PetSafe Simply Clean- Self Cleaning Litter Box Review

With so many self-cleaning litter boxes on the market, it can be often be overwhelming when shopping for a product that will work the best for you and your feline friends. The PetSafe Simply Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box is a great first choice. The Simply Clean is a middle of the road priced self-cleaning litter box that makes the act of cleaning up after your cat much more easy and hassle free. Priced a little lower than the typical self-cleaning litter box models that typically run $100+, the Simply Clean is a safe bet for cat owners who are curious about trying out a self-cleaning litter box to eliminate the time and hassle that comes with scooping cat litter by hand. At approximately $70 on Amazon, the Simply Clean is really a pretty good investment for cat owners to make. There are a number of features that make the Simply Clean a good choice all around, and for many cat owners, it will be one of the best purchasing decision made regarding pet care.

Here are some of the pros and cons for the Simply Clean litter box:

What we liked:

    • Self-cleaning litter box with no scooping:

Simply Clean is an automatic litter box that continuously self-cleans throughout the day. Unlike other self-cleaning litter boxes, Simply Clean has a quiet, slow-moving bowl that constantly turns, making one full rotation per hour. During the time that the bowl rotates, the waste is sifted out and carried up the conveyor belt into the covered, removable waste bin. All you need is clumping litter, and the litter box does all of the hard work for you.

    • Reduces odor:

Because the waste is taken up a conveyor belt and left in the removable waste bin, bad odors are eliminated. The waste is also out of sight, which is a plus for any cat owner who wants to keep their homes as clean and sanitary as possible, not just in scent, but also in sight.

    • Easy to set-up, use, and clean:

There are several parts to put together with this litter box, but it is nothing terribly complicated. No outside tools are needed. The waste receptacle can be lined with a plastic grocery bag or not, depending on what works best for you. This waste receptacle is also easily removable. The bowl of the litter box should be filled to a line on the inside of the box with your choice of high quality brand of clumping litter. You then simply plug an AC adaptor into the cat box on one end, and into an electrical outlet on the other end. We recommend that you place the old, traditional litter box that your cat was using before the Simply Clean, next to the new litter box without scooping it for a few days. Your cat will automatically move to the new litter box since it is cleaner, which allows for a smooth transition for your kitty. Since it rotates once an hour, which is rather slow, your cat also will not notice that it is moving at all. Planning on going on a trip and leaving your cats with little supervision for a few days? No problem–because the cleaning cycles are automated and so efficient, several days can pass before emptying the waste receptacle, and you can count on coming home to a clean, odor-free home with Simply Clean.

    • It’s very quiet:

One of the difficulties that some cat owners have with new self-cleaning litter boxes, is that they can be a bit noisy. This is not only annoying for the cat owner, but it can startle and disturb your cats, making bathroom time difficult and unpleasant for them. This is not the case with the Simply Clean. It is so quiet, that you will hardly notice it, just as your cat will not notice that it is rotating at all. Make sure the tab on the litter guard is secured under the conveyor. If not, it can cause a popping sound. Also, if you find that over time the Simply Clean makes something of a squeaking sound, you can simply carefully find the location of gears, components, and enclosures and liberally apply a graphite lubricant to the moving components, which will easily take care of this problem, should it arise.

    • Uses less clumping litter than traditional litter boxes:

The area that your cat will be using with the Simply Clean is approximately 10 inches in diameter, which gives plenty of space for even larger cats, accommodating them up to 15 pounds. Because Simply Clean is more efficient than traditional litter boxes, you will be using less litter than usual, which will save you money in the long run.

  • Waste bin can be lined with recycled bags for an easy clean-up:

    Many companies might try to make their product in such a way that ensures that you must use their brand or design for any and all extra pieces of equipment. With the Simply clean, recycle old grocery bags by using them as liners for the waste disposal bin. If you already are not using the plastic grocery bags that many of us may have in abundance and don’t know what to do with them, buying a roll of small waste bin plastic bags will just as easily do the trick.

  • Attentive Customer service:

  • Do you have any questions or trouble-shooting issues that need to be addressed with your new litter box? PetSafe encourages you to reach out to their attentive customer service experts to help you out in case you need it.

What we did not like:

    • It is constantly running:

One of the things that the Simply Clean does, is that it runs constantly. This can be noticeable on your electricity bill, and it not the greenest way to go. An easy fix to this problem, would be to buy a timer that you can use to customize when cleaning cycles run.

    • Litter messes if your cat is a digger:

We all have probably had the cat who just loves to dig. For these kitties, the walls of the litter box may be a little too low to prevent them from getting litter outside of the box. The purchase of a few rubber mats to place around the litter box to keep vacuuming and sweeping to a minimum may be a good idea, in these sorts of cases.

    • Smaller chunks of waste may escape the rake:

While the Simply Clean does a fantastic job of getting rid of larger clumps of waste, smaller clumps may make through the the rake and put them back into rotation after the cycle ends. In these cases, keep an extra traditional scooper on hand, and scoop it the old fashioned way. This is not really such a big hassle, but it is worth noting. Still, your scooping will still stay at a minimum.

    • Can get caught on bigger or stuck waste clumps:

This problem may arise, and is really just one of those things that commonly happens with self-cleaning litter boxes. You will occasionally get a waste clump that is just stubborn, and will not allow itself to be raked away so easily! Still, the quick fix for this issue, should you face it, is to simply unplug the unit, take a traditional scooper that you should have on hand, and force the stubborn clump into the waste receptacle where it belongs.

    • Safety and Maintenance:

Your Simply Clean litter box uses an electrical outlet in order to do its job, so it should be placed somewhere safely away from moisture. The unit will operate smoothly based on three particular conditions: there is power that it is turned on, the conveyor cover is in place on the unit, and the collection tub is in also place. On occasion, the lid may become dislodged and the unit will not operate in this case. This is an easy fix however, and shouldn’t cause too much of a hassle, if you simply replace the lid and make sure that it is fit snugly into place. The Simply Clean comes with a one year warranty, and can be used for a multiple cat home.

Final Thoughts:

The PetSafe Simply Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box is a well made device that does exactly what it promises to do, which is to make your cat clean-up much easier, efficient and sanitary. While there are a few hiccups in how it functions here and there, most pet owners will find it convenient and better than a traditional litter box. With a few innovative and thoughtful ways to work through any of the small issues that may come your way when using the Simply Clean, this litter box may just be the one for you. Because the price is middle of the road, it won’t make a big dent in your bank account either. Give the Simply Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box a shot, and enjoy the convenience that comes with not having to stoop and scoop after your cats, once and for all.

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