The 55+ Most Unique Cat Names for Your Feline Friend

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Are you in love with your new kitten but don’t have a name yet? Cats provide lots of inspiration based on their character and appearance.
We’ll start off our list of cool cat names with ones that recognize their awesomeness

Unique Male Names


  1. Tiger- We had to start with this one. It’s just such an obvious name for a tabby cat.
  2. Leopard- This works best if you have a spotted tabby cat.
  3. Leo- It’s short for leopard and also means lion.
  4. Shadow- If you have a darker colored tabby, then this is a good choice.
  5. Cinder- This is a strong pick for darker colored cats.
  6. Earl Grey- The British tea is just about the same color as the average tabby cat.
  7. Sable- This is the name of a ferocious carnivore from the weasel family.
  8. Garfield- The orange comic strip cat is actually a tabby.
  9. Bullseye- Your cat may have a bullseye marking on their fur.
  10. Taz- The Warner Bros. cartoon character has a name that sounds like a play on Tabby.
  11. Hunter- It’s a human name with fierce connotations.
  12. Quintin- This is a play on harlequin, which is a pattern that some tabbies have.
  13. Badger- Tabby markings can make them look similar to the ferocious woodland animal.
  14. Buckwheat- Tabby markings can remind you of a field of wheat that is ready to harvest.
  15. Bumblebee- The distinct tabby markings could also remind you of a bee.

Unique Female Cat Names:


  1. Dalila– is an Egyptian name meaning sweet.
  2. Hasina– Means lover.
  3. Kamilah– is an Egyptian for perfect.
  4. Aziza– is an Egyptian name which means precious.
  5. Balbina– is Latin for strong.
  6. Beatrice– a funny Latin name for one who brings joy.
  7. Gazelle-  means graceful.
  8. Madonna– is Latin for my lady.
  9. Magna– is a unisex cat name meaning large.
  10. Pearl– Precious jewel, a white one.
  11. Precious– Latin for a darling or a loved one.
  12. Rosalind– Name for the one with great beauty.
  13. Ruby– Is a Latin jewel, a name given to a valued cat. Valentine is a Latin name that means healthy and strong.
  14. Valeria– The name was popular in ancient Egypt means strong and vigorous.

Creative Cat Names:

  1. Angel – An angel is an excellent being in the world literature.
  2. Alaska -,Alaska is an outstanding state of the United States. And you will love it.
  3. Alpine – This name is related to something high. Your cat is high in your esteem too.
  4. Arctic – The Arctic is a far away place where you can spend the night of your life.
  5. Avalanche – An avalanche suggests unrest and adventure at the same time.
  6. Chalky – If you love classrooms, this name is for your cat right away.
  7. Christmas – This time of the year is truly amazing, and your cat will love it.
  8. Blacky – One of the most popular name for black cats, an excellent name for your pet right away.
  9. Cloud – A cloud is a great symbol of the greatness of nature as a whole(Perfect for gray cats)
  10. Coconut – Coconut is a fantastic fruit and a great name for your cat.

Mystic Cat Names

grey kitten

  1. Pluto – This name represents both the ruler of the underworld and the name of the black cat in the famous Edgar Allan Poe story.
  2. Hades – He is another ruler of the underworld in ancient mythology.
  3. Loki – He is a trickster who shares many characteristics of wily felines.
  4. Sphinx – A mythical creature from a culture who idolized cats.
  5. Voodoo – A practice which has traditionally been viewed as dark and mystical.
  6. Wicca – A name for a black cat that references the mystical women who traditionally kept them.
  7. Nimbus – A Latin term meaning “dark cloud” which beautifully describes black cats.
  8. Tenebris – Literally the Latin term for “darkness”.
  9. Onyx – A beautiful, shiny, black coloured stone.
  10. Fortune – A play on the superstition that black cats are unlucky.

Cat Names From Movies

dr. seuss cat

  1. Raja – This is an amazing character from the movie Aladdin.
  2. Dina – This is the interesting name of a character from Alice in Wonderland.
  3. Marie – This is the interesting name of a character from Aristocrats.
  4. Lucifer – This is the interesting name of a character from Cinderella.
  5. Pom-Pom – This is the interesting name of a character from Cinderella II.
  6. Am – This is the interesting name of a character from Lady and the Tramp.
  7. Wi – This is the interesting name of a character from Lady and the Tramp.
  8. Figaro – This is the interesting name of a character from Pinocchio.
  9. Gideon – This is the interesting name of a character from Pinocchio.
  10. Sabor – This is the interesting name of a character from Tarzan.
  11. Mike – One of the main characters of the Godfather I.

Super Unique Names

  1. Aslan- Aslan the lion is on of the main characters “The Chronicles of Narnia”.
  2. Bagheera- The black panther in “The Jungle Book”;
  3. Bengie- A cute word pun on the Savannah name.
  4. Blaze- A great name for a fast animal.
  5. Garfield- Because Garfield is a boss!
  6. Rajah- The tiger in Aladdin;
  7. Saber- As a tribute to the great saber-toothed cats.
  8. Salem- Often used in movies as the name of a witch’s cat.
  9. Scar- Simba’s evil uncle in “The Lion King”Simba: the main character in “The Lion King” movies.

8 thoughts on “The 55+ Most Unique Cat Names for Your Feline Friend

  1. Basil

    Great names, thanks fur sharing! The P.A. really likes Nimbus, she says that’s a purretty cool name fur a house panther! MOL

    Big Sunday purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  2. Sandra

    I named my cat Zebrowski but call him Browski for short. My last other’s cats were named Gizmo (he was an older rescue and came with his name) and Chester I got him as a kitten and he kept jumping onto my sofa hence the name as another mane for a sofa is a chestfild,

  3. Lezley A Larson

    My kitties are Cöttr, Kissa, Myaldr, Tonka, Missa, Rayne, and Rune. Cöttr and Kissa are mommy and daddy to the rest. We are of Nordic decent so I gave most Nordic names. Tonka is the only one not named nordically.


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