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Why Do Cats Sleep So Much

As a dedicated cat owner you've probably noticed your cat sleeps a lot more than you do. I feel like mine are asleep almost all the time! If you’re anything like me you’re probably jealous of how much your cat gets to snooze. At the same time you might also wonder why your cat sleeps so much. Why do they...

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Special Kitty Classic Pate Variety Pack

Voluntary Recall of Special Kitty Canned Cat Food

Earlier this month, the J.M. Smucker Company issued a voluntary recall for a number of their Special Kitty brand wet cat food products. The recall was issued due to health concerns, specifically that certain ingredients used in the products didn’t meet the company’s standards for safety and quality. The product in question is the Special Kitty brand Mixed Grill Dinner...

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All About Essence Pet Foods

This is a sponsored post by Pets Global. Now more than ever, pet guardians want to treat their cats to food that features wholesome, natural ingredients. We checked in with Jeff Valdez, Customer Care Manager at Essence Pet Foods, for his company’s unique approach to delivering the best pet foods possible – particularly for cats. Essence Pet Foods is part...

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Benadryl for Cats

Benadryl For Cats – Dosage, Safety & Side Effects

Benadryl, which is a brand name for the drug diphenhydramine hydrochloride, is an antihistamine used to treat symptoms of allergies in cats, including swelling, itching, sneezing and hives, that result from insect bites or stings, exposure to environmental allergens like grass or pollen, and reactions to flea bites or vaccines. Antihistamines block histamine receptors in the body that are responsible...

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Smalls Cat Food Review

Quick Overview If you are looking for fresh human-grade meals for your cat, Smalls Cat Food is an great choice. They offer several types of foods to choose from and many budget options. Find out more about Smalls in this unbiased review.  Click here to Get 25% off your first order *Use Code: FREETOYSET and Win a Free Catnip Mouser...

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The Benefits of Protein in Cat Food

This is a sponsored post by Pets Global. If you watch a cat in the wild, they’re not eating vegetables or even corn. With one look at their teeth alone, it’s easy to see they’re created to eat meat. Whether it’s a domesticated cat or a wild cat, they’re obligate carnivores and cannot thrive on a diet that’s high in...

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cat deals

Best Holiday Deals on Cat Products

Hoping to catch some great deals on cat gifts and essentials this holiday season? Head to Chewy! Cyber Week brings some of Chewy’s deepest discounts of the year. From November 27th through December 3rd, visit Chewy to get up to 60% off treats, toys, litter, supplements, and more. This Guide Is Here To Help You Find The Most Exciting Savings...

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Best Freeze Dried Cat Food

The best freeze-dried cat food is made from top-quality ingredients, loaded with meat, light on plants, and comes from a company with a reputation for safety and deliciousness. That’s why we picked Stella & Chewy’s Absolutely Rabbit freeze-dried cat food as the best freeze-dried cat food on the market. Read on to learn more about this Stella & Chewy’s recipe...

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World’s Best Cat Litter Review

With a name like “World’s Best,” you should have high expectations for this brand. Unlike other brands that use inexpensive, low-quality materials, all of this brand’s products are made with natural compressed corn for a lightweight, dust-free litter that allows both you and your cat to breathe easy. Their multiple cat formulas offer long-lasting odor control, and every formula is...

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