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Raw Diet Questions For Dr Wooten  

Skylar Jones
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How do you feel about a raw diet? How many supplements is too much?

Dr. Sarah Wooten, DVM, CVJ
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Hey Skylar! Thanks for your question. I have seen cats do great on a raw diet. As a western trained vet, I am always told to tell people not to feed raw because of the risk of nutritional imbalances and food safety concerns, so I always give that caveat, but if the cat looks good on physical exam, I don't try to dissuade clients from feeding raw, instead I urge them never to feed raw fish because that leads to a taurine deficiency in cats, and I strongly urge that they get recipes and supplements from a veterinary nutritionist, because of the risk of nutritional imbalances (especially with amino acids), and practice excellent food safety, storage, and hygiene, because of the risk of bacterial infections. If you are feeding raw, make sure the product says 'formulated by AAFCO to be complete and balanced for all life stages' - if it says that on the label you are good to go! If you are making recipes at home, then work with a veterinary nutritionist.

In answer to your question about the supplements, I don't know because I am not a veterinary nutritionist. Good luck to you!