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Amanova food for cat review?  

Originally Answered: Amanova food for cat review?


I live in a pretty remote Canary Island and, after trying all the high-quality pet food available here, I found what I think it's an excellent food for my one-year-old, sterilized cat. I give him both wet and dry food from a brand called Amanova, suggested to me by the largest pet shop available here (buying online here is almost impossible!). However, I couldn't find any review regarding this brand, neither here or elsewhere.

The ingredients seem good and my cat Merlino literally loves it, more than any other brand I tried. In the wet one, they declare there are just animal ingredients (like chicken fillets, prawns, surimi, etc.) water and "gel", nothing else. And unlike others, you can really see the texture. However, on the cans' label, they wrote "Feed in combination with complete dry food (85% daily requirement)". They also call it "Complementary natural food for cat", that looks suspicious to me. Can you please tell me why? Maybe just because a wet-only, pure animal ingredients diet is not balanced?

I also kind ask you if possible to review the food, just to ensure I am not feeding Merlino with something bad.

Many thanks in advance for this excellent website.

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