45 of the Best Names for White Cats

It can be tough picking out the perfect name for your cat, but if you have a white cat, then we have bunch of suggestions for you. We certainly hope that one of these is a great fit for your pet.

Male Names for White Cats

  1. Blizzard- The power of a snowstorm is an evocative name for a male kitty.
  2. Blofeld- The white cat belonging to James Bond’s nemesis has no name, so why not go for the owner’s moniker?
  3. Casper- The friendly ghost offers another good name for pop culture lovers.
  4. White Lightning- This is another powerful name that is fitting for a white, male cat.
  5. Ice Man- Whether you are naming your cat after a character from the X-Men or from Top Gun, the name fits white cats.
  6. Bear- Pick this one when your cat reminds you of a polar bear.
  7. Yeti- You could choose a name that belongs to the abominable snowman.
  8. Snoopy- Why not pick the name of a famous white dog for your white cat?
  9. Everest- You could name your cat after the highest peak in the world.
  10. Avalanche- The falling wall of snow and ice is another strong snow name for cats.
  11. Nimbus- You may want to name your cat after the fluffy, white cloud.
  12. Stormy- Strong weather names make great choices for male cats.
  13. Q-Tip- This is a fun name for any white cat.
  14. Blanc- It’s French for white.
  15. Shiro- This one means white in Japanese.

Female White Cat Names

  1. Lily- The white flower is a perfect namesake for your female cat.
  2. Misty- This name lends an ethereal quality to these often-mysterious creatures.
  3. Ororo- You could go with the civilian name of the X-Men character Storm, who often dresses in white.
  4. Luna- If your white cat reminds you of the moon, then you could pick the Spanish name for that heavenly body.
  5. Angel- Traditionally, angels dress in white, and your cat just might fit the namesake.
  6. Snow White- The fairy tale character’s name perfectly describes many white cats.
  7. Elsa- The Disney princess loves ice and snow, making the name a perfect fit for white cats.
  8. Bianca- It means white in Spanish.
  9. China- This one is ideal when your cat reminds you of fine china.
  10. Daisy- Pick this one for beautiful cats that are as pretty as the white flower.
  11. Pearl- The precious substance is an ideal cat name.
  12. Isa- In Norwegian, it means ice.
  13. Crystal- This is a lovely name that evokes human qualities and, of course, brings to mind the precious stone.
  14. Queen- If you have a regal cat, why not name her after royalty?
  15. Ice Princess- Or, you could go with the next step down in the royal family.

Unisex White Cat Names

  1. Snowflake- Snow names are simply the best for white cats.
  2. Snowball- This one is perfect for cuddly cats.
  3. Powder- What could be a better name for a soft, adorable cat?
  4. Tic Tac- You could name your cat after the white mint we all know and love.
  5. Ghost- If you want your cat to have a bit of mystery and danger to it, then this name is perfect.
  6. Spirit- Any ghostly sort of name will do for white cats.
  7. Frosty- Does it describe your cat’s color or their disposition?
  8. Vanilla- This sweet flavoring is an ideal name for sweetly tempered cats.
  9. Ivory- The material that makes up the tusks of elephants is smooth and elegant, just like many cats.
  10. Fluffy- This is the perfect name for an adorable, furry cat.
  11. Marshmallow- Your cat may be sweet and soft, like this dessert food.
  12. Glory- It’s short for morning glory, a white flower.
  13. Eskimo- This is ideal for cats that are fluffy like Eskimo clothing.
  14. Yuki- It’s Japanese for snow.
  15. Boo- When your cat is white like a ghost, you pick a name that says so.

That was our list, and we hope you found some names you like. Be sure to check out our other lists if you have cats of a different color.

One thought on “45 of the Best Names for White Cats

  1. AvatarTeresa

    Hey. I have had long-haired white cats all throughout my life. They have the most excellent disposition. My white cat names have been: Tuffy, Flash, Zoey, Arion, and now Ori. My elderly mother calls him Oreo, after the white filling of an Oreo cookie.


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