14 Reasons Why Cats & Dogs CAN Get Along

Are cats and dogs innately at  war?  Unfortunately, most people would argue that dogs and cats are, and will always be, mortal enemies.

However, judging by these examples, some cats and dogs clearly love spending time with one another. Here are 14 cuddly pictures of cats & dogs as friends that will make you smile and bust this common myth.

Here’s Why Cats And Dogs Can Get Along

  1. Dogs can be great role models for young kittens

  2. Both cats and dogs love being outdoors

  3.  They can have each other’s back

  4. They can be silly together

  5. They both need a lot of loving

  6. Dogs can annoy cats… with love

  7. The trip to the vet isn’t so scary when you go with a friend


  8. Cats can annoy dogs just for the heck of it

  9. Cat & Dogs both like to squeeze into small places

  10. Cats & dogs both love “sleeping in”

    cats and dogs

  11. They can high five after being naughty

  12. Both cats and dogs look up to their owner

    cats and dogs11

  13. They can keep each other warm

  14. “Just the two of us” – They can just hang out

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