50 Most Popular Tuxedo Cat Names

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Pet cats hold a very special place in the hearts of their owners. Wouldn’t it be nice to give a pet cat the loveliest name one can think of?

Wouldn’t it be great to give a pet cat a name that would reflect its personality as seen by the one who owns it or a name which would give recognition to the cat’s breed?

There are actually a lot of names to choose from in books or in the internet. Below is a list of tuxedo cat names and their meanings for both male and female cats.

Male Names

  1. Max- It means the greatest.
  2. Lucky- This means fortunate.
  3. Oscar- It means lover of deer.
  4. Toby- Goodness of the Lord.
  5. Tom- Honesty.
  6. Rocky- Means famous ruler.
  7. Pepper- Means what it is pepper.
  8. Gizmo- a Cute creature in the Gremlins movie.
  9. Bailey- Means Bailiff.
  10. Dusty- Brown kittens are often called Dusty due to their dusty appearance.
  11. Max- It means the greatest
  12. Leonardo- After the ninja turtle.
  13. Copper- After the copper coloring of your cat.
  14. Tiger- a ferocious name for your little feline.
  15. Tigger- A more affectionate version named after the Winnie the Pooh character.
  16. Shere Khan- You could go the other route and choose a much scarier literary character.
  17. Motley- A play on the word mottled.
  18. Verdun- This word meaning green describes the color that tortoiseshell cats seem to have.
  19. Jupiter- These cats look similar to the muddled appearance of the planet.
  20. Rocky- A tough name for a cat whose coat looks like a pile of rocks.
  21. Rorschach- Like the psychological test that uses mottled designs.
  22. Picasso- Or you could go for the artist that used odd shapes and colors in his work.
  23. Ethan- This French name with Hebrew roots means strong and firm.
  24. Geoffrey- This name means peace.
  25. Georges- Named after some famous French artists.
  26. Louis- A famous French king’s name.
  27. Mael- This Gaelic name means chief or prince.
  28. Manuel- A form of Emmanuel, which means God with us.
  29. Matthieu- A French version of the Hebrew name Matthew.
  30. Lumiere- Means light and clarity.
  31. Beau- This word means handsome.
  32. Cheval- This strong name means horse.

Female Names

  1. Sassy- Sassy means pretty girl.
  2. Precious- Precious means virtue.
  3. Maggie- Maggie means Pearl.
  4. Lily- Lily means flower.
  5. Lucy- which means light.
  6. Coco- Means coconut.
  7. Cleo- Means the fathers glory.
  8. Whiskers- Means the long hair on your pets face.
  9. Callie- A female ruler.
  10. Holly- Holly means exactly what it says.
  11. Daisy- We love this name for cats of any color.
  12. Glitter- The perfect name for your colorful cat.
  13. Tigress- A strong name for female cats.
  14. Stardust- A unique name for cats with some color in their coats.
  15. Harlequin- The doll is known for its different colors, just like this cat breed.
  16. Faith- A lovely name for cats of any color.
  17. Dotty- The patchwork colors of your cat are similar to a dotted pattern.
  18. Amber- A beautiful girl’s name for your beautiful feline.
  19. Honey- Sweet names work great for most cats.

13 thoughts on “50 Most Popular Tuxedo Cat Names

  1. AvatarRachel

    I named my tuxedo Marilyn after Marilyn Monroe because of the black white classiness, attitude, confidence. And the fact she loved to do black and white photos!

  2. AvatarLee Griffin

    I named my Tuxedo kitty; Princess because she just reminds me of Royalty. She commands attention from me 24/7 except when she is in one of her “Leave me Alone” moods which is rare. She craves cuddles & gives back incredible cuddles herself.

  3. AvatarCarole Hansen

    Our Lucky Bear was named by our granddaughters after surviving a difficult birth. You wouldn’t know it by his “huge-ness” today. He’s practically perfect in every way, except he’s a slob with his food.

  4. AvatarBridge

    My tuxedo is named Henry. He is very quiet and won’t flinch at anything coming his way. Very sweet, but I do feel that if he were human he’d possibly be a serial killer. So I’m glad he’s just my kitty from the streets lol.

  5. AvatarRay

    This cat had kittens on my cousins porch and one of them was a boy, the rest of the cats were girls. I named the boy, it was a tuxedo cat, since it reminded me of oreos, i named him Oreo. Oreo was so sweet and gentle, but his sisters were mean.

  6. AvatarSabrina Lowe

    My husband named our tuxedo cat Rukkus, & let me tell you, he has lived up to his name! He has always been very vocal & is definitely the most talkative of our 4. We inherited his aunt’s tuxedo cat when she passed away summer of 2019. He is the cutest! His legs are a little shorter than an average cat’s, we have no idea why, but if gives him a Corgi like appearance. She named him Buttons b/c it looks like he has black buttons on the white belly of his tux. I just love them both!


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