30 Fun Facts About Cats For Kids

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They are such adorable creatures especially when they rub themselves against your feet and then jump on your lap and get cozy.

Don’t you love it when they are all playful jumping on tables and tugging cloth and being such sweet nuisance? You are not the first one to love them; one of the greatest presidents of the United States called Abraham Lincoln was a great lover of cats.

Among his favorite ones were two kittens named Tabby and Dixie. At one point, he is said to have jokingly exclaimed that Dixie was smarter than his whole cabinet!
cat and girl (1)
I bet there are many things you don’t’ know about cats. Did you know that cow milk is bad for cats? Yeah, it is. They cannot digest lactose, a kind of sugar found in milk.

This can cause them to diarrhea or give them other stomach problems. Did you know that? The following are 30 other fun facts about cats that you might find very interesting:

You could buy them anything else on Valentine’s Day but chocolate is a big no for cats.
Chocolate contains some chemicals such as theobromine and caffeine that are harmful to cats if consumed. These chemicals can give your cat heart problems, shock, and death. Chocolate is yummy but your cat won’t appreciate it. Better treat him or her with a slice of salmon.

Cats can’t tell whether something is sweet or not. Unfortunately, a cat will never appreciate sugary things. Their taste buds are different from those of humans and those of other animals and they cannot detect sweetness. This is because they are primarily meat eaters.

They have 7 lives. Well, almost! Cats have very high survival rates even when they fall from great height. This is because they are able to absorb shock on landing.

According to a legend, cats came out of the lion’s body through being sneezed. No wonder, they behave so much like lions!

Dogs have been to space, so have cats! In 1963, the first cat was sent to space and returned home safely.

Cats need no makeup or mascara! These animals have a rough tongue which they use for cleaning themselves up. Haven’t you seen cats licking themselves and rubbing themselves with their paws?

Some cats are filthy rich. The richest cat in the world is called Blackie and is worth $25 million and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

The mayor of a small town in Alaska is a cat! True story? Yes! Stubbs was elected in 1997 as mayor of Talkeetna town in Alaska and has been a fantastic mayor ever since.

Cats can be a handfull.
As gentle as they are, they can be a handful if won’t approach them properly.

In old Egyptian times, cats were treated like royalty.
funerals were held and close family mourned by shaving.

Cats have emotions almost like human beings
They can be angry or happy or playful maybe this is because their brains are very similar to those of human beings.

Contrary to popular belief, they can’t see in pitch darkness. Even with highly dilatable pupils in their eyes, they require some light to be able to see.

Do cats sweat? Yes, they do. Sweating is a way of removing dirt from the body and is sometimes necessary for cooling. However, cats only sweat through the pads on their feet.

Cats can move each ear separately. This is because they have as many as 20 muscles to control ear movements.

Talking of ears, cats have a superior hearing capability. They can even hear sounds that dogs can’t hear.

Other than exercise and good eating habits, cats are good for health. It is reported that owning a cat can reduce the risk of a heart attack by a third.

tuxedo cat

Cats can sense earthquakes before they happen. Cats can predict an earthquake because they can sense the primary waves which humans cannot perceive. When they do, they sense danger and start behaving in an unusual manner. It is only the secondary waves that humans can detect.

Cats are heavy sleepers
They can be quite lazy and sleep most of the day especially when they are younger.

They are way smaller than us yet their hearts beat so fast.
Cats hearts beat twice as fast as the human heart but hey, that’s no problem, they can handle it.

A cat can make 100 different types of sounds. How many can you make?

Nine inches long fur?
Yes. Colonel meow holds the Guinness world record holder for the cat with the longest fur.

cat cleaning

from street cat to celebrity
A musician named James met a street cat named Bob and they both changed the other’s lives for the better (Including Bob becoming a celebrity).

A cat has about 20 bones in its tail. That is why it is so flexible.

Cats have as much as 80 million smell receptors compared to only 5 million in humans. This means that they have an incredible sense of smell although not as good as that of dogs.

Although not much scientific evidence exists, there have been reports of a cat detecting breast cancer. It is believed that certain diseases generate particular chemicals that some animals can detect.

awesome cats

People who own cats are likely to be more gentle and sensitive than people who don’t.

why this cat is very cute

Cats can be right handed or left handed. However, most cats prefer using their right paw.

Some people believe that their cats can read their minds. A reputable researcher from a top university believes that cats have psychic powers.

Do not give human medicine to your cat. Some human drugs can be fatal to cats; consult a veterinarian first.

In Scotland, a bronze statue was erected in honor of a cat who ate close to 30,000 mice in her lifetime.

Snoopy is the most famous cat in China and has about 200.00 followers on Instagram. However, Grumpy cat is the most popular cat on the internet with more than 1.9 million followers on Instagram. Are you following her?

A cat named Hamlet flew for more than 600,000 km without being charged for the flights; that’s because he traveled as a stowaway!

When cats touch noses, they are greeting each other.
Cats are very interesting animals and a great gift of nature. If you can, adopt a kitten and you may just find a best friend.

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