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Why Is My Cat Staring At Me? Top 5 Reasons Explained

Have you ever walked into a room to find your cat staring at you, or witnessed them watching you as you eat? Your cat is not challenging you to a staring contest but why is your cat staring at you? There are a variety of reasons why a cat may be staring at you including trying to communicate with you,...

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Top 7 Signs Your Cat Loves You

While you may know that cats can experience feelings of love and attachment to humans and other animals, you may not recognize some of the signs your cat uses to express affection. Here are the top 7 signs that your cat really digs you: 1. Your Cat Brings you ‘Presents’ If you have a cat that likes to hunt and...

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4 Common Causes Of Flatulence In Cats

All mammals, including cats, have flatulence, which is simply defined as gas in the stomach, intestines, and colon. A small amount of intestinal gas is normal, but if you are noticing your cat passing excessive gas, excessively foul smelling gas, or if gas is accompanied by diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, or loss of appetite, then it could indicate an underlying...

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What Your Cat’s Tail Can Tell You

Tail signals are an important part of your cat’s communication repertoire. This article aims to explain more about cats’ tails and tail movements so that you are better equipped to understand what your cat is saying to you with body language using this complex, subtle and expressive part of their anatomy. What Is A Cat's Tail? The tail is an...

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How To Pet A Cat – The 3 Basic Do’s And Don’t’s

When we think of adopting a cat, we humans conjure wonderful images like a cuddle with our new kitty on the couch. Off we go and find this beautiful creature. We bring her home, only to realize that those imaginings of our new cat and attempts to pet are met with tail swishes, scratches, or nips at times. Why, oh...

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Why Do Cats Knead Their Owners?

Cats are notorious for being ornery, aloof, and sometimes just plain weird. They exhibit a variety of behaviors that don’t always make sense to us cat owners, but we love them anyway. Though every cat is different, most exhibit kneading behavior at one time or another. Sometimes they knead their bed before lying down or knead their feline friend during...

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Cat Chirping: What Is It And What Does It Mean?

Cats have the ability to make a variety of different sounds. In fact, aside from birds, cats have the widest range of vocalizations of all domestic animals. Everyone is familiar with the most common sounds our feline friends make which include a friendly meow, the purr of contentment, and a hiss to signal anger, but I think my favorite sound...

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Pica In Cats: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

Does your cat display peculiar behaviour like licking or chewing fabric, bags, cables, rubber, plants, straws, cardboard, and household objects? Rest assured you’re not alone, some days our lounge resembles a paper shredding factory, while other periods our blinds have bite mark dents. Don’t even mention plastic bags, they’re the flavour of this month. Cats who obsessively lick, nibble and/or...

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Why Doesn’t My Cat Cover Her Poop? Top 6 Causes Explained

Have you ever come home to find your cat’s poop exposed, unsightly, and smelly? Let’s get the inside scoop about your cat’s uncovered poop! Faeces In Communication Instinctively cats deposit urine and faeces through elimination in quiet, secluded spots where disturbance is minimal. Defecation is the technique your cat uses to eliminate solid wastes, although some cats use defecation as...

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How To Stop Your Cat Scratching Furniture

In cats, scratching is as natural and normal as sleeping, but without the right training, it can also destroy couches, chairs, and more. Fortunately, you can redirect this behavior and save both the sofa and your bond with your cat. In this article, you'll learn how to stop your cat scratching furniture in a healthy, safe way. Expecting our cat...

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