Dr. Marty Cat Food Review

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Our Review Process

Our reviews are based on extensive research and, when possible, hands-on testing. Each time you make a purchase through one of our independently-chosen links, we’ll receive a percentage of the proceeds. Read more about how we’re supported here.

We’ve rated Dr. Marty on ingredient quality, species-appropriateness, recalls, and more. Read our Dr. Marty cat food review to learn how this brand stacks up.

The We’re All About Cats Standard—Rating Dr. Marty on What Matters

We’ve rated the brand on six key criteria for quality. Here’s how it rates in each of these six crucial areas.


  • Species-Appropriateness – 8/10
  • Ingredient Quality – 10/10
  • Product Variety – 7/10
  • Price – 6/10
  • Customer Experience – 8/10
  • Recall History – 9/10

Overall Score: 8/10

In total, we give Dr. Marty cat food a 48 out of 60 rating or a A- grade.

About Dr. Marty

The figurehead behind Dr. Marty pet food is Dr. Martin Goldstein. As one of the world’s leading veterinarians with over 40 years of experience, Dr. Marty knows pets. The Dr. Marty pet food brand began with a mission to help support pet health through his unique vision of animal nutrition.

Dr. Marty’s cat food is formulated using the principles of integrative medicine. This approach is designed to address the “full picture” of pet health, incorporating the best of traditional medicine and alternative therapies to yield the maximum result.

The story of Dr. Marty pet food actually began with Dr. Marty himself. When he was in his 20s, Dr. Marty was overweight and unhealthy, suffering from low energy and achy joints. After trying everything he could think of with no luck, Dr. Marty came across a book on Macrobiotic Diets and began following its guidelines. It didn’t take long for him to drop 20 pounds and he was so amazed with the results that he began incorporating macrobiotics into his veterinary practice.

Today, Dr. Marty’s brand has grown to help thousands of pets overcome poor health and restore their youthful vitality. Dr. Marty says the bottom line is:

“Your lucky pet can live a healthy, happy, more vibrant life… starting today.”

Sourcing And Manufacturing

Dr. Marty doesn’t provide much in the way of specific information about where their products are made other than to say they are freeze-dried in kitchens located in North America. Their food package states an address in Woodland Hills, CA as the company headquarters.

Here’s what Dr. Marty has to say about the quality of their products:

“Our pets are our best friends. They are constant companions, great cuddlers, offer endless amusement and entertainment, and never let us down. With all that dogs and cats do for us, it’s only natural we return the favor and do all we can to provide them with the best possible care. That’s where Dr. Marty Pets comes in. From top-quality dog food and cat food, to supplements for joint health, to probiotics for digestion, Dr. Marty Pets is here to provide your furry best friend with the best pet products available.”

Though Dr. Marty doesn’t offer specifics about the sourcing or manufacturing of their products, they do offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. The Happy Healthy Guarantee states that if your cat doesn’t love the product, you can return it within 90 days for a full refund on the purchase price.

Recall History

In researching the Dr. Marty pet food brand, we didn’t find any evidence of prior recalls. It’s not uncommon for even high-quality brands like this to have a recall or two in their history, but it’s always a good thing when they don’t.

Dr. Marty’s Nature’s Feast freeze-dried raw cat food features three premium animal proteins: salmon, turkey, and whitefish.

What Kinds Of Cat Food Does Dr. Marty Offer?

Dr. Marty offers a very limited selection of cat products including one recipe for freeze-dried cat food, one recipe for cat treats, and a single digestive supplement for cats. Both their food and treats are freeze-dried in a process that helps maximize the nutritional content.

The only cat food formula Dr. Marty has to offer is made with multiple sources of premium animal-based protein. The recipe begins with salmon, turkey, and whitefish then goes on to include several organ meats and an assortment of superfoods. This recipe is freeze-dried for freshness.

What Do Customers Think of Dr. Marty Cat Food?

When shopping around for cat food, it’s a good idea to do your research before choosing a brand. In addition to learning about the brand and its ingredients and processing methods, you should check out customer reviews. Reviews can tell you a lot more than the brand’s website about their customer service and about how well the products are received by cats.

In researching Dr. Marty’s cat food, we found there were plenty of brand reviews and customer ratings online. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) website had over 1,000 customer reviews and there were over 1,200 reviews on TrustPilot.

Let’s take a look at a few customer reviews for Dr. Marty.

Positive Reviews

“Apollo has enjoyed his new diet immensely; particularly the dry-freeze chicken treat. I find by adding just a little of them to his regular died of your dry food – it enhances his appetite. He can’t wait till eating time (4X a day).” -Marvin Thomas reviewing Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

“I have one obese kitty that I’m watching the weight drop off. Her belly used to drag on the floor…not anymore. She still feels heavy, but from what I’ve read she’s gaining muscle and loosing fat. My three dog’s meal is supplemented with Dr. Marty’s dog food and all three woof their meal down. Not one bite is left in their bowl.”– Patricia reviewing Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

Negative Reviews

“As much as I like the food and feel my cat has better energy and is less grumpy, I am frustrated by the cost! I know a bulk bag would cost less than the small bags they package in and it is so much more wasteful packaging when you also include the cardboard box it is shipped in! So the high cost and packaging has me on the fence about continuing to buy this product.”-Liz P. reviewing Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

“It took my cat about 2 weeks to acclimate to the new food. He now loves it. My only issue is at 2/3 cup a day a 12 oz bag doesn’t last long. The food is quite expensive compared to his old diet… but much better for him. I will continue with Dr. Marty’s products.”-Marta reviewing Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

Dr. Marty’s freeze-dried raw cat food can be served as-is or rehydrated with water to create fresh food.

What Did Our Test Cats Think?

To review Dr. Marty, we ordered a bag of Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast freeze-dried raw cat food as well as a bag of Squeeki’s Delight salmon treats. Our order arrived in a standard cardboard box with an Easy Start-Up Guide. This guide provides important information about Dr. Marty’s products including tips for transitioning your cat onto the food. It also provides feeding recommendations by body weight and tips for rehydrating the food with water to make fresh food for your cat.

The first thing we noticed was that the bag of food was very small – it only contains 12 ounces of food. Plus, because it is freeze-dried raw food rather than kibble it is very lightweight. The pieces of food themselves were a little larger than the average piece of kibble but still appropriately sized for a cat. We also noticed the food had a strong aroma. In fact, it didn’t take long after opening the bag for our test cats to come running. All three were immediately interested in the product.

We were very impressed by the quality of Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast cat food. There are absolutely no artificial additives and no fillers, just high-quality animal protein and superfoods. In fact, this formula doesn’t require the addition of synthetic supplements to ensure nutritional balance which puts it at the high end of the spectrum for quality. It’s very expensive but the price is justified.

In testing Dr. Marty’s freeze-dried salmon treats, we were pleased to find the bag was packed very full, considering a single bag costs more than $25. The treats themselves had a strong salmon aroma and, again, our test cats were very interested. The one concern we had with the treats is that they come in fairly large pieces – you may need to break them up for easier feeding. We also found that some of the longer pieces of salmon skin were tricky for our test cats to eat because the texture was less crunchy – they had to chew on the piece for a while before being able to swallow it.

Overall, our test cats were big fans of Dr. Marty’s freeze-dried food and treats. We loved the quality of the ingredients and had no major issues. The only downside is the hefty price tag.

Dr. Marty Cat Food – Top 3 Recipes Reviewed

Product NameProduct TypeMain IngredientCaloriesPrice Per OunceOur Grade
Nature’s Feast Freeze-Dried Raw Cat FoodFreeze-DriedSalmon246 kcal/cup$4.99A
Squeeki’s Delights TreatsTreatsSalmon4205 kcal/kg$6.74A
Feline Prime Digestive SupplementSupplementBone Broth4 kcal/scoop$2.33/dayA

All nutritional percentages in this table and hereafter are taken from the manufacturer’s guaranteed analysis. Exact nutritional percentages are not available.

All calculated values are determined using these minimum and maximum published values and may differ from actual values. Dr. Marty is the ultimate authority on his products, so please contact the company for more nutritional information.

#1 Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

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This freeze-dried raw cat food formula is the only cat food recipe Dr. Marty has to offer. It features three sources of premium animal-based protein as the first three ingredients (salmon, turkey, and whitefish) followed by three chicken-based organ meats – liver, heart, and gizzard.

We love that this recipe is loaded with animal protein and that the first six ingredients are all protein-based. There are no low-quality grains or fillers but several sources of fresh fruits and vegetables which provide natural sources for key nutrients. In fact, this formula doesn’t require the addition of any synthetic supplements at all.

Our test cats absolutely loved this food, and we loved the quality. Because this food is freeze-dried it can be fed as-is or rehydrated with water to create fresh food. Dr. Marty includes a feeding guide with every order to help you transition your cat onto the food and to learn how to feed is properly.


Salmon, Turkey, Whitefish, Chicken Liver, Chicken Heart, Chicken Gizzard, Sweet Potato, Flaxseed, Egg, Pumpkin Seeds, Peas, Carrot, Apple, Blueberry, Cranberry, Ginger, Salt, Kelp, Sunflower Seeds, Spinach, Broccoli, Kale, Mixed Tocopherols (preservatives).

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 37.00%
Crude Fat: 23.00%
Crude Fiber: 3.00%
Moisture: 5.00%
Ash: 8.00%

Dry Matter Basis

Protein: 38.95%
Fat: 24.21%
Fiber: 3.16%
Carbs: 25.26%

Caloric Weight Basis

Protein: 31.66%
Fat: 47.80%
Carbs: 20.54%
Ingredients We LikedIngredients We Didn’t LikeCommon Allergens



Chicken Liver

Chicken Heart

Chicken Gizzard






  • Packed with plenty of high-quality animal protein
  • No artificial additives, fillers, or by-products
  • Freeze-dried to retain more of its nutritional value


  • Very expensive compared to traditional dry food
  • Not a single source protein recipe

Dr. Marty’s Squeeki’s Delights cat treats are made with raw salmon as the sole ingredient.

#2 Dr. Marty Squeeki’s Delights Raw Salmon Cat Treats

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These freeze-dried raw salmon treats are packed with protein and full of fish flavor your cat is sure to love. The treats come in fairly large pieces, so you may want to break them up, but they contain only a single ingredient – raw salmon.

What we loved about these treats is their quality and their simplicity. Cats are obligate carnivores, so they require a significant amount of meat in their diet and we always prefer meat-based treats over treats made with a carbohydrate base. Plus, because they are freeze-dried, these treats have a chewy/crunchy texture to them that cats find satisfying.

The one struggle we had with these treats was their size. Again, the treats come in pretty big pieces so you may want to break them up before feeding them to your cat. We also found some of the pieces of freeze-dried salmon skin were very chewy and a little more difficult for our test cats to eat than the crunchy salmon pieces.


Raw Salmon.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 47.00%
Crude Fat: 5.00%
Crude Fiber: 2.00%
Moisture: 6.00%

Dry Matter Basis

Protein: 50.00%
Fat: 5.32%
Fiber: 2.13%
Carbs: 42.55%

Caloric Weight Basis

Protein: 47.41%
Fat: 12.25%
Carbs: 40.35%
Ingredients We LikedIngredients We Didn’t LikeCommon Allergens
Raw SalmonNoneFish


  • Made with a single source of animal protein
  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat
  • No artificial additives, fillers, grains, or by-products


  • Fairly expensive compared to the average cat treat
  • Some pieces are very large, may need to be broken up

#3 Dr. Marty Feline Prime Digestive Supplement

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This digestive supplement comes in powder form with roughly 30 servings per container. Priced at just under $70 per jar, that averages to about $2.33 per serving which is fairly expensive.

Though this digestive supplement is very expensive, it is made with high-quality ingredients and formulated to deliver the maximum benefit. Made with 2 billion CFUs of “cat-friendly” probiotics, this supplement helps regulate your cat’s digestion and optimize nutrient uptake.

In addition to supporting healthy digestion, this powdered supplement helps reduce bad breath and support oral health, promotes a calm and relaxed mood, boosts immune system function, and enhances nutrient absorption to support a long and healthy life.


Bovine Bone Broth, Probiotic-Enzyme Blend (Protease, Amylase, Cellulase, Hemicellulase, Lipase, Papain, Bromelain, Bacillus coagulans, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidibacterium lactis/longum, Lactobacillus plantarum, and Fructooliglosaccharides), Acacia Gum Fiber, Champignon Mushroom Extract, Kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum) Thallus Powder (Organic).

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 31.00%
Crude Fat: 0.10%
Crude Fiber: 0.50%
Moisture: 10.00%

Dry Matter Basis

Protein: 34.44%
Fat: 0.11%
Fiber: 0.56%
Carbs: 64.89%

Caloric Weight Basis

Protein: 34.58%
Fat: 0.27%
Carbs: 65.15%
Ingredients We LikedIngredients We Didn’t LikeCommon Allergens
Bone Broth




  • Formulated with 2 billion CFUs of cat-friendly probiotics
  • Made with antioxidant-rich superfoods
  • Helps improve digestion, support oral health, and boost immunity


  • Fairly expensive, about $2.33 per serving

Every order from Dr. Marty’s comes with a handy guide that tells you how to transition your cat and provides tips for feeding.

How Much Does Dr. Marty Cat Food Cost?

Dr. Marty’s cat food is one of the highest quality cat foods we’ve come across, so it should come as no surprise that it’s pretty pricey. A single 12-ounce bag of Nature’s Feast Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food costs just under $60 which averages to about $4.99 per ounce. The product is well worth the cost, however, because it is packed with premium animal protein and nutritionally balanced without the use of synthetic supplements. Plus, it is freeze-dried which helps it retain more nutritional value.

Other Dr. Marty’s products are equally expensive. A single bag of Squeeki’s Delights freeze-dried salmon treats costs $26.95 and a single container of Feline Prime digestive supplement is $69.95. If you want to save money on Dr. Marty’s food, buy in bulk. You’ll save 5% by purchasing three bags of food or 10% by buying six bags at once. You’ll get 10% and 15% savings, respectively, on their other products.

Overall, Is Dr. Marty Cat Food A Good Choice?

We were very impressed with Dr. Marty’s cat food and other cat-friendly products. We found them to be significantly more expensive than the typical dry or canned cat food, but the price is justified by the quality of the product. Most importantly, Dr. Marty’s freeze-dried raw cat food is packed with animal protein and nutritionally balanced without the need for synthetic supplements.

In addition to being loaded with quality nutrition, Dr. Marty’s products have a strong aroma that our test cats loved. They were immediately interested in the food from the second we opened the bag and even our test dog came running.

The primary downside to Dr. Marty freeze-dried cat food is the hefty price tag, though it’s also worth mentioning they only have one recipe to choose from and, as a multi-protein recipe, it may not be ideal for cats that suffer from food allergies or sensitivities. In fact, it contains several common allergens including fish and chicken. For cats who have no food sensitivities, however, it is an excellent choice.

Where Is Dr. Marty Cat Food Sold?

The best place to buy Dr. Marty cat food is online through the brand’s website. When you shop through Dr. Marty’s website, you have the option to purchase one bag, three bags, or six bags of food at a time. You’ll pay full price for a single bag, but you’ll receive 5% or 10% savings when you buy in bulk.

At this time, Dr. Marty cat food isn’t available in stores or elsewhere online.

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2 thoughts on “Dr. Marty Cat Food Review

  1. Betsy Rankin

    My cat is close to being diagnosed with Kidney disease. I have been told he needs a low protein low phosphorus diet. Can you give me the phosphorus percentage. Would this food be a healthy choice for my 15 year old male cat. He also has hyperthyroidism and heart disease.
    Thanks, Betsy

    1. Kate Barrington Post author

      Hey Betsy, great question! Unfortunately Dr. Marty doesn’t make their full nutrient breakdown available on the website, but you should be able to talk to customer service to get specific answers to your questions. You can contact them by email at support@drmartypets.com or call 1-800-670-1839.


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