What is the weirdes...

What is the weirdest thing your cat does?  

Mallory Crusta
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It's always fun to hear about other cats' quirky behaviors and habits, so please share! What's your cat's strangest habit?

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I have two cats, neither of whom I think do anything "weird"...everything cats do is weird from a human perspective, but I'd wager that it's all pretty normal when you look at it through a cat's eyes. I do love it, though, when my younger kitty sits underneath my desk lamp. No cushioning needed...she just sits there and soaks up the warmth from the lightbulb. It reminds me of little chicks under a heat lamp. ? ? 

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Mine after a week of being nice now has the pawing the water bowl and he doesn't stop until its all out but then after drinks like a normal kitty, and they say he will grow out of it, I sure hope so.