she noticed nothing was there, but it was still
    showing up on the camera., my cat, grange, came to the window, the spirit orb stopped, then he growled, it must’ve scared the orb away, in the morning i woke up early, and mum showed me this, she was lucky, because the camera only just started saving the footage last night, and if it hadn’t, i would believe her.

  42. AvatarSixth sense

    My daughter son and I once lived in a house that was full of activity…. Of course we were all little skeptical at first because we never actually saw any ghost b4 in our lives. Well, right after moving in the 1st thing that my parents would smell was the smell of rotten eggs. We started noticing black mode on the cinder block. From there, The hauntings would start with my son seeing an apparition of a partial female Indian ghost peeking in @ him from the side of the door frame. My niece getting woken up by spirits telling her everything will be OK and a bright light in her face. I was woken up by a spirit whispering my name in my ear…. My daughter was reading a book in the kitchen and some strange activity was circulating around her so she got a little skeptical by getting mad and her cup slid across the table. So she flew up out of her chair and ran in to another room and said she didn’t want to talk about it…. My two dogs and my cats were acting strange the whole time we living in that house. Of course I tried to tell my friend but she was totally a non believer…. Then, My black cat would refuse to go in the house always laid in the gravel road, where eventually she was hit by a car. We eventually decided to move because of all the strange activity occurring around us….

  43. AvatarCat

    For my birthday one year I got a kitten called Fluffy , but unfortunately she had a heart condition. She passed away when she was only 4 yrs old. Then one night i was crying about her and i asked her to be with me and she actually did cos i suddenly felt a big weight on my legs and it was very warm and i truly believe it was Fluffy

  44. AvatarMichael

    My two males were sitting out in the courtyard one evening. Both of them saw something up on the roof, kinda kiddie corner from them. They both watched it go over and above me where I was standing. Next they watched it drop down next to me and both of them turned and ran into the house and they were low to the ground. You ever seen a scared cat, they sort of crouch when they run and that’s what both of them did. I have goose bumps just typing this story in.
    I also shared it with many people and many of them were freaked out. One night I was scared to close my eyes, But they can see what we can’t. There was no other explanation. I no for sure there are entities around that we simply can’t see.

  45. AvatarSky

    I had a dream where I died at work then came back to my families house, my family couldn’t see me but my cats did, I knew I was dead but I also thought I was still alive so I touched my cats head to pet her and moved her head and stared at my hand like my hand was a threat and she looked and kinda hissed. But it was only a dream…… in real life I would wake up to my cats sitting there watching me eyes wouldn’t blink, they would do M it all night. One day my cat jumped on my bed and started looking up at the window. She looked a little shooked. She didn’t hiss or anything she just looked up at the window that was beside me. She layed down and was still staring calmly and looked away calmly. I dont know what it was, if it was bad then she would of hissed but she was calm, idk what it was.

  46. Avatar???

    So I know this might be childish but in my house, we have two floors and I use to download ghost apps to try and spook myself but it never worked altho I noticed that on every ghost app I’ve got there is always a ghost on my second floor and before I got my cat there was always an evil presence and we would see things but I got a specific cat a few months after and I decided to stop going up there after I was told by a family member they saw and face and it was just me and that family member and it wasn’t me so I decided not to but I went up there and my cat was out but when I went up there she would follow me even in my room she would just lay there until I went down But when she was up there she would guard my door even if it was sitting on something and would randomlyl jump on my desk witch when im downstairs she wouldnt do at all so i found it weird but the catch is she looked like she saw something over me or would be spooked by things coming from near the door i always feel a presence still there but it stays away from my room when shes with me tho and this goes for every room and if someone else is up there in a diffrent room or in the same room she protect that person to just wanted to tell yall my story. And it still happens now

  47. AvatarSarah H.

    Has anyone had experience with a cat doppelganger? I have several pets and I put them outside in the fenced backyard so I could vacuum. I was vacuuming and saw my young cat Caesar galloping up the hallway and into the family room. I said out loud, “how did you get back in here?” I brushed it off thinking maybe he snuck back in before I closed the door. I went in the family room but didn’t see him. After I put the vacuum away, I looked out and saw Caesar on the patio playing with the dogs. There was no way he could have been inside. This is a family home that I inherited and so it could have been a former pet ghost. All I know is that I was wide awake and I was looking right at it.

  48. AvatarGypsy

    Our 15 yo cat sees her brother who crossed over a few years ago. She often stares in the glass of our faux fireplace for long periods of time. Also we adopted 2 males over a year ago. One of them sees the cat spirit in the house as he watches it at cat height and his moves seem to be that! I actually do mediumship and that male comes to me purring from anywhere in the house if I’m meditating or working, he loves the loving energy!

  49. AvatarWinston 2

    I just moved to a new apartment. Living on the grounds I saw a few cats and every time I pass them they run away really fast. One time I had my lights out with the porch door open relaxing in my new abode all of a sudden I heard a loud hiss in front of my screen door. This happens everywhere I go.
    Cats used to be friendly but not the last 5 years or so.

  50. AvatarWinston

    I just moved to a new apartment. Living on the grounds I saw a few cats and every time I pass them they run away really fast. One time I had my lights out with the porch door open relaxing in my new abode all of a sudden I heard a loud hiss in front of my screen door. This happens everywhere I go.
    Cats used to be friendly but not the last 5 years or so. It’s a mystery and maybe spiritually things changed for me I’m not sure.🙁🤔

  51. AvatarBrandi Dobson

    I have a 2 year old cat named Paws. I have had him since birth and adore him. He was fixed at 6 months old. He is playful at times…and a lover more. We have bern in our home since Feb. anf he recently started to stare at coners in different rooms. I myself have heard things with nothing around. Tonight, my husband heard a noise that he can’t explain. I believe there is a spirit here, but he is up in the air about it. Any thoughts?

  52. AvatarJanice Rossell

    Most likely your cat sees spirits, I have the same thing with my cats,my cat wakes me up every night , because she sees something, one night I decided to do a vedio, and when I played it back something ,like a mass sled up at en of my bed and formed into a big cat,and than swished away.another time I jumped out of bed , and took a couple of pictures with my phone,and there was this weird formation in .the picture, it look like some kind of flesh formation about 12inches high.It’s been 3 years and I just live with it.I’ve had a lot of sleepless nights ,but I’ not afreaid.I try not to pay attention ,but my cat wakes me up.Sometimes you can hear sounds when you play back vedio.


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