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15 Reasons Why Cats Are Awesome

As Cat lovers, we admit to being totally biased when it comes to our pets. Why cats are awesome? Cats have taken over the web in recent years. Today cats are the most sought after animals on-line. Cat videos are everywhere we look, whether it's Facebook, Instagram, or BuzzFeed. It turns out that cats are the most popular animal on...

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How To Train Your Cat In 5 Easy Steps

More and more cat lovers are seeing that not only is cat training easy, it's also a fun activity for all family members. For indoor cats that don't get enough enrichment, time spent training will become a highlight of their day and keep them from destructive behaviors due to boredom. Training your cat will teach them fun tricks and practical...

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14 Reasons Why Cats & Dogs CAN Get Along

Are cats and dogs innately at  war?  Unfortunately, most people would argue that dogs and cats are, and will always be, mortal enemies. However, judging by these examples, some cats and dogs clearly love spending time with one another. Here are 14 cuddly pictures of cats & dogs as friends that will make you smile and bust this common myth. Here's why cats...

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Emotional support cat

Can Cats Be Service Animals?

If you dream of making your pet cat a service cat, you might be disappointed to learn that legally, cats are not considered service animals in the United States. Though cats are amazing animals that can provide people with many emotional and mental health benefits, only dogs may be legally classified as service animals as outlined by the Americans with...

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darcy albert kitty moms rescue

Interview with Darcy Albert, Founder of Kitty Mom’s Rescue

Darcy Albert is the founder of Kitty Mom’s Rescue, a non-profit organization based in Kalispell, Montana. Originally a part-time foster guardian, Darcy now runs a full-time operation with a network of volunteers working to control stray and feral cat populations while improving cats’ lives. Darcy spends her days coordinating foster operations, picking up strays, and running adoption events. Since 2004,...

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why cats are cute

Why Are Cats So Cute ? Top 20 Cute Cat Faces

Why are cats so cute? We think it might have to do with their adorable cat faces. Cats have some of the most unique and irresistible facial expressions in the animal kingdom. Science came to the rescue to explain why cat faces are just so darn cute. All about cats has collected the funniest, cutest cat faces we could find...

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Fun Facts About Cats For Kids

Kids love animals and cats are some of the most lovable creatures of all. Not only does your family pet make an excellent companion for your kids, but cats can be a great learning opportunity as well. Owning a cat isn’t an easy task but it teaches your children valuable life lessons about responsibility and empathy. In return for your...

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