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    21 thoughts on “Get in touch with us!

      1. Bubbles Arrigo

        Join the crowd as most of us cat people have the same problem!
        LOL I have 13 cats they all love me! The

    1. Din


      I understand you provide food for pets.

      I believe you should invest in feeding animals organic or pesticide-free food. That would truly do far more for the well-being of these creatures, the environment, and the future.

      Seriously, I adjure you to work directly with your affiliates to make the logical, sustainable, and humane switch to support organic and pesticide-free production.

      Thank you.

    2. Laura

      Aftee 5 years of trying to find a food my cat will not throw up I discovered Stella&Chewy freeze dried chicken dinner morsals. She has not vomited for 3 weeks. Since it has too much bone is there another brand to try or just use as a topper? She is 7pds. I tried North est Naturals but she throws that up. Also is not getting enough calories since she only eats a total of 15 morsals a day

      1. Mallory Crusta

        Hello Laura, thank you for your comment! Are you sure that there’s too much bone in the Stella & Chewy’s food? We were unable to find concrete information on the food’s bone content, so you may want to present the food’s nutritional analysis to your veterinarian and ask if it’s an acceptable choice. Otherwise, you might consider Feline Natural’s raw freeze-dried food, which is similarly nourishing without any bone content.

    3. Kathy Leick

      That lady whose cat keeps throwing up, should be tested for allergies.
      She is sensitive to something in the cats food.
      I almost lost our foster dog until we found out she was super allergic to almost everything, so now I cook for her.
      She can have very little but some rabbit and chicken and venison. Venison is 10 bucks a pound, so she get all chicken.
      Her previous owners left her on a frozen lake in central MN on Dec 14, left her to die, she was 41 pounds when the humane society asked me to foster her, plus she was blind. We raised the money and now she can see and weights in at a good 70 pounds and is such a sweetheart, but is diabetic and has food allergies.

      1. Marsha Lotz

        I hope the previous owners have been prosecuted and can never have any other pets. Unfortunately those instances of cruelty happen way too often.

      1. Mallory Crusta

        They could! It depends on which food you’re giving them, but if it’s a lower-calorie product, it’ll probably add up to around 100 calories—half an average cat’s daily intake. If your cat’s eating two meals a day, that would be just about perfect. I would look at the food’s calorie content and decide whether or not it’s too much based on that.

    4. Todd

      I noticed savannah cats are not listed in your breeds section. I am in the process of getting an F6SBT shortly. I looked under the Bengal breed and saw for a wet food you preferred Wellness signature select’s. In the YouTube video where you listed the top 11 best wet cat foods, you list feline natural from New Zealand as you’re number one. Is one better than the other?
      I am trying to decide what is the best food for my Savannah. Is one better for a hybrid cat?
      Thank you.
      I have only recently found your YouTube channel and enjoy the videos as well as
      Keep up the research !

      1. Mallory Crusta

        Hi Todd, thanks for stopping by! The article on the best food for Bengals is an older one and I would generally lean towards the recommendations in our general-use articles on the best food (not breed-specific guides). Overall, you’re going to want to look for a diet that comes as close as possible to a fresh, whole prey diet. Nutritionally complete and balanced raw food is going to be an outstanding option, with a good canned food coming next. You can get some good ideas in our article on the overall best cat food on the market.
        Hope this helps!

    5. Rachel Calantjis

      Wholehearted cat food is dangerous for cats. Based on your review, I bought it for my cat only to learn later on they put a toxic illegal ingredient in their food her is the info I got on it. Please please warn people of this:Menadione Sodium Bisulfite is a commonly used pet food supplement – a synthetic source of vitamin K. This supplement has been used for years in cat and dog foods…as it turns out… illegally. The supplement Menadione Sodium Bisulfite is ONLY approved for use in poultry feed.Apr 21, 2020

      Please reply at your earliest on how you will recitfy this false claim that this food is good & Safe.

      1. Mallory Crusta

        Hello Rachel, thank you for mentioning this. While we are aware of the controversial nature of this synthetic form of vitamin K, we have not seen substantial evidence that its inclusion makes Wholehearted food unsafe. We will be keeping an eye on this and will of course consider alerting readers if we find that this is a dangerous ingredient.

    6. Charlie

      Unfortunately the “Get in touch with us!” functionality is not working. It seems to be the feedback POST is returning a 403 with a code of “rest_cookie_invalid_nonce” and it seems like the nonce request is failing with “400 Bad Request”. You might want to investigate that. (I’m using chrome with adblockers turned off on your website)

      I will write my suggestion here as a separate reply since it won’t send it through the “Get in touch with us!”

    7. Charlie

      I really, really appreciate the efforts you put into these individual reviews and the website overall. I have one suggestion regarding a certain page and I hope this is the right place to mention it.

      I discovered this gold mine the other day: . It’s full of very useful information but I found it a bit challenging to navigate if I’m looking for a quick list on some cat food names that are graded well enough by you.

      “Cat Food Reviews” section shows some brands with grades but it seems to be just a sample set. It only includes 27 of the 84 ratings that are shown under the “Cat Food Brands Reviews (A-Z)” (even though it seems like it’s missing the latest reviews -such as Cat Person or Just Food For Cats- it’s a lot closer to being a complete list of all your reviews). But this section doesn’t have any information on the grade and it’s sorted by the name.

      I know you have different pages like best-canned-cat-food but my cat is waaay too picky and won’t even look at the food if the smell is not right or won’t even touch unless the texture is to his liking. So either I’ve already tried or I know for a fact he won’t eat 80-90% of the food in there.

      So a sort/filter functionality on that page where I can look at all the brands that are above a certain grade, for example, would be amazing and a huge time saver for us.

      I’m sorry if this functionality already exists somewhere else and I just missed it. but if not, I would greatly appreciate if you consider adding it.

    8. Caitlin

      Hi Mallory, I’ve learned so much from your research and appreciate all the effort you put in here – have you heard about Chef Bobby Flay’s new cat food? Do you intend to review it? I would love to hear your thoughts on his ingredient list & use of bone broth in his recipes. Brand is Made by Nacho

    9. Julie Olson

      We ordered this food for Angel who has passed away. I did not order300.00 in cat food so this food will be sent back to you. Please cancel all future orders. And I’m sorry but Angel would not eat your food.

      1. Mallory Crusta

        Hi Julie, which brand are you referring to? All About Cats is a website that reviews a large number of brands, and we’re not able to cancel your subscription. I’d encourage you to try to find the website of the company from which you purchased the food and use their contact page to request cancellation. All the best.


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