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Why Is My Cat Not Eating?

Despite our best efforts caring for our cat, purchasing expensive food, and giving them a safe, happy, and fulfilled life, our cat may temporarily stop eating. Loss of appetite is a major concern for a cat parent, but when do you start worrying and ask for help? In this article, we discuss why a cat may seem picky, what to...

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Edgard Cooper Cat Food Review

Named for the two pets of the company’s founders (Edgard and Cooper), this is a young brand. The founders were looking to make better, healthier pet food using fresh meat and quality ingredients. One percent of sales goes to charity. Find out more about Edgard Cooper cat food in our unbiased review. The We’re All About Cats Standard – Rating...

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Blink! Cat Food Review

Made in Britain, Blink is a personalized cat food subscription service. Blink offers a variety of recipes that can be customized to your cat’s taste. Products are also available at some pet stores. Read our unbiased review of Blink! cat food to learn more. The We’re All About Cats Standard – Rating Blink! On What Matters We have analyzed Blink!...

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What Your Cat’s Tail Can Tell You

Tail signals are an important part of your cat’s communication repertoire. This article aims to explain more about cats’ tails and tail movements so that you are better equipped to understand what your cat is saying to you with body language using this complex, subtle and expressive part of their anatomy. What Is A Cat's Tail? The tail is an...

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Litter Robot Review Feature

Litter Robot 3 Connect Review: We Tested It

Here’s How You Get Started With The Litter-Robot At around $500, the WiFi-enabled Litter-Robot III Connect could be the most expensive device you’ll ever buy for your cat. But is this rotating litter sifter worth the money? After testing the Litter-Robot for over a year, we’re bringing you the details on how the Robot works and my personal experience using...

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How Much Water Should A Cat Drink?

Most cat carers are good at monitoring how much their pets eat, but what about measuring how much they drink? Measuring water consumption can be an effective way of gaining a better understanding of a cat’s health, but most cat carers don’t know enough about this topic to know the significance of the information they gain. This article aims to...

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5 Simple Tips To Keep Cats Off Counters

The kitchen counter is amongst the foremost hazardous places in our home, where we keep food, sharp objects, store electrical appliances, and cook meals on a hot stove. Our cats are instinctively drawn to high places because of their innate climbing and agile nature. Cats feel most safe and secure when spotting, resting, and sleeping from high observation points. Cats,...

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7 Adorable Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds for People With Allergies

You are a cat lover, right? But you also have a problem with allergies. Felines produce dander which is a common allergen and that's at the root of the problem. But did you know that there are no 100%hypoallergenic cats? Some cats, however, come pretty close to the mentioned figure. Let's take a look at those hypoallergenic breeds and who...

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