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6 Best Cat Foods For Pancreatitis

*This article is for informational purposes only. It’s not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinary advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The best cat food for cats with chronic pancreatitis is low-residue, palatable, and easy to digest. On our list of the top 6 best foods for cats with pancreatitis, the number one spot goes to Open Farm Homestead Turkey...

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The 5 Best Cat Food For Indoor Cats

If your cat recently switched to indoor living from an outdoorsy lifestyle, you might be wondering if their dietary needs have also changed. Cat food brands offer an enticing variety of cat food formulas designed to for your cat’s unique activity levels, age, breed, and health conditions. Indoor cat food is one such special variety that promises to nutritionally target...

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Cat Stool

What To Do If You See Blood In Your Cat’s Stool?

Has this ever happened to you? You’re scooping out your cat’s litter box when you see something alarming: blood in your cat’s stool. Just what does it mean if you see blood in cat poop? And how worried do you need to be? Blood in your cat’s stool can appear bright red. Blood in your cat’s stool can also look very dark red or black and tarrylooking. Bright red blood in...

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Elimination Diets For Cats: What You Need To Know

If you are worried that your cat is itching and scratching or has irritated skin or an upset stomach, it is important to know that cats can suffer from allergies just like dogs and humans. Allergies in cats can be from allergens in the environment or in their food. While environmental allergies can be a nuisance to treat in cats,...

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Early-Age Spaying & Neutering Of Cats

Today, nobody disputes the fact that gonadectomy (a surgical procedure by which ovaries or testicles are removed) in animals not intended for breeding is neither a tribute to fashion, nor a whim. Even though spaying/neutering does not affect the health or psycho-emotional state of animals, it remarkably eases a cat’s life. The obsessive instinct to reproduce is removed, which leaves...

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Neonatal kitten

Eye Diseases In Neonatal Kittens: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

What Is Eye Disease In Neonatal Kittens? Neonatal (newborn) kittens can develop eye infections, also called “ophthalmia neonatorum,” as young as a few days to a few weeks of age. Most often, neonatal eye infections develop from bacteria or viruses transmitted from the queen (mother cat) during birth. Common symptoms of neonatal eye infections are red, irritated eyes with pus-like...

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Feline Genitalia Guide: What You Need To Know?

Determining whether a cat is male or female can present a challenge. While determining the sex of an adult cat can be tricky, it can sometimes seem nearly impossible in kittens! Understanding the differences between male and female anatomy can help make this process easier. Read on for details on the feline reproductive system, and scroll down to the bottom of...

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The Complete Guide To Dental Cleaning For Cats

As humans, we have long been aware of the importance of dental hygiene. In our feline fur-riends however, this is often overlooked. You never see a lion in the wild flossing after a snack! Despite this oversight, our feline pets’ oral health is intrinsically linked with their overall health and wellness. Animals are unable to tell us when they're feeling...

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Homeopathy For Cats: What You Need To Know

Homeopathy is a medical philosophy that has many users effectively worldwide for acute diseases and chronic conditions. It is used by people but given to animals alike to cure diseases in a more natural way. The main idea of homeopathy is to cure the disease from its roots. It does not only treat the symptoms as in conventional medicine. Homeopathy...

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What Your Cat’s Tail Can Tell You

Tail signals are an important part of your cat’s communication repertoire. This article aims to explain more about cats’ tails and tail movements so that you are better equipped to understand what your cat is saying to you with body language using this complex, subtle and expressive part of their anatomy. What Is A Cat's Tail? The tail is an...

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