Originally Answered: [Sticky] CAT SPRAYING WILL NOT STOP

On Christmas day 6 years ago my neighbor found a little kitten stuck under her fence. She didn't know what to do with him so brought him to me, the crazy cat lady.  I wasn't sure of his age, so bottle fed him formula for about a week before switching to a bowl.

I had him neutered when he was about 6 months old.

From the beginning he was extremely clinging and jealous of any attention I showed my other 4 cats. 

But it wasn't until Noel turned 3 years old that the real problem began.  That is when he started spraying every vertical surface he could reach.  It is almost a daily occurrence for about 3 years now. 

We've been through all the tests my vet could think of but nothing medically wrong was found.  My vet's final advise was to take Noel to a Cat Behaviorist, which I have not been able to find.  I did talk with one online once but she wasn't very helpful.

I've tried increasing his play time; dosing him with Jackson Galazy Safe Space and then Stress Stopper; then switched to Pet Wellbeing Calming CARE and then Stress Gold; tried Feliway and ThunderEase diffusers (he just sprays the diffuser), and multiple types of "calming" collars.  I put self-groomer brushes on many corners in the house; he sprays those too. 

Finally, I had to convert my spare room into a sanctuary for Noel.  It is full of cat trees, 2 litter boxes, a water fountain; various boxes and hide outs, 24/7 soothing music and no other cats.  I only let him out into the rest of the house for very brief periods each day but must put him back in his room as soon as he starts to act agitated. On a good day I can leave him out with the rest of the family for about an hour at one time before he starts pacing and looking for a place to spray.

He even sprays in his own room by the bedroom door almost daily.  I tried putting a litter box as close the to area he sprays as the door will allow but it didn't help.  I feed him close to the area he sprays but that hasn't helped. I've blocked off his favorite area to spray with a motion sensor can of air.  But now he just sprays on the other side of the door.  🙁

I have tried using different odor eliminators such as Nature's Miracle; Mister Max Inti Icky Poo Odor Remover and now I'm using Jackson Galazy's Stain & Odor Remover.

He doesn't fight with my other cats but there is friction and he obviously does not appreciate sharing his house or his person with them. 

I don't know what else to try.  My vet will not prescribe a sedative unless Noel is seen by a Cat Behaviorist first.  And nothing I have tried has reduced his anxiety.

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Originally Answered: [Sticky] CAT SPRAYING WILL NOT STOP

Hello Wendy,

Thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear about Noel’s chronic urine spraying

Reasons for urine spraying include but not limited to:
1. Medical reasons
2. Cat has not been neutered
3. Reactional behavior – anxiety/distress caused by a conflict between cats either indoors or outdoors. 

4. Marking

It's important to find out the trigger for the behavior. I suspect in your case it’s mostly reactional spraying in response to a change in your cat’s environment when Noel turned 3, either social or physical or even both. Reactional urine marking occurs when cats observe a threat within the indoor environment and use marking to reduce the risk of physical conflict and increase their personal safety. It’s the perception of threat that is the underlying problem and the marking behavior is simply a sign of that intense emotional reaction. It’s important to note that when a cat sprays, it increases their self-assurance and it’s also habitual.  

A face-to-face behavioral consultation is paramount since the veterinary behaviorist will conduct a thorough consultation, look for stressors and be able to prepare a behavioral and environmental modification programe which will include both pharmacological and pheromonal interventions for your individual cat. You can locate a veterinary behaviorist either at or


Hope you and Noel can get the help you need soon


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