What are your cats'...

What are your cats' names?  

Mallory Crusta
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Let's get introduced (and maybe pick up some name inspiration while we're at it)!

What are your cats' names and what do they mean?

Mine are named Wessie and Forest. Wessie is a variant on the Cherokee word for "cat" and the name Forest comes from the way we met—Forest came wandering out of, well, the forest. 

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My tabby is named Kimchi, after one of my favorite foods. I love food names for animals.

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I just adopted this handsome boy, he's about a year old and named him Lemmy after the leader of Motorhead that passed away a few years ago and is dearly missed.

The little white mark on this boys chest was what caught my heart, I had just lost my 15 year old last Nov and I was ready for another friend.