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Cat Refuses to eat Wet Food (1122)  

Originally Answered: Cat Refuses to eat Wet Food (1122)

I recently adopted/rescued a 3 yr old cat WHO REFUSES TO EAT MEAT, CHICKEN, FISH – canned, fresh.

He eats Essence DRY “Air Fowl and Game”; it’s high in protein.  I also give him Bone Meal soup by Zoup (Canada). It says it’s onion-and garlic-free; no vegs either. I am considering returning him because I’m afraid he’s going to get sick - Kidney crystals/stones, and I won’t be able to afford the vet bills.

I would appreciate your feedback.


Thank you


Dawn Lambert
Originally Answered: Cat Refuses to eat Wet Food (1122)

Have you tried feeding canned cat food or just plain meats? What brands have you tried? What was he being fed previously?

You say you adopted him recently. Perhaps he just hasn't settled in yet and can't deal with so many changes.

Originally Answered: Cat Refuses to eat Wet Food (1122)

My 1 1/2 year old adoptee of about 6 months now, a black domestic shorthair, also won't give the time of day to any wet food.  I have tried expensive cans, cheap cans, "human grade" fresh cat food, freeze dried, etc.  When I give him any wet food he looks at me like I'm trying to poison him.  He does, however, like wet treats.   I live in a duplex condo, and he has a small water fountain, and two additional water bowls.  He also loves to drink from the faucet whenever anyone uses one.  So I think he's well hydrated now, and I'm feeding him an excellent dry food, Dr. Elsey's Cleanprotein Chicken.  But I would still prefer he eats wet food, and I hope his tastes will change, or I will find something he likes, so I keep trying.  But any suggestions will be welcome!


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