Cat Fun

Can Cats See Spirits, Ghosts And Angels?

Can cats see ghosts? How about angels? Or even demons? Well, animals may not use a language to communicate like humans but a true animal observer will realize that animals do communicate very well with their sounds and body language. The cat is one such species and apart from communicating with their owners, they have a connection with each other...

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why cats are cute

Why Are Cats So Cute ? Top 20 Cute Cat Faces

Why are cats so cute? We think it might have to do with their adorable cat faces. Cats have some of the most unique and irresistible facial expressions in the animal kingdom. Science came to the rescue to explain why cat faces are just so darn cute. All about cats has collected the funniest, cutest cat faces we could find...

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The 51 Best Gifts For Cat Lovers

Here’s a curated list of 51 purrfect gifts for cat lovers of all stripes—you’ll find something for coworkers, decor enthusiasts, foodies, kids, and fashionistas. If you’re on a limited gift budget, scroll to the end of the list for our top 5 gifts under $10. Quick Look at Our Top Picks What’s in this article Office Gifts Ideas for Cat...

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why cats have 9 lives

30 Fun Facts About Cats For Kids

They are such adorable creatures especially when they rub themselves against your feet and then jump on your lap and get cozy. Don’t you love it when they are all playful jumping on tables and tugging cloth and being such sweet nuisance? You are not the first one to love them; one of the greatest presidents of the United States...

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Is 3 cats too many?

How Many Cats Are Too Many?

It’s that time again. The time we start thinking about the best present for our loved ones, especially our little ones. ‘A little kitty, wouldn’t that be perfect? My little girl would really love that. THAT’S what I am going to get her for Christmas!’ There we are. The purrfect Christmas present sorted. And a questionable future for a little...

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100 Cat Love Quotes

"Cats are the visible soul of house as the time spent with them is never wasted."~Jean Cocteau "Cats and music are the two ways of refuge from the miseries of life."~Albert Schweitzer "Cats are intrusive,but they hate to admit it".~Mason Cooley "The innocent look on their face is enough to take up most of the room in your heart."~Mark Twain...

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