100 Most Popular Disney Cat Names

People of all ages love the timeless stories that Disney creates through its memorable characters. Many of those characters are fondly remembered and would make a wonderful name for your cat. Try looking for inspiration in our list of male, female and unisex cat names.

Male Names

We have some great names for you to consider for your male cat:

  1. Aladdin- A street beggar who became a noble prince.
  2. Baloo- The lovable, huggable bear from The Jungle Book.
  3. Cooper- A wise old hound from The Fox and the Hound.
  4. Donald- This fast-talking, irritable duck is a classic character.
  5. Fergus- The mighty king from Brave who dearly loves his daughter.
  6. Figaro- Minnie Mouse’s cat with mostly black fur and a few tufts of white.
  7. Flynn- The daring thief who helped Rapunzel discover her true family.
  8. Gaston- The self-obsessed hunter who chases after Belle and the Beast.
  9. Goofy- This lanky, affable character might be a good name for an easygoing cat that makes you laugh.
  10. Iago- The villainous parrot turned hero always had plenty to say.
  11. Jafar- The sultan’s vizier was an obvious villain and may be a good choice for a mischievous cat.
  12. King Louie- The Jungle Book’s reigning orangutan.
  13. Koda- A brave and determined bear from Brother Bear.
  14. Lightning McQueen- A speedy racecar that may be a good choice for red or orange cats.
  15. Lucifer- The wicked cat from Cinderella who tried to foil Cinderella’s plans.
  16. Mickey- The lovable Disney mascot is a good choice for a cat with black and white coloring.
  17. Mowgli- The protagonist of The Jungle Book is agile and brave.
  18. Whiskers- Known by the name Vampire Cat, this Frankenweenie feline is large, puffy and white.
  19. Mufasa- The authoritative lion matriarch of the Lion King.
  20. Nemo- That lovable white and orange fish everyone is looking for may be a good namesake for a cat with similar coloring.
  21. O’Malley- Everyone who heard him sing his name as “O’Malley the alley cat” remembers this character.
  22. Olaf- The lovable snowman who likes warm hugs is a good namesake for any white cats.
  23. Oliver- The adventurous hero of Oliver and Company is a small, orange cat.
  24. Pascal- Rapunzel’s little chameleon is a fun character that changes color.
  25. Peter Pan- This hero has been adapted to the screen many times, but Disney’s version is definitely the most famous.
  26. Pooh- That friendly bear who loves honey is a good namesake for yellow cats.
  27. Quasimodo- The misunderstood hero of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  28. Rafiki- A wise old baboon who helps Simba find his way.
  29. Rajah- Princess Jasmine’s loyal and fierce pet tiger.
  30. Ralph- For any cat who likes to wreck things, like the hero of Wreck-It Ralph.
  31. Remy- The grey rat who just wants to cook fine food for the people of France.
  32. Russell- This adventurous young boy found his way into a floating house in Up.
  33. Scar- Villains make good namesakes for mischievous cats.
  34. Shere Khan- The fierce tiger who terrorizes Mowgli throughout the jungle.
  35. Simba- We all know and love this young lion who grows into adulthood through the course of the Lion King.
  36. Spot- The little cave boy from The Good Dinosaur made for an adorable pet for Arlo.
  37. Sven- The reindeer from Disney’s Frozen loves his veggies.
  38. Tigger- This bouncy, fun-loving tiger is a great choice for naming striped cats.
  39. Timon- This thin, wisecracking meerkat could be a good choice for a slim, brown cat.
  40. Tweedle Dee- A mischievous, rotund character who gives Alice trouble in Wonderland.
  41. Wall-E- He is a short and determined robot with yellowish coloring that you may want to choose for your male cat’s name.
  42. Woody- That responsible cowboy who is always looking out for his friends.

Female Names

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Here is a collection of princesses, villainesses and female cats:

  1. Anna- Famous character from the movie “Frozen”
  2. Ariel- This red-haired mermaid might be the inspiration for your red or orange cat.
  3. Aurora- This blonde princess had a penchant for wearing pink or blue dresses.
  4. Belle- You could go with this brunette princess show is known for wearing flowing, yellow dresses.
  5. Bianca- This perky blonde was a good friend to Princess Tiana.
  6. Cinderella- A good choice for cats with white feet, like this princess’ glass slippers.
  7. Cruella- The black and white-dressed villain of 101 Dalmatians.
  8. Daisy- This duck likes to dress in purple outfits.
  9. Dinah- Alice’s brown and white cat,
  10. Dory- The blue fish with a poor memory is lovable enough to be a favorite pet name.
  11. Ellie- She may not have been in much of the movie Up, but this lady definitely left an impression.
  12. Elsa- Of course, we cannot forget everyone’s favorite ice-flinging princess.
  13. Esmeralda- You may have forgotten this raven haired protagonist from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  14. Eve- The white robot who helped Wall-E in the far, far future.
  15. Jasmine- This Arabian princess is known for her black hair and blue outfits.
  16. Judy- A determined bunny officer from Zootopia.
  17. Marie- That lovable white cat from Aristocats.
  18. Merriweather- One of the sweet little fairy godmothers who help Sleeping Beauty.
  19. Minnie- A good choice for cats with black and white features.
  20. Mittens- This mostly black cat aided TV star dog Bolt.
  21. Moana- The Hawaiian princess is a popular pet name these days.
  22. Potts- She was the motherly teapot in Beauty and the Beast and good namesake for white cats.
  23. Mulan- You may want to pick this name for a cat who likes to fight.
  24. Nala- The light brown lion who stole Simba’s heart.
  25. Penny- This TV star from the movie Bolt has to fight villains and play the role of a superhero.
  26. Pocahontas- The headstrong Native American princess who is friends with all the forest animals.
  27. Pom-Pom- The fluffy, white cat acts as a villain in Cinderella 2.
  28. Sarabi- Nala’s mother from The Lion King.
  29. Sarafinah- This lovely name belongs to Nala’s grandmother.
  30. Sassy- This mostly white cat was an intrepid adventurer trying to find her way back home in Disney’s Homeward Bound.
  31. Tiana- This princess has a penchant for wearing green.
  32. Tiger Lily- The mysterious Native American princess who is friends with Peter Pan.
  33. Ursula- This memorable villain is a good namesake for voluptuous cats.
  34. Vanellope- A short-dark-haired girl who found her place in video game stardom is one of the more recent Disney princesses.
  35. Violet- The invisible hero of the Incredibles family.
  36. Wendy- Peter Pan’s friend who watches over him in Neverland.
  37. Yzma- Do you remember this slim, tricky villain from The Emperor’s New Groove?

Unisex Names

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Whether you have a boy or girl cat, you can use one of these delightful names:

  1. Arlo- The daring Apatosaurus hero of The Good Dinosaur.
  2. Bagheera- This panther can be a name for a boy or a girl.
  3. Bambi- The spotted deer had light brown coloring that may make it a good name for cats with white and brown features.
  4. Bolt- This brave dog is mostly white but had one patch of black on him.
  5. Buzz- The space ranger had mostly white features on his outfit.
  6. Cheshire- The smiling cat from Alice’s adventures.
  7. Chip- Whether a teacup or a chipmunk, this can be a fun name for a pet.
  8. Coco- Good choice for brown or black cats.
  9. Dash- This speedy hero from Incredibles is ideal for a fast feline.
  10. Doc- May be a good name for a wise-looking cat, named after one of the dwarves.
  11. Dopey- This silly dwarf is a good name for a goofy cat.
  12. Grumpy- We all know the Internet-famous Grumpy cat, but the name belonged to a dwarf long before that.
  13. Hiro- The brilliant hero of Big Hero Six.
  14. Hopps- A brave grey bunny from Zootopia.
  15. Kronk- This villain turned hero was burly and strong and may be a good name for a cat with similar features.
  16. Lilo- The heroic little protagonist of Lilo and Stitch.
  17. Lucky- A back and white pet from 101 Dalmatians.
  18. Sleepy- Another dwarf with an appropriate name for some cats.
  19. Stitch- The lovable little alien from Lilo and Stitch.
  20. Thumper- This bunny may prove a fine namesake for any cat that likes to make noise or has some interesting tics.
  21. Wasabi- A good name for a feisty cat, named after one of the Big Hero Six.

We certainly hope you found some inspiration from this list. Please let us know if one of these Disney characters was the perfect name for your furry friend.