7 Adorable Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds for People With Allergies

You are a cat lover, right? But you also have a problem with allergies. Felines produce dander which is a common allergen and that's at the root of the problem. But did you know that there are no 100%hypoallergenic cats? Some cats, however, come pretty close to the mentioned figure. Let's take a look at those hypoallergenic breeds and who...

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Cats And Babies: Baby Safety With Cats

Are cats and babies a good match? It’s important to learn how to ensure both the safety of your cat and your newborn baby at home while maintaining your bond with your beloved fur baby. Bringing home your new baby is a joyous occasion that shouldn’t be overshadowed by nervousness about your cat.  While babies and cats may seem like...

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Brown tabby cat lying on on carpet

How To Get Rid Of Cat Pee Smell?

Any cat owner can vouch that there’s nothing more frustrating than lingering cat pee smell. Cat urine has a distinct, strong odor that can be difficult to eradicate from carpets, furniture, floors, and other places. The good news is, by using the correct techniques and avoiding some common mistakes, you can get rid of the cat pee smell in your...

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Rehoming A Cat- Tips And Advise

It happened. The good news about the new job, the new house we have been waiting for. We are ecstatic! But with a glance towards our beloved cat, our excitement suddenly becomes overshadowed by guilt and confusion. What about my cats? Too many animal shelters everywhere get swamped almost daily with the request to find left behind pets a new...

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Top 41 Cat Blogs You Should Know About

Hey guys, we've narrowed down our search for the top cat blogs around the world worth checking out. Our criteria included: topic-related content, new content frequency, and general creativity. The results? 41 awesome cat blogs. Here Is Who Made Our Top Cat Blogs List: 1. I have Cat, Single in the City, With Cats Blogger Tamari representing cat ladies from all around...

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Why Do Cats Purr?

We all know that precious, calming sound of your purring feline friend. Surely, it must be because your little ball of fur is happy and content, right? Well, not always actually. Cats Purr – But Why? Nobody is quite sure of why cats' purrs exactly. We have come to connect the purring to happiness and contentment, but that’s not always...

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Top 15 Cat Influencers On The Web

After doing a lot of research to find out who the most influential people in the online cat lover's community are, we came across a number of notable figures :-) The following presents an overview of popular people and their writings about cats: 1. Francesco Marciuliano Francesco is an award winning author of the best selling cat book  “I Could Pee...

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How To Properly Introduce A New Bengal Cat

On April 8th 2016 I lost my soul mate cat Meeko. We had gone through a tumultuous year and a half of ailments for him that included going deaf, losing a front tooth, undergoing radiation for hyperthyroidism and finally a kidney disease diagnoses that took him from me. I had adopted him with an estimated age of six and had...

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