Cat stopped eating

Cat stopped eating  

Originally Answered: Cat stopped eating

My cat has lost interest in both her wet and dry food. She's been to the vet and is healthy but just won't eat. First it was her dry food that she's always loved, now today it's the wet food. I know they can get bored but I've tried more than one type. Now treats are a different thing. She'll always eat those. I have stopped giving them to her for right now. I tried just out waiting her with her dry food and she just isn't interested. I admit I caved after 2 days and gave her wet food. That's not really an option now. 

She's a big girl and at this point I'm not worried about her starving but does anyone have any ideas. I feel like a bad mom.

Melina Grin
Originally Answered: Cat stopped eating


Thank you for reaching out and taking her to the vet for check-up.

There are several causes of inappetence, some require both medical and behavioral assessment (environmental stressors can alter a cat’s appetite).

A cat must not go without food for 48 hours since it could lead on to hepatic lipidosis. There are several reasons why a cat would stop eating.

You can stimulate your cat’s appetite by feeding moist food temporarily (ideally sachets or pouches, nothing cold from the fridge). Air-dried food is an alternative to dry food. Both dry and air-dried foodstuff can be hidden and placed in puzzle toys to encourage foraging and hunting behavior which acts as stimulation.

Sometimes adding flavored tuna juice or chicken broth and hand feeding can benefit your cat. You can also try feeding foods with strong odors (especially meat or fish).

It’s best to feed cats small amounts frequently and take away uneaten food after 15mins. Supplementation of probiotics aids digestion, helps improved immune function plus micro-floral balance and stability.

Cats don’t react well to stressful and negative environments, keep the house calm, as stress free as possible with the aid of pheromones and alter her bowl to a wide, shallow food bowl (in case of whiskers fatigue).

Lastly, if all else fails, please consult your vet health care team once again.


Hope this helps


Originally Answered: Cat stopped eating


Thank you so much for the reply.  I'll try some of your ideas. One thing it looks like is that the current food I was feeding apparently change their ingredients. I don't think a notification came out about that change.  I found it by doing a lot of research.  I've changed her food and she seems to be nibbling at it.

Thanks again



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