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[Solved] Boarding vs. Pet sitter  

Originally Answered: [Solved] Boarding vs. Pet sitter


We have a healthy 1.5 yr old cat that we adopted during Covid quarantine (always around family and very spoiled) and we are not sure what is best for her if we decide to travel for a week. I asked around and most people keep their cats home, however I feel guilty that she will be alone all day except when the pet sitter goes to feed her and check on her. On the other hand if we do boarding, I think she might get upset and very stressed to be in a different place with new people. Thanks for your opinions. 

Mallory Crusta
Originally Answered: [Solved] Boarding vs. Pet sitter

Hi there! Assuming that you can find someone you trust—maybe a trusted family friend or relative—would you be willing to allow your pet sitter to stay in your house with your cat all day and night? Alternatively, you may have more peace of mind if you chose to place a pet cam somewhere in your house. This type of camera will allow you to observe your cat while you're away. 


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