Litter Robot vs ChillX AutoEgg – Purchased and Tested

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If spending an afternoon scooping and scrubbing the litter box isn’t your idea of fun, you may want to look into an automatic, self-cleaning litter box.

The first self-cleaning litter box was invented in the early 1990s. This model utilized a motor driven rake to sift waste, much like the ChillX AutoEgg. In 1999, the first self-cleaning model featuring a rotating globe was released. The Litter-Robot is modeled after this design.

Though these two self-cleaning litter boxes work in very different ways, they’re both designed to accomplish a single goal: to save you from cleaning the litter box yourself.

Here’s what you need to know about the Litter-Robot and the ChillX AutoEgg to determine whether one of them is right for your needs and, if so, which one.

Head To Head Comparison

Litter-Robot ChillX AutoEgg
Number of Reviews

Reviews averaged and content pulled from company websites as well as third-party e-commerce sites.

19,000+ 3,000+
Made in the USA

You should know where your pet appliances are made.

Designed & assembled in the USA (factory in Juneau, AK) ChillX is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA
Years in Business

Is the product manufactured by a longstanding, successful company?

22 2

Your investment should be backed by a full-service warranty.

18-month full-coverage warranty; extended 3-year warranty available 12-month warranty
Money-Back Guarantee

Buy with confidence knowing you can get a refund if unsatisfied.

90-day in-home trial + money-back guarantee (must pay return shipping) 30-day money-back guarantee (must obtain Return Merchandise Authorization number)
Payment Plan

Can you “buy now, pay later” with stress-free financing plans?

3-, 6- & 12-month plans available with Affirm 3-, 6- & 12-month plans available with Affirm

Smart pet appliances can be remotely monitored and controlled through the app.

The first self-cleaning litter box with WiFi capabilities; get notifications and monitor litter box habits with the Whisker app None
Sifting Technology

What makes this pet appliance self-cleaning?

Original patented gravity-driven litter-sifting technology 70-degree cleaning rake; automatic weight sensors
Product Design

The appliance should be designed with both pets and pet parents in mind.

Orbital design with large entry Ovular with a shallow entry

Background On The Litter-Robot III Connect

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  • Ease of Cleaning – 10/10
  • Odor Control – 10/10
  • Appearance – 9.5/10
  • Construction – 9/10
  • Price – 7/10

Overall Score: 9.1/10

Originally released by Auto Pets in 2000, the Litter-Robot is currently in its third iteration – the Litter-Robot III Connect. This is an automatic, self-cleaning litter box that is WiFi-enabled with smartphone connectivity available through the Whisker app.

Mallory Crusta, our Head of Content, tested the Litter-Robot III in mid-2020 and I tested it myself earlier that year. Check out Mallory’s in-depth video review of the Litter-Robot III on the All About Cats YouTube channel.

The Litter-Robot III features a globular design. The main body of the litter box is globe-shaped while the entry to the litter bed is ovular, extending vertically almost the entire diameter of the globe. The total footprint of this litter box is about 30x25x27 inches.

This self-cleaning litter box utilizes gravity to separate dirty litter from clean litter. It is equipped with weight sensors that automatically detect your cat’s presence and initiate the cleaning cycle after a preset period of time. During the cleaning cycle, the globe rotates, sifting clean litter into a storage compartment and separating waste and clumps into an enclosed waste compartment.

While the primary benefit of the Litter-Robot III is its self-cleaning capability, its enclosed design also helps control odor. With the Whisker app, this litter box enables you to keep tabs on your cat’s litter box activity as well and it offers remote maintenance.

Background On The Chillx AutoEgg

Read Our Full In-Depth Review


  • Ease of Cleaning – 4/10
  • Odor Control – 4/10
  • Appearance – 10/10
  • Construction – 3/10
  • Price – 4/10

Overall Score: 5/10

In contrast to the Litter-Robot’s globular design, the ChillX AutoEgg is ovular – as you might reasonably assume based on the name. This litter box is equipped with a raking mechanism that sifts waste into an enclosed compartment. It also offers a limited health monitoring system.

Mallory Crusta, our Head of Content, tested the older model of the ChillX AutoEgg Self-Cleaning Litter Box in the winter of 2020. I tested it myself in the summer of 2021. Check out Mallory’s in-depth video review of the ChillX AutoEgg on our YouTube channel.

The ChillX AutoEgg measures roughly 30 inches long by 19 inches wide and 17 inches high. The front of the litter box is open and the entry into the litter bed makes up half of the opening. The other half is a litter-catching component that also functions as a step down into the litter box.

This litter box features a cleaning rake that moves across the litter bed, sifting dirty litter into an enclosed compartment at the back of the unit before returning to its original position. It utilizes weight sensors to detect your cat’s presence in the box and automatically initiates a cleaning cycle after a 5-minute waiting period. It also runs four automatic cleaning cycles spaced throughout the day.

The ChillX AutoEgg functions primarily as a self-cleaning litter box, though it has some limited health monitoring capability. The unit includes an LED screen that displays and records your cat’s weight as well as the date, time, and duration of each use.

Now, Let’s Take A Look At How The Litter-Robot III Compares With The Chillx AutoEgg

Both of these litter boxes exist to accomplish a single goal: to save cat owners from constantly cleaning the litter box. They utilize very different technology, however, to perform this function and there are some significant differences in features and add-ons.

To compare and contrast these two litter boxes, we’ll take a closer look at the following categories:

Let’s dive into the details in each of these categories.

1. Size And Setup

Both the Litter-Robot III and the ChillX AutoEgg take up considerable floor space, though the Litter-Robot consumes more vertical space.

The Litter-Robot III measures about 30x25x27 inches while the ChillX AutoEgg measures about 30x19x17 inches. The length of both units is about the same but there is significant difference in the width and height. If you’re looking for a litter box with a slim profile, the ChillX AutoEgg may be most appropriate.

Both of these self-cleaning litter boxes are thoughtfully packaged, though the Litter-Robot’s box is considerably larger.

The Litter-Robot III comes fully assembled – all you need to do is place the litter mat on the step and add a waste drawer liner before filling it with litter. The ChillX AutoEgg only requires you to put the top and bottom together – in addition to adding litter and a waste drawer liner – but the fit of those two pieces is a little tricky.

In testing the ChillX AutoEgg, Mallory found that the two halves fit together fairly loosely. I also found it tricky to get the parts lined up properly. Additionally, I found that my sifting rake was a little off-kilter and I struggled to get it adjusted properly.

As long as everything goes according to plan, neither litter box should take more than 5 minutes to assemble. That being said, the process generally seems to be smoother with the Litter-Robot III.

One thing worth noting is that the litter bed is fairly small for both units. The Litter-Robot offers more interior height but still may not be comfortable for a very large cat. The ChillX is recommended for cats between 4.4 and 15.4 pounds. If your cat doesn’t mind a shallow litter bed, it may work just fine.

Size And Setup Winner: Litter-Robot

2. Operation And Performance

While both the Litter-Robot and the ChillX litter boxes are automatic and self-cleaning, they function in very different ways.

The Litter-Robot III is a gravity-based system. When the cleaning cycle begins, the globe rotates and the litter tumbles toward a sifting grate. Clean litter falls through the grate into a storage compartment while clumps continue to slide down into a covered waste compartment

The ChillX AutoEgg features a mechanical rake that moves across the litter bed, leaving clean litter in place while pushing clumps into the waste compartment.

The end result for these two litter boxes is the same: clean litter stays where it’s supposed to and dirty litter is deposited in a waste compartment. Both models are equipped with weight sensors that automatically detect your cat’s presence and initiate a cleaning cycle afterward.

The difference here is that while the ChillX automatically activates 5 minutes after your cat uses the litter box, the Litter-Robot’s delay timer can be adjusted between 3 and 15 minutes. Both boxes have the option to manually activate a cleaning cycle but only the Litter-Robot offers remote activation through WiFi connectivity with the Whisker app.

Now that you understand the basics of each model’s performance, let’s take a look at how well they actually work.

Both Mallory and I had very positive experiences when testing the Litter-Robot III Connect. Not only was setup a breeze, but the unit worked smoothly – just as it is intended to. The cleaning cycle lasts about three minutes in total.

The ChillX AutoEgg left something to be desired in terms of both setup and performance. It didn’t take any longer to assemble, but the parts didn’t come together smoothly. The rake also tended to leave small pieces of dirty litter behind, and the cleaning cycle was a little longer, around 5 minutes.

Both litter boxes are intended to be used with clumping cat litter, so performance may depend to some degree on which type you choose. Hard-clumping litter will certainly be less likely to leave pieces behind, though the gravity function of the Litter-Robot may always be more effective than the ChillX AutoEgg’s rake system.

Operation And Performance Winner: Litter-Robot

3. Odor Control And Tracking

The main benefit of any self-cleaning litter box is that it saves you from scooping. Both the Litter-Robot and the ChillX AutoEgg offer another benefit, however, in terms of odor control.

Both of these litter boxes are enclosed which helps keep litter odor from spreading beyond the box.

To boost odor control, the Litter-Robot is equipped with a carbon filter. The ChillX has no such filter. ChillX actually has a blog on their site to address the issue. The brand claims that the enclosed design combined with the tightly concealed waste compartment and frequent cleanings is sufficient to control odor.

All that being said, both units seem to offer similar odor control performance.

Though both of these litter boxes excel in odor control, tracking is another matter. Both are equipped with a litter mat outside the entry to help catch loose litter, but the ChillX AutoEgg overpowered the Litter-Robot in this area. Even so, we’d recommend placing a litter mat on the floor with both units.

The ChillX AutoEgg features a cellular tracking step that does a fairly good job of catching litter. However, it’s really the enclosed design that does the work of containing scatter. Cats who like to dig are more likely to kick litter through the Litter-Robot’s opening than the ChillX AutoEgg’s.

Odor Control And Tracking Winner: ChillX AutoEgg

4. Maintenance

When selecting a self-cleaning litter box, maintenance is an important factor to consider. In this area, the Litter-Robot III and the ChillX AutoEgg are fairly similar.

Both units can be used with any type of clumping litter, though ChillX recommends clay litter above all else. Clumping clay litter may be a little more expensive than non-clumping, but the cost certainly isn’t prohibitive. Maintenance costs are likely to be similar for both units.

The other area in which these litter boxes are similar is in the emptying of the unit. Both are designed with an enclosed waste drawer that collects dirty litter. All you have to do is line the drawer with a plastic bag and empty it as needed.

One thing I’ll say in this category is that the Litter-Robot’s waste drawer is more conveniently located on the front of the unit. The ChillX waste drawer is at the back, so you may have to move the unit to access it for emptying.

Maintenance Winner: Litter-Robot

5. Overall Impression

Both the Litter-Robot III and the ChillX AutoEgg accomplish the goal of scooping the litter box for you. They use different technologies, but the end result is the same.

That being said, you have a little more freedom in choosing cat litter with the Litter-Robot but may have less trouble with tracking and scatter with the ChillX AutoEgg. Both units do a good job of controlling odor, though both are fairly limited in terms of interior space and litter depth capacity.

Another feature worth considering is the health monitoring capability of each unit.

Though the Litter-Robot III comes in a standard model, the Connect version is WiFi enabled. You can activate the litter box remotely through the Whisker app, set cleaning schedules, and track your cat’s usage. You can also check the waste compartment level and activate push notifications sent to your phone when it needs to be emptied.

The ChillX AutoEgg also tracks your cat’s litter box usage, but it also tracks his weight. The information is displayed on an LED screen after your cat uses the box, though storage capability is limited.

As one final point, it’s a good idea to think about the return policy and warranty coverage of each unit.

The Litter-Robot comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee and a generous 18-month warranty. You also have the option of doubling the warranty to three years for $100. The ChillX AutoEgg is covered by a 12-month warranty, but the return period is only 30 days.

How Do They Compare in Cost?

As different as the Litter-Robot III and the ChillX AutoEgg may be in terms of function, they have one thing in common: they’re expensive.

On average, an automatic self-cleaning litter box will cost you upwards of $350. The ChillX AutoEgg is much closer to that price point at $399.99. This price is similar to other models we’ve reviewed like the CatGenie 120 and the Petree Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box.

The Litter-Robot III Connect costs nearly $150 more than the ChillX Auto Egg, priced at $549. The standard Litter-Robot III is a little cheaper, priced at $499.

Before making your decision based on the price of the unit, think about additional factors like warranty coverage, return policies, and maintenance costs.

The Litter-Robot III has the benefit of compatibility with any hard-clumping cat litter. Clay litter certainly seems to work best, but you may have some flexibility as long as the litter clumps well and fits through the sifting screen. ChillX specifically recommends the use of hard- and fast-clumping clay cat litter.

In terms of maintenance costs, the Litter-Robot III and ChillX AutoEgg are very similar. When it comes to value, however, the Litter-Robot comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee while the ChillX return policy is limited to 30 days. The Litter-Robot’s warranty is also longer at 18 versus 12 months – plus, you have the option to double it for an extra $100.

Which Option Is Right For You?

Having thoroughly tested both the ChillX AutoEgg and the Litter-Robot III Connect, we happily recommend Litter-Robot III Connect as the clear winner in 3 out of our 4 testing criteria.

That being said, there are certain cases in which one option might be more appropriate than the other.

The Litter-Robot III Connect Might Be Right For You If…

  • You’re not limited by floor space or vertical space in terms of placement.
  • You’re looking for a unit that requires minimal setup.
  • You want to be able to adjust the waiting period or control the unit remotely.
  • You want the freedom to use any type of hard-clumping cat litter.
  • You want to be able to access the waste drawer without moving the unit.
  • You have plenty of floor space and are willing to make an investment over $500.

The Chillx AutoEgg Might Be Right For You If…

  • You’re looking for a litter box with a fairly slim profile.
  • You want a liter box that offers simple operation and don’t need WiFi connectivity.
  • You like the added cleaning benefits of four automatic cleaning cycles per day.
  • You already use hard-clumping clay litter or don’t mind making the switch.
  • You have a small cat or kitten who doesn’t need a large litter box.
  • You have limited floor space in terms of width but can accommodate a longer unit.

Whether you choose the Litter-Robot III or the ChillX AutoEgg, you should expect to make a significant investment. Pricey as self-cleaning litter boxes may be, however, they offer unbeatable convenience. Not only do they do the work of scooping for you, but they deposit the waste in a discreet, easy-to-empty compartment.

Still not sure which option is right for you? You’ll find more in-depth information about these two litter boxes in our written and video reviews.

If you’re not ready to invest in a self-cleaning litter box, a sifting litter box might be more practical. These boxes also save you the work of scooping but they’re more limited in their self-cleaning functions.

Check out our top picks for the best sifting litter boxes here.

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