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    7 thoughts on “Contact page

    1. AvatarDin


      I understand you provide food for pets.

      I believe you should invest in feeding animals organic or pesticide-free food. That would truly do far more for the well-being of these creatures, the environment, and the future.

      Seriously, I adjure you to work directly with your affiliates to make the logical, sustainable, and humane switch to support organic and pesticide-free production.

      Thank you.

    2. AvatarLaura

      Aftee 5 years of trying to find a food my cat will not throw up I discovered Stella&Chewy freeze dried chicken dinner morsals. She has not vomited for 3 weeks. Since it has too much bone is there another brand to try or just use as a topper? She is 7pds. I tried North est Naturals but she throws that up. Also is not getting enough calories since she only eats a total of 15 morsals a day

      1. Mallory CrustaMallory Crusta

        Hello Laura, thank you for your comment! Are you sure that there’s too much bone in the Stella & Chewy’s food? We were unable to find concrete information on the food’s bone content, so you may want to present the food’s nutritional analysis to your veterinarian and ask if it’s an acceptable choice. Otherwise, you might consider Feline Natural’s raw freeze-dried food, which is similarly nourishing without any bone content.

    3. AvatarKathy Leick

      That lady whose cat keeps throwing up, should be tested for allergies.
      She is sensitive to something in the cats food.
      I almost lost our foster dog until we found out she was super allergic to almost everything, so now I cook for her.
      She can have very little but some rabbit and chicken and venison. Venison is 10 bucks a pound, so she get all chicken.
      Her previous owners left her on a frozen lake in central MN on Dec 14, left her to die, she was 41 pounds when the humane society asked me to foster her, plus she was blind. We raised the money and now she can see and weights in at a good 70 pounds and is such a sweetheart, but is diabetic and has food allergies.


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