Cat Breeds

The 7 Most Adorable Flat-Faced Cat Breeds

No doubt about it, flat-faced cat breeds are adorable. The short nose, short muzzle, round face, and large eyes give flat-faced felines a very human expression, which cat lovers often find irresistible. A flat face is a genetically inherited trait seen in a handful of cat breeds (as well as some dog breed, such as the Pug). The scientific term...

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8 Gorgeous Grey Cat Breeds (With Pictures)

Though grey is one of the most beautiful colors found in cats, grey cats are not particularly rare. The color grey, which is also called blue, is a dilute variation of black, which is a very common color in cats. In cats, grey coats come in a range of hues, from very light silvery grey to deep slate blue. Grey...

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cat breeds with stripes

8 Purrfect Cat Breeds With Stripes

While the number of cat breeds in the world depends on who you ask, (TICA recognizes 73 while CFA says there are only 45), no one can deny that cats come in dozens of colors with different markings and characteristics. Even between solid-colored cats, you’ll be hard-pressed to find two felines that are exactly alike. That diversity is part of...

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12 Smartest Cat Breeds – Most Intelligent Cat Rankings

Certain cat breeds are known for being smarter than others. In general, cats have a brain structure that bears a resemblance to many intelligent animals, including humans. While cats are extremely independent and self-sufficient, their keen nature makes felines first-rate companions. Keep reading to learn which cat breeds lead the pack when it comes to cat intelligence. Final Thoughts Having...

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7 Garfield Cat Breeds Worth Purring Over

Garfield is a fictional character and one of the most well-known and popular cats in America. The big question on everyone's mind is what type of cat is Garfield the cartoon feline? There are several orange cat breeds that Garfield may or may not be mistaken for. In this article, we will look at seven Garfield cat breeds and what...

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All About Ginger Cats

Though technically not a breed, ginger cats are known for their distinct coloration which comes in varying shades of orange, red, and gold. With their tiger-like appearance and their friendly personalities, ginger cats are some of the most popular cats around. In fact, ginger cats have their own holiday – Ginger Cat Appreciation Day falls on the first of September...

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14 Beautiful White Cat Breeds You Should Know

All white cats make up only 5% of the general cat population but are considered a symbol of luck and good fortune in many cultures. Having a white cat in your home is said to symbolize happiness, money, prosperity, healing, spirituality, and even tolerance. If white long-haired cats or short-haired cat breeds are what you are looking for, then keep...

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All About The Majestic Orange Tabby Cats

What do famous cats like Garfield, Morris, and Milo have in common? They’re all orange tabby cats. The orange tabby cat is not a breed, but it is certainly one of the most iconic (and some would say cutest) cats out there. While the term “tabby” doesn’t refer to a specific breed of cat, it does represent one of the...

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all about black cats

All About Black Cats

As some of the most misunderstood members of the cat world, black cats aren’t always what they seem. Some say they’re bad luck. Others see a dark-colored cat and conjure images of witches and monsters. These unwarranted associations with all things creepy have given black cats an unfair, and flat-out wrong, reputation. In reality, black cats are friendly, loyal, and...

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