Bengal Cat Diet

Whoever said “making gains” was just for jocks? Bengal cats are no exemption to the rule.

Nowadays, Bengal cats are the “cool kids on the block” due to their exotic, wild and feral appearance. There are over 60,000 Bengal cats registered with “TICA” (The International Cat Association). Bengals are a product of cross breeding Asian Leopard cats with domestic breeds such as the Egyptian Maus.  As a result, Bengals inherited feral tendencies demanding a Bengal cat diet that is a slightly different than their domesticated cousins.

What Do Bengal Cats Eat

What should you feed a Bengal cat? this question is asked by most newly Bengal cat owners. Since cats are carnivorous, feeding them cat food high in protein is a must. To understand the dietary demands of a Bengal cat we must look back at its ancestral past where we find the Asian leopard cats.

These Asian Leopard Cats had a diet consisting mainly of protein based foods such as birds, lizards, and insects. Currently, most commercial cat foods contain less meat and more carbohydrates such as corn, rice, and soy. If your Bengal’s diet consists mostly of low-grade commercial foods, one can expect some health issues later on.

A great supplement to a Bengal cat’s diet is raw meat provided that the meat is fresh and not processed. You can make your own Bengal cat food or buy quality commercial cat foods. Most importantly, make sure that protein is about 50%-80% of your cat’s diet leaving room for fiber and vitamins. Please check with your local Vet about optimizing your cat’s diet.

Our Top 3 Recommended Wet Food For Bengal Cats


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  • Low-carbohydrate
  • Made from highly-digestible protein
  • Human-grade food
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Smalls Cat Food
  • Fresh cat food formulated specifically for your Bengal cat
  • Real meat is the main ingredient
  • Includes broth and flavoring to appeal to your cat’s taste
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Wellness Signature Selects
  • Suitable for cats of all ages
  • Provides balanced daily nutrition
  • Doesn't contain any meat by-products, soy, corn, or wheat
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Nom Nom

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  • Fresh cat food delivery service conveniently shipped to your door
  • Low-carbohydrate
  • High-moisture
  • Made from highly-digestible protein
  • Human-grade food


  • Cost is above market average

Smalls Cat Food


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  • Fresh cat food formulated specifically for your Bengal cat
  • Real meat is the main ingredient
  • Includes broth and flavoring to appeal to your cat’s taste
  • Complete instructions included
  • Human grade ingredients
  • Contains all the added nutrients your cat needs for good health


  • Needs to be refrigerated until serving time

Wellness Signature Selects

Wellness Signature Selects Natural Canned Grain Free

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  • An all-natural, grain free food suitable for cats of all ages.
  • It comes in custom packs that make it easy to serve during mealtimes.
  • Provides balanced daily nutrition for your cat. Its ingredients include pieces of shredded chicken and lean beaf and it doesn’t have any meat by-products, soy, corn, or wheat.


  • A bit on the expensive side

Weruva Classic Grain-Free

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  • Made with animal protein sources
  • Minimal plant protein
  • No artificial ingredients
  • High protein content


  • Fish recipe could be a bit tricky as the chunks are a bit too big for some cats

Nature’s Variety Instinct

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  • Chicken flavored food with natural ingredients. It is a grain free product with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.
  • Contains probiotics to aid in healthy digestion and antioxidants for the immune system.
  • Protein rich food made from animal proteins. It is suitable for all breeds of cats at all life stages. It contains some healthy vegetables and fruits and is freeze dried to give it a great taste.
  • Contains low amounts of sodium selenite

Wysong Optimal Vitality Adult Feline Formula Dry Cat Food

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This brand of dry food is also great as many times a cat will experience stomach problems when consuming too much wet food. Incorporating some dry goods into your cat’s diet will balance this out.

  • Has a low level of carbohydrates and glycemic index, which is found in numerous other dry food brands.
  • It also has no artificial additives or non-nutritional ingredients.
  • Great flavors to choose from.
  • Not all cats like the taste

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free

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  • Suitable to cats of all ages, contains high levels of protein made from chicken and turkey, as well as other wholesome ingredients
  • Cooked in small batches to ensure proper nutrition for the animal.
  • Contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 for the health of the cat’s coat and skin.
  • It also has calcium and phosphorus for the bones and teeth.
  • May contain seafood, make sure your cat is not allergic to seafood before feeding him with this formula. Best to stick with the fish-free version.

Bengal Cat Food Allergies

Determining a Bengal house cat’s food allergies ahead of time is incredibly important, especially considering estimates that nearly 10% of all cats have food allergies.

In terms of symptoms, the clearest signs of food allergies in Bengal cats are similar to those of humans. Unfortunately, issues like itchy skin can be difficult to pinpoint as being directly caused by allergies, as there a whole host of other problems that can target Bengal cats as well.

As such, if you suspect that your cat might be suffering from allergies, it’s recommended that you conduct a series of food tests to see if there are any offending agents in your Bengal’s diet plan.

Once you’ve identified a food that is giving your cat an allergic reaction, the treatment is as simple as removing it from your household and keeping it away from them.

This might involve switching from a reliable brand or shifting from dried food to wet food, but keeping your Bengal cat safe will be well worth it.

For More Info, read our: Best Cat Food Guide

Daily Calorie Intake For Bengal Cats

Dry foods like those found in the typical supermarket may be an affordable means of feeding your cat, but they also tend to be stuffed with unnecessary grains to bulk up the package.

This means your Bengal cat’s diet will be considerably less efficient than one that incorporates more wet food. Of course, even with the right meal content. Overfeeding can have plenty of negative effects on your Bengal cat’s health.

For a young Bengal kitten, more tends to be better. In order to find the best food for your kitten You’ll want to weigh your Bengal to get a specific measurement and then check the calorie content of the food in your Bengal cat diet plan.

At this point, kittens will start at roughly 100 calories per pound daily, going all the way down to around 40 calories per pound when they’re around 40 weeks old.

For adult Bengal cats, a diet of around 25 to 30 calories per pound is sufficient. If your cat has a healthy meal plan but is regularly sick, bloated, or dehydrated, then you might want to look at whether or not they’re getting too much food.

Don’t be afraid to include consumer-based options into a Bengal’s diet. Remember, it is all about balance and capitalizing on the ingredients that this breed needs the most.

Try to avoid foods that have complicated ingredients or filler foods. Your Bengal’s diet should be simplistic and nutritious to promote healthy development for a long, happy life.

Raw Food Diet for Bengal Cats

Bengal cat eating row food

  • Fresh turkey is a great source of protein and omega 3 fats
  • Lean cuts of fresh meat are rich in protein and fiber
  • Chicken and turkey are great sources of protein. Cats in general, prefer turkey over chicken. Try them both and see which works best.
  • Keep in mind that protein should not be the sole component in a Bengal’s diet, minerals and vitamins must be included as well.
  • Raw meat may cause food poisoning if not prepared properly. The meat must be fresh, and should only be served once per meal. The Raw food should not set at room temperature for more than 30 minutes.

For more info on raw cat food, make sure you read the following articles:

What You Should Never Feed Your Bengal

Bengal cats should be should only consume cat foods that are consistent with Bengal’s dietary guidelines. The following foods are known to cause your Bengal cat diarrhea and other health problems

  • Chocolate

    Chocolate contains theobromine, a type of alkaloid that can be poisonous to cats. If not take care of, theobromine poisoning can lead to death.

  • Raw eggs

    Salmonella, a bacteria found in eggs can cause food poisoning. Also, the protein in raw egg whites known as avidin can hinder the absorption of B vitamin biotin leading to skin and coat problems.

  • Avocado

    Avocados contains a toxic substance to Bengal cats called persin.

  • Alcoholic beverages

    Alcohol can cause fatal brain and liver damage in cats in general as it is highly intoxicating. So, whether it is wine, liquor, beer or any food containing alcohol, it is not good for your cat.

  • Yeast dough

    Yeast ferments produce alcohol when consumed by a Bengal cat thereby leading to alcohol poisoning.

  • Liver

    Although Bengal cats can consume certain amounts of liver, too much of it could be dangerous. It can trigger a vitamin A toxicity which affects the bones of a cat.

  • Macadamia nuts

    Macadamia nuts are rich in fats which which can cause stomach pain and discomfort, leading to diarrhea and vomiting

  • Foods that contain Xylitol

    Candies, snacks, gum and baked goods contain a naturally occurring sweetener that is extracted from fibers of veggies and fruits known as Xylitol. This sweetener causes a rapid blood sugar drop

  • Caffeine

    Caffeine is highly toxic especially when consumed in large quantities. It is found in colas, chocolate, and cocoa.

  • Raw potatoes and tomatoes

    These two contain glycoalkaloid solanine which can cause digestive illnesses in your Bengal cat.

  • Bones

    A bone can cause a cat to choke, splinter or block its intestinal tract leading to perforation of the intestines.


Bengal Overview

Bengal cat are becoming extremely popular in across North America, Australia, and the UK. Their jungle-like athleticism combined with their high energy levels, creates a very spacial cat demanding certain dietary standards consisting mostly of protein.

Raising a Bengal kitten can be challenging. Therefore, understanding Bengal breeding history is key to providing the right Bengal cat diet and lifestyle that your cat deserves. That being said, give your kitty a juicy piece of meat and challenge its mind and body.

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13 thoughts on “Bengal Cat Diet

  1. AvatarTerri smith


    We have two beautiful silver Egyptian Maus. When they were little about seven years ago, their favorite proteins was chicken, white fish , I was giving them wellness when they were little, but I noticed they were shaking their heads and I took them to the vet and they said they look healthy well a few months later I noticed they were both shaking their heads and within a few weeks after that my male kitty had a hematoma on one of his ears and we had to have his ear drained, and now he has a potato chip ear, still a handsome boy, but anyway I have them on natures variety the wet and dry, but only the duck, rabbit, turkey and salmon. I also give them tiki cat, they love. They also love treats. They love crunchy treats, I am trying my best to get them on some freeze dried food, but they are really picky, I have had cats all my long life, and these are the first cats that I have ever had that are picky, I have given them the natures variety rabbit with the freeze dried pieces and they go around it, I have tried almost every freeze dried food and treats, and they just don’t like freeze dried anything except for the freeze dried coating on the natures variety. Can you give me some other ideas as to food and freeze dried treats.

        1. Mallory CrustaMallory Crusta

          Hey Gelato, that’s a great question! All of these raw cat foods are formulated for all life stages, meaning that you can feed them to kittens as well as adult cats. Hope this helps! – Mallory

  2. AvatarLeah Schwinn

    I didn’t find out here whether he should have an entire small can of nutritious wet food at a time. Right now we are feeding him high protein dry food and 1/2 can of wet food in the morning and !/2 can in the evening. He also hunts birds and rodents.

  3. AvatarFelicia

    I’m really looking to know if moose meat is ok for my bengal with or without the bone and maybe cooked a little… I’m confused because a lot of links say yahoo bring on the raw meat and others say no no 🤷🏻‍♀️ Also I’ve watched a friend give his savanna a full chicken raw she loved it however I know their different but does anyone have info or experience with moose or bones PLEASE

  4. AvatarKatie West

    OMG! Thanks a lot for sharing such an informative page about Bengal Cat Diet. I have read your valuable page and gotten much information. I have learned a lot from you that I did not know before. I confused for choosing the baby cat foods information what would be the best for everything but now my confusion has cleared by your review. I hope your all information will help me. Thanks again and Keep it up………..

    1. AvatarAE Olsen

      The bangle cat that I rescued enjoys rotisserie chicken white meat and dark meat skinless you can serve it cold and it’s an expensive if you go to the big box stores get something that’s natural and not over season break it up in small pieces and then add A little warm water she’s been gaining weight she was malnourished when we Got Her super healthy great coat all the best

  5. AvatarMarcus R

    Hi I’ve got a Bengal I would like some help like what’s the best wet food, dry food, treats and raw food to get for your bengals??
    Age between for 1 – 12 month old
    And after 1 year +

    1. Mallory CrustaMallory Crusta

      Hello Marcus!

      Like all kittens, young Bengals should eat a diet that’s calorie-dense and delivers plenty of highly-digestible nutrition. Any of the products listed in our article on the best kitten foods of 2019 would be a great fit for most Bengal kittens:

      It’s harder to find raw foods specifically formulated for kittens, but I know a lot of people feed their kittens homemade raw food with good results.

      Adult Bengals should do well on any of the canned or fresh foods listed in this article. As for dry foods, I’d recommend getting the meatiest product you can afford. Consider Ziwi Peak, Dr. Elsey’s, Tiki Cat, and Wellness CORE’s air-dried food.

      Finally, what about treats? The best treats for Bengals, regardless of age, are the same as the best treats for cats of every other breed—simple, meat-based, and low-carbohydrate. You might try chunks of fresh or freeze-dried meat, egg yolks, or an occasional bit of fish.

      Hope this helps!

      Take care,


  6. AvatarJayne

    I have a 2lb bengal kitten who is eating raw primal and there calculator say she should eat one nugget maybe two for weight gain and she is eating 4-5 a day at 48 cal each so she knows what shes doing. I was starting to thing something was wrong with her eating as much as the 11.5 lb cat. Thanks to the info above she is eating 100 cal per pound by her own choice. Thanks so much now i wont worry.

  7. AvatarRachel Clayton

    Can any if you please help?

    My bengal kitten 14 weeks. Had a reaction to first vaccine and was given medication. He has now had a reaction to that and has been vommiting he had a little food and vomited it straight up. I have spoken to vet. But they recommended given cat plain chicken as it is bland. Cat has been turning his nose up at it. Anything else I can give him? Thats bland and will not make him worse?



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