Egyptian Cat Names

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Are you in love with your new kitten but don’t have a name yet? Cats provide lots of inspiration based on their character and appearance. We’ll start off our list of Egyptian cat names with ones that recognize their awesome character:

Male Egyptian Cat Names:

how to help cats get along two cats lying on a bed

Bacchus- Latin for one that shouts.

  1. Khalid- Says immortal and is from the Egyptian origin.
  2. Akil- The name meaning is smart or clever.
  3. Abasi- Is an Persian name which means serious.
  4. Amun- An ancient Egyptian God.
  5. Aten- The name means sun or white light.
  6. Horus- Protector of Egypt.
  7. Bacchus- Latin for one that shouts.
  8. Balbina- latin for one who is strong.
  9. Cara- Italian for Baby.
  10. Cary- Means honesty.
  11. Lucas- Latin for one who illuminates.
  12. Magna- Means large or strong. It is a unisex name.
  13. Mercury- God of trade.
  14. Orson- Is a Latin origin name meaning little bear.
  15. Xerxes- The great king of Persia.

Female Egyptian Cat Names:

Cats fighting

Gazelle- Means graceful.

  1. Dalila- Is an Egyptian name meaning sweet.
  2. Hasina- Means lover.
  3. Kamilah- Is an Egyptian for perfect.
  4. Aziza- Is an Egyptian name which means precious.
  5. Balbina- Is Latin for strong.
  6. Beatrice- A funny Latin name for one who brings joy.
  7. Gazelle- Means graceful.
  8. Madonna- Is Latin for my lady.
  9. Magna- Is a unisex cat name meaning large.
  10. Pearl- Precious jewel, a white one.
  11. Precious- Latin for a darling or a loved one.
  12. Rosalind- Name for the one with great beauty.
  13. Ruby- Is a Latin jewel, a name given to a valued cat. Valentina is a Latin name that means healthy and strong.
  14. Valeria- The name was popular in ancient Egypt means strong and vigorous.

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