Try this calorie ne...

Try this calorie needs calculator for cats!  

Mallory Crusta
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Hey guys! I get a lot of people asking how much they should be feeding their cat. This can often seem tricky, but I've found something that seems to take a lot of the guesswork out of it.

This calorie needs calculator takes into consideration factors like your cat's body condition score, neuter status, and activity levels, and seems to be pretty accurate. It can also tell you your cat's ideal weight and how much they should be eating each day.

A few months ago, I used it to figure out how much weight Wessie needed to lose and how many daily calories would get him there, and it was super helpful.

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Mallory what's your daily feeding schedule for Wessie and which types of food do you feed?   Just wondering because I've seen you try out so many different types of food!!!