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11 Tips To Train Your Cat To Sleep All Night

Does your cat have an annoying habit of waking you up at night by stepping on your face, pawing at your head, sliding under the covers, meowing, or howling? This can be a real problem. Sleep deprivation caused by pets has both physical and mental effects lasting for weeks or even months. In this article, you'll learn how to get...

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How To Litter Train A Kitten

Have you ever imagined adding potty training a kitten to your list of achievements? Most cat owners assume kittens know intuitively how to use a litter box when they join our family, however it isn’t always the case. Toilet training is the first thing you will need to teach your kitten! Kittens learn how and where to eliminate by observing...

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What Is Cat Chattering & Why Do Cats Do It?

  Our cats are fascinating creatures with an extensive vocal repertoire consisting of many amusing sounds such as chatter, chirp, tweet, and meow. Cats use several communication sensory systems such as visual, olfactory, tactile, and auditory signals to express how they feel. Sometimes it’s tricky to understand cat communication and identify the exact context our cat conveys through vocalisations and...

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How to Walk a Cat on a Leash

How To Walk A Cat On A Leash?

Dogs get to go for walks and explore the world. Why should cats miss out on all the fun? Keep reading to find out how to walk a cat on a leash. Imagine the exhilaration and sensory stimulation your cat will experience while exploring the great outdoors! With the right tips and tricks, you can train your indoor cat to...

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Food Aggression in Cats Featured Image

Food Aggression In Cats: What You Need To Know?

Food is a vital resource and a survival mechanism for all species, but what happens when your delightful cat becomes a tiger at mealtimes? Food aggression is common in dogs with minimal occurrences reported in cats. Food aggression in cats manifests as resource guarding and is subtle in most situations, with serious contributions to obesity, heart disease, and other chronic...

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How to Make a Cat Love You Featured Image

How To Make A Cat Love You?

My cats are my world and I cannot imagine life without them, especially during tough times. You can probably relate to the feeling of unconditional love for your cat and the desire to smother him or her in hugs and kisses, but it can be hard to tell whether or not that love is returned. So how can you make...

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How to Help Cats Get Along Featured Image

How To Help Cats Get Along

Worldwide cat ownership is increasing in popularity and the proportion of multi-cat households is also on the rise. While being a cat parent brings us lots of joy and many benefits, our cats need assistance to help them get along, keep them safe, relaxed, and enriched. A cat is an independent, solitary hunter and is not reliant on social relationships....

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Why is my cat peeing outside of the litter box

6 Common Reasons Why Cats Pee Outside The Litter Box

Are you frustrated, losing sleep, and thinking of giving your cat away because he or she is peeing outside of the litter box? You are not alone! House soiling outside the litter box is one of the most widespread behaviour problems cats exhibit, yet it is one of the last problems cat owners seek professional help for. Instead, cat parents...

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Gray cat holding catnip

Catnip: What Is It And Why Do Cats Love It?

As the only recreational drug for cats, catnip (nepeta cataria) is a uniquely stimulating plant that’s almost as puzzling as cats themselves. Between 67% and 80% of the adult feline population is sensitive to catnip. Sensitive cats react to catnip by going a bit crazy—rolling around on the floor, licking up as much ‘nip as they can, rubbing their heads...

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wet cat wrapped in a pink towel

Why Do Cats Hate Water?

It’s one of the most commonly-asked questions about cats, up there with “why do cats purr?” and “why do cats meow?” Like purring, meowing, and the ability to sleep in positions that might leave you sore for weeks, the feline fear of water almost seems like a defining part of their programming. But...Why? Like so many questions about feline behavior,...

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