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Best way to travel with a cat?  

Originally Answered: Best way to travel with a cat?

We have 2 kitties and are thinking of moving out of state.  What is the best way to travel with a kitty when the trip may take 2 days or more?  We would also be relocating to a place where evacuations might be required, so traveling well with them could be a more than a one time thing.  Not sure if best to drive with them or try to fly them to a destination.  Driving seems better to us, but not sure.  Advice please!  Thanks!

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Originally Answered: Best way to travel with a cat?

Merry Christmas and thank you for your question.

I would proceed with your personal preference of driving, particularly since you need to get them used to travel including potential evacuations. Before heading off, make sure to plan ahead by having copies of your kitties health documents, microchipping them, practice carrier and car travel training weeks ahead, invest in an escape proof harness, purchase a Feliway spray (Feliway can be sprayed on blankets, carrier and bedding to make your kittens more comfortable during travel), First Aid Kit and obtain calming supplements from your vet before departure.

Hope this helps, happy & safe travels.



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