50 Most Popular Tuxedo Cat Names

Pet cats hold a very special place in the hearts of their owners. Wouldn’t it be nice to give a pet cat the loveliest name one can think of?

Wouldn’t it be great to give a pet cat a name that would reflect its personality as seen by the one who owns it or a name which would give recognition to the cat’s breed?

There are actually a lot of names to choose from in books or in the internet. Below is a list of tuxedo cat names and their meanings for both male and female cats.

Male Names

  1. Max: It means the greatest
  2. Lucky: This means fortunate
  3. Oscar: It means lover of deer
  4. Toby: Goodness of the Lord
  5. Tom: Honesty.
  6. Rocky: Means famous ruler.
  7. Pepper: Means what it is pepper.
  8. Gizmo: a Cute creature in the Gremlins movie.
  9. Bailey: Means Bailiff.
  10. Dusty: Brown kittens are often called Dusty due to their dusty appearance.Max: It means the greatest
  11. Leonardo– After the ninja turtle.
  12. Copper– After the copper coloring of your cat.
  13. Tiger– a ferocious name for your little feline.
  14. Tigger– A more affectionate version named after the Winnie the Pooh character.
  15. Shere Khan- You could go the other route and choose a much scarier literary character.
  16. Motley– A play on the word mottled.
  17. Verdun– This word meaning green describes the color that tortoiseshell cats seem to have.
  18. Jupiter– These cats look similar to the muddled appearance of the planet.
  19. Rocky– A tough name for a cat whose coat looks like a pile of rocks.
  20. Rorschach– Like the psychological test that uses mottled designs.
  21. Picasso– Or you could go for the artist that used odd shapes and colors in his work.
  22. Ethan– This French name with Hebrew roots means strong and firm.
  23. Geoffrey– This name means peace.
  24. Georges– Named after some famous French artists.
  25. Louis– A famous French king’s name.
  26. Mael– This Gaelic name means chief or prince.
  27. Manuel– A form of Emmanuel, which means God with us.
  28. Matthieu– A French version of the Hebrew name Matthew.
  29. Lumiere– Means light and clarity.
  30. Beau– This word means handsome.
  31. Cheval– This strong name means horse.

Female Names

  1. Sassy: Sassy means pretty girl.
  2. Precious: Precious means virtue.
  3. Maggie: Maggie means Pearl.
  4. Lily: Lily means flower
  5. Lucy: which means light.
  6. Coco: Means coconut
  7. Cleo: Means the fathers glory
  8. Whiskers: Means the long hair on your pets face.
  9. Callie: A female ruler
  10. Holly: Holly means exactly what it says
  11. Daisy– We love this name for cats of any color.
  12. Glitter– The perfect name for your colorful cat.
  13. Tigress– A strong name for female cats.
  14. Stardust– A unique name for cats with some color in their coats.
  15. Harlequin– The doll is known for its different colors, just like this cat breed.
  16. Faith– A lovely name for cats of any color.
  17. Dotty– The patchwork colors of your cat are similar to a dotted pattern.
  18. Amber– A beautiful girl’s name for your beautiful feline.
  19. Honey– Sweet names work great for most cats.

9 thoughts on “50 Most Popular Tuxedo Cat Names

  1. AvatarRachel

    I named my tuxedo Marilyn after Marilyn Monroe because of the black white classiness, attitude, confidence. And the fact she loved to do black and white photos!

  2. AvatarLee Griffin

    I named my Tuxedo kitty; Princess because she just reminds me of Royalty. She commands attention from me 24/7 except when she is in one of her “Leave me Alone” moods which is rare. She craves cuddles & gives back incredible cuddles herself.

  3. AvatarCarole Hansen

    Our Lucky Bear was named by our granddaughters after surviving a difficult birth. You wouldn’t know it by his “huge-ness” today. He’s practically perfect in every way, except he’s a slob with his food.

  4. AvatarBridge

    My tuxedo is named Henry. He is very quiet and won’t flinch at anything coming his way. Very sweet, but I do feel that if he were human he’d possibly be a serial killer. So I’m glad he’s just my kitty from the streets lol.


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