Smelly Cat Poop

Smelly Cat Poop  

Originally Answered: Smelly Cat Poop

Hi - I'm looking for tips and suggestions on how to deal with smelly cat poop.

We adopted a 6-month old kitten about 2 months ago. Since getting him, we noticed that the smell of his poops was really bad. Now we understand is going to smell, but this is a clears the room situation. Other cat owners who have witnessed it agree that this is not a normal smell.

We've tried different litter boxes and types of litter, but nothing seems to help. We also took a sample to the vet who checked for parasites and everything appears to be normal. The vet said it might be a diet issue and suggested we try different foods.

We were originally feeding him Kirkland Signature Maintenance Cat food based on the shelter's recommendation. After reading that grain might be the cause of the smell, we switched him to a kitty grain-free formula from Performatrin, but that hasn't helped at all. In fact, at times it seems like it's worse than ever.

I read the All About Cats article on this topic, but all the food recommendations appear to be very expensive options. I was hoping to try other foods before resorting to paying those kinds of prices for his food. 

Has anyone dealt with this situation and successfully fixed the problem? Any food suggestions?

Thank you!


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