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Can cats drink milk feature

Is Milk Good For Cats?

In this article, we’ll take a close look at the relationship between cats and milk, exploring milk’s nutritional benefits and health effects, why cats shouldn’t drink too much milk, and what you can give your cat instead. Can Kittens Drink Milk? There’s no denying it. Cats can definitely drink milk. You’ve seen the illustrations of kittens clustered around a saucer...

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Why Do Cats Groom Each Other? Reasons Why Cats Socially Groom

Domestic cats are fastidious animals, and the main way they keep themselves clean is through grooming. Many of us have multiple feline friends in the same household and have noticed that they groom not only themselves but sometimes each other. How did this behavior evolve? How is it decided who grooms who? Let’s explore the details on why grooming plays...

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Cat outdoors

Should I Let My Cat Outside?

Many experts recommend keeping cats indoors to protect them from the dangers of the outdoors. Staying inside may help to keeps cats safe, but an indoor-only lifestyle has some downsides. Let’s examine the pros and cons of letting your cat outside. Indoor Vs. Outdoors The outside world poses many dangers to cats, whether related to human activity, other animals or...

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Why Doesn’t My Cat Cover Her Poop? Top 6 Causes Explained

Have you ever come home to find your cat’s poop exposed, unsightly, and smelly? Let’s get the inside scoop about your cat’s uncovered poop! Faeces In Communication Instinctively cats deposit urine and faeces through elimination in quiet, secluded spots where disturbance is minimal. Defecation is the technique your cat uses to eliminate solid wastes, although some cats use defecation as...

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whisker fatigue article featured image

Whisker Fatigue: Does It Really Happen?

“Whisker fatigue” is a topic that has split the online feline community. The Big Question Is Simple: Does This Condition Occur At All? If you ask most veterinary surgeons about whisker fatigue, they will look at you with bemusement: it is not a condition that can be found in standard veterinary textbooks, nor has it been reported at veterinary conferences...

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Basepaws Dental Health Test Review Feature

Basepaws Cat Dental Health Test Review: We Tried It

Do you take good enough care of your cat’s teeth? If you’re like the vast majority of us, the answer to that question is “no”. Between inconsistent—or nonexistent—brushing habits, skipped cleanings, and the difficulty of getting a good look into a cat’s mouth, our cats’ oral health often goes ignored until after it’s gone bad. At least half of the...

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10 Fascinating Cat Brain Facts

The feline mind is a fickle one. Cats are pint-sized predators, but also spend hours napping on plush comforters and purring. They paw at your face for attention at 3 am, but then stand aloof when you call their name. This article brings you 10 cat brain facts that showcase just how fascinating our cats' minds are. 1. Cat Brain...

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fresh cat food

The 5 Best Fresh Cat Food Meal Delivery Services

The best fresh cat food meal delivery service ships out high-quality, ultra-nourishing meals, helping you give your cat his best life while making yours a little bit easier. Because it combines human-grade ingredient quality with cat-worthy nutrition and is one of the only services that provides customized portions, we’ve chosen Smalls as the overall best fresh cat food meal delivery...

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Happy cat

Science Confirms That People Who Own Cats Are Healthier

Here's good news for cat lovers everywhere: owning a cat is good for your health, and science has proven it again and again. It’s long been known that pets can boost people’s physical, mental and emotional health. Any cat owner can tell you that cuddling a cat can lift your spirits, but studies have also demonstrated that owning pets reduces...

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7 Best Human Grade Cat Foods

The best human-grade cat food is made with human-edible ingredients and processed, stored, and transported in keeping with the best manufacturing practices for human food. It is also species-appropriate, made primarily with animal-based ingredients to support your cat’s carnivorous needs. At A Glance: Best Human-Grade Cat Food To Buy Want a quick look at the best human grade cat foods...

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