120 Food Names For Cats

If you want a funny or unique name for your cat, then try this list of male, female and unisex names based off of food.

Male Food Names For Cats

Try one of these delicious names for your male cat:

  1. Alfredo- An Italian name that could also be one of your favorite pasta dishes is a good place to start.
  2. Basil- This seasoning is a popular addition to savory pizza.
  3. Beefy- A good choice if your cat is very strong or hefty.
  4. Caesar- Named after the salad and a strong Italian name.
  5. Chip- Chocolate chips, potato chips or any other kind of chips make for a cute namesake.
  6. Colby Jack- We think food names that incorporate human names are always kind of witty, like this cheesy one.
  7. Cubano- You may want to consider a name like this if you are a coffee lover.
  8. Curry- A commonly used Indian seasoning known for its spicy flavor.
  9. Dorito- You can name your pet after your favorite cheesy snack.
  10. Flapjack- Another food name that incorporates a human name.
  11. Frito- Like the popular corn chip.
  12. Huckleberry- This blue or black berry makes for a unique name.
  13. Jalapeno- This spicy pepper adds some Latino flavor to your pet’s name.
  14. Java- Coffee names work well for brown pets.
  15. Kabob- This food on a stick incorporates the name “bob” for a clever pet moniker.
  16. Macaroni- Italian food names can be kind of funny in some instances, such as this one.
  17. Meatball- A good option for a cat that is a bit stocky.
  18. Porky- Another good choice for a rotund feline.
  19. Ravioli- There are just so many great Italian foods that work well as pet names.
  20. Reese’s- Named after a popular candy company.
  21. Romano- This strong Italian name is also a kind of cheese.
  22. Rueben- Did you know this common boy’s name is also a kind of sandwich?
  23. Salami- This slightly spicy meat may be a good choice for a cat with a bit of a temper.
  24. Sir Loin- Here is a funny name for a popular steak that you might want to consider.
  25. Tabasco- Another spicy food that might work for a cat with an attitude or just with some red coloring.
  26. Tater Tot- We think this potato dish makes for a silly pet name.
  27. T-Bone– A classic pet name for tough animals.

Female Food Names For Cats

Female Food Names for Cats (1)

Photo by Shiri Gottlieb Eliaz on Unsplash

You could find the perfect name for your female cat from this list:

  1. Anise- This spice sounds similar to the common name Annie.
  2. Bon Bon- A sweet treat made from chocolate.
  3. Brie- This cheese is also a popular girl’s name these days.
  4. Butterscotch- A sweet treat you may want to use as a name for a yellow or brown cat.
  5. Candy Cane- Probably a good choice for a striped cat.
  6. Cayenne- This pepper sounds similar to the girl’s name Cheyanne.
  7. Chalupa- This popular Mexican food is made from a hard shell and uses refried beans and cheese as filling
  8. Cherry- A sweet, fruity name for any red cat.
  9. Chickpea- We love the femininity of this food name for a common legume.
  10. Chiquita- A type of banana with a very feminine name.
  11. Cinnamon- People have been naming their cats cinnamon for a long time now.
  12. Clementine- A kind of orange and a common girl’s name.
  13. Cookie- This sweet, affectionate name definitely makes us think of dessert.
  14. Cupcake- Another affectionate dessert name that we love.
  15. Dumpling- This flour-based food is very affectionate sounding.
  16. Éclair- A sweet pastry filled with light whipped cream that makes for an elegant name.
  17. Ginger- Red, orange brown and even yellow cats could be named after this spice.
  18. Granola- This snack time favorite is packed with raisins, oats, honey and sometimes chocolate.
  19. Hershey- Your cat could be named after your favorite chocolate bar, perhaps.
  20. Honey- A sweet, sweet food for your sweet, sweet cat.
  21. Honey Bun- This delicious treat is made from soft bread and a honey glaze.
  22. Honeydew- A sweet, green melon that sounds like it could be an affectionate name.
  23. Kale- This is actually a girl’s name as well as a healthy veggie.
  24. Kimchi- These are salted and fermented vegetables that are popular in Korea.
  25. Kit Kat- A punny cat name and a popular chocolate bar.
  26. Lollipop- You could use this sweet name for a striped or colorful cat.
  27. Muffin- This one may not be unique, but it is a great name for any feline friend of yours.
  28. Olive- These green or black fruits are a staple of Mediterranean food.
  29. Paprika- A potent red spice that has a feminine sound to it as a name.
  30. Pepper- Commonly used as a girl’s name for redheads, so a good choice for your red or orange cat.
  31. Peppermint- This herb is a good name for striped cats.
  32. Poppy- You may know a person who has this name, and it is a common flower and seasoning.
  33. Pudding- You could really use this name for any color of cat, and it sounds so affectionate.
  34. Pumpkin- Of course, you’ll want to use this one for an orange cat, and we love the endearing quality of it.
  35. Rosemary- This herb has a strong, distinct scent to it and it often used to add elegance to a dish.
  36. Sherbet- Colorful cats could do with a colorful ice cream name like this.
  37. Siracha- This red, hot sauce is a popular condiment these days.
  38. Sorbet- A frozen, fruity treat that could be any color you like.
  39. Strawberry Shortcake- Not just a delicious dessert but also a classic cartoon character.
  40. Taffy- A sweet, stretchy food that is used in dessert making.
  41. Tootsie- Like the chewy, chocolatey tootsie roll.
  42. Velveeta- This cheesy food is a great female pet name.

Unisex Food Names For Cats

Unisex Food Names for Cats

Photo by Janayara Machado on Unsplash

If you don’t want a name that is specifically male or female, you can try one of these unisex options:

  1. Apple- These red or green fruits are healthy and sweet, just like you want your cat to be.
  2. Avocado- Currently a very popular fruit, avocado makes for a unique pet name.
  3. Biscuit- This name definitely has a cute sound to it and also seems to be appropriate for a cat with a bit of spunk in its attitude.
  4. Blackberry- Berry names are very cute, we think, and work well for smaller cats.
  5. Blueberry- Like this one that is just so adorable, even if your cat isn’t exactly blue.
  6. Brownie- Obviously, the perfect name for a sweet, brown-colored cat.
  7. Burrito- You could give your cat a Mexican food name, and this one will likely get some laughs.
  8. Caramel- This sticky treat could be a great name for a brown, yellow or orange cat.
  9. Carrot- We like this one for reddish or orange-colored cats.
  10. Cheddar- Good for a cat with a little bite in its attitude.
  11. Cheerio- This popular breakfast cereal has been a household staple for decades.
  12. Cheese Curl- You could name your cat after a favorite cheesy chips.
  13. Chowder- We know some cat owners will want to use this name for a lightly colored cat, named after the classic soup.
  14. Clove- This aromatic spice comes from an evergreen tree.
  15. Cocoa- The very bean used to make chocolate.
  16. Coconut- A tropical food for an exotic-sounding cat name.
  17. Coffee- You have to consider this name for a brown pet, especially if they help you wake up in the morning.
  18. Fondue- Lovely chocolate fountains use this rich liquid that is an elegant name for a brown cat.
  19. Gumdrop- We just love how cute this name sounds and how great it would be for a for a small cat.
  20. Hash Brown- This one is just silly and is also perfect for any brown cat.
  21. Jellybean- Sich a cute name that is perfect for colorful cats.
  22. Kiwi- A tropical name like this can make your cat seem more exotic.
  23. Macaroon- A French cookie that makes for a refined name.
  24. Mango- This tropical fruit is bursting with flavor and is typically green or orange on the outside and then yellowish-orange on the inside.
  25. Maple- A kind of sweet, sticky syrup you can spread on your pancakes and waffles.
  26. Marmalade- This common spread is typically orange colored.
  27. Marshmallow- You may want to name your lovable pet after this squishy, sweet treat.
  28. Meringue- This delicate dessert is most often associated with European dishes.
  29. Miso- This Japanese seasoning is made from fermenting soybeans.
  30. Mocha- Coffee lovers will definitely want to consider this name for a brown cat.
  31. Molasses- For a very slow cat or perhaps just a brown or black one.
  32. Noodle- Appropriate for long, thin cats.
  33. Nutmeg- We think this spice might be ideal for cats with brown or orange coloring.
  34. Parsley- This common seasoning is often used in pasta, pizza and other Italian foods.
  35. Peaches- You probably know a cat with this name, but it is a such a delightful and sweet name that you may not mind it isn’t unique.
  36. Peanut- A common pet name that is usually used to be affectionate or as a name for a small animal.
  37. Pickles- We love how silly this name sounds when you say it.
  38. Plum- These red, blue or purple fruits are a perfect name for a round cat.
  39. Pop Tart- This popular breakfast food has a cool, silly vibe to it.
  40. Sage- This common herb has beautiful, purple flowers.
  41. Scampi- A popular pasta dish that is also appropriate for a cat that is a little scamp.
  42. Skittles- You could use this name for a calico, named after the popular candy.
  43. Snickers- For a cat who laughs a lot or is brown like the candy bar.
  44. String Bean- This bean is a suitable name for a long, thin cat.
  45. Sushi- Raw, Japanese fish that can give your cat an exotic name.
  46. Taco- A fun, unique food name for any cat.
  47. Tofu- The great meat substitute is a good choice for a white cat.
  48. Truffle- The name of a chocolate treat or a very expensive fungus used in some exotic dishes.
  49. Turnip- This fun name might be a good pick for a white cat.
  50. Vanilla- You could use this for a white cat (like vanilla ice cream) or brown cats (like vanilla essence).
  51. Waffles- Let’s end with a fun, funny name that is great for a silly cat.

Were you inspired by these or did you actually find the perfect name from our list? We would love to hear about it.