Cat Stories

Study Shows Cats Communicate Distress With Fake Illnesses

Caring for a creature that doesn't speak the same language comes with challenges. Pet owners rely on body language, behavioral observation, and plain old guesswork in their attempts to better understand their cats and care for their needs. To make things more complicated, a recent study shows cats are capable of communicating in unexpected ways. Researchers from Ohio State University...

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The Five Cat Personality Types

While we already know that no two cats are the same, data from thousands of cat owners now gives us in-depth insight into the minds of our unique feline friends. Just like humans, all cats have personalities. Some are sweet, others sassy, and more than a few know how to be both assertive and affectionate at the same time. You...

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5 Heartwarming Cat And Dog Friendship Stories

Who says dogs and cats can’t be friends? This is probably one of the most unfortunate myths that people actually believe. While dogs and cats are certainly different when it comes to overall physical and social traits, there is plenty of evidence that they can find common ground and even become best friends. Let’s take a look at a few...

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