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CBD and Dental Cleaning  

Originally Answered: CBD and Dental Cleaning

My 16 year old, 14 pound cat is scheduled for dental cleaning on December 8th. He gets one Holistapet CBD treat twice a day (morning and night), which seems to help with mobility, anxiety (he was grooming incessantly), and it even helps him not throw up quite as often. The treats contain 2mg of CBD each, and what he gets is a low dose for his weight, according to the company's recommendations. I noticed the ingredients also contain fish oil, but it must be a small amount since the treat is small. I would like to know how long he should be off the CBD treats before undergoing the dental cleaning procedure because of the anesthesia he will get and also in because of potential bleeding should he need an extraction. Holistapet deferred to my vet, but my vet could not find any specific information about this. They will do routine blood work prior to the procedure.  Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Originally Answered: CBD and Dental Cleaning

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out with your question.

Your vet is correct in that there isn't specific information about CBD use and anesthesia in animals. There's very little information or proper studies done about CBD in general when it comes to animals and it's not very well understood yet. However, I've done a bit of research on this and as far as I can see, human doctors don't recommend CBD for at least a few days before surgery. This is due to the potential anticoagulant effect of CBD and also because it can affect the liver's ability to absorb the anesthetic. 



For safety, I would recommend to stop giving it 4-5 days before the dental procedure but double check this with your vet too. The pre-anesthetic blood work will make things safer as would some intravenous fluids during the op. 

Best of luck to your kitty with his dental. 


Originally Answered: CBD and Dental Cleaning

Thank you so much for the information and your recommendations, Aisling.  My vet only offered the option of sending out a test for clotting time (which would have to be done at least 24 hours before the dental procedure).   At that time, though, my kitty had been scheduled for the procedure the following day, so I opted to reschedule it to be able to allow more time for him to be off the CBD.  Since he's on a rather low dose, hopefully, 4-5 days off will be sufficient and the additional testing to assess clotting time (aside from the pre-procedure testing) may not be needed. 

Your prompt reply and input are greatly appreciated. 🙂


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