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Best Probiotics For Cats

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8 thoughts on “Cat Products Reviews

  1. Pamela

    I was wondering if you ever have done any research on Nulo catfood and if not could you please??


  2. Debbie Vernon

    I was wondering if you’ve done any research on cat pens or crates, for bringing in strays and quarantining in my bathroom, for example. I have an old wire dog crate, but it just doesn’t seem well suited for a cat. Right now, I care for a TSR tortie who lives on my patio. I have 3 indoor cats. She is FIV+ and so I watch her closely for changes in her health. She’s not spicy, so I can pick her up by the scruff and transport her to the vet. I have had to do this over the winter for an upper respiratory infection. She spent 3 weeks in my bathroom, trying to modify the environment. It’s not right to keep her in there. She’s showing signs of needing to go to the vet again, so I’m desperate for advice. She may only be 4-5 lbs., and 3 years old, but I need an enclosed pen for her when these situations occur. I have no idea what to choose.

    1. Mallory Crusta

      Hi Debbie, thank you for commenting! This is a good question; we haven’t done much research on appropriate pens or crates for cats, but it’s an interesting subject that we’d like to cover at some point. I know that Kitten Lady and other cat fosterers like soft-sided crates with mesh windows similar to this one, so when we do cover this subject, I anticipate that this type of crate will come up first in our rankings. Hope this helps!

  3. Firas

    I couldn’t find a research on Carnilove cat food here, is it done and if not could you please do it? Many Thanks


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