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How To Train Your Cat Not To Bite?

Cats are territorial species born with sharp teeth and talons designed to hunt, catch prey and protect their domain. When a cat is fearful, defensive, aroused, or stressed, it can transform from a loving pussycat to a ‘panther’ in a matter of seconds biting and clawing their way out of a situation. Training a cat to not bite is challenging,...

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Is Sorbitol Safe For Cats?

As a pet parent, you’re probably very familiar with the toxicity of the artificial sweetener xylitol. But what about other artificial sweeteners, like sorbitol? Are all artificial sweeteners poisonous to pets, or is sorbitol safe for cats? About Sorbitol And Cats Sorbitol is a plant-based carbohydrate (sugar alcohol) that is added to many foods and medications as a sweetener. Although sorbitol is naturally produced in plants, it can also be artificially created through a chemical reaction with glucose, which is the way...

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Fostering A Pregnant Cat: What You Need To Know?

If you’ve ever been a foster parent for cats, you know what a wonderful and fulfilling experience it can be for you, as well as for the cats that you foster. Even though it may only be temporary, providing fosters with a nurturing and healthy environment is a very important step to them eventually being adopted into their permanent homes....

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Cat playing

10 Popular Cat Myths Completely Debunked By A Vet

Cats are surrounded by myths and misconceptions. Some are harmful, some are harmless, and others are downright strange. In this article, we're going to break down some of the most common ones. Read on to learn the truth about 10 of the most common myths about cats.  Myth 1: All Purring Cats Are Happy While cats definitely purr when...

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Feral cat colony

How To Care For Feral Cats: 4 Tips For Happy, Healthy Ferals

Feral cats are those that live outdoors largely without human interaction. Feral cats are not socialized, which means they usually try to avoid human interaction or react toward humans with fear or aggression. Although feral cats may roam singly or in pairs, they often form colonies—groups of cats living together outside or in or around homes, businesses, or abandoned buildings....

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human grade cat food feature

Human-Grade Cat Food: What It Is and How It’s Different

This article was sponsored and written by Smalls with review by the All About Cats editorial team. When it comes to your cats' food, there is a long list of claims to consider in deciding what ultimately goes in their bowl. As a diligent pet parent, you've probably noticed that "human-grade" is a newer label that's having a moment; but...

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The 10 Best Cat Chew Toys

The best cat chew toys provide a non-destructive outlet for your cat’s urge to gnaw. They’re enticing, safe, and some of them support oral health and hygiene. Because it’s a chewable toy with that can gently remove oral debris, has a fresh mint scent, and is just the right weight for batting and tossing, we chose the Petstages Fresh Breath...

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Feral cat nursing kittens

What Is Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR)?

Trap-neuter-return (TNR), also known as trap-neuter-release, spay-neuter-return (SNR), and trap-neuter-return-monitor (TNRM), is a humane method of controlling stray and feral cat populations in communities. Free-roaming cats are humanely trapped, spayed, or neutered at a veterinary facility, then returned to the place where they were living. TNR is an alternative to other programs that aim to control free-roaming cat populations, such...

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Edgard Cooper Cat Food Review

Named for the two pets of the company’s founders (Edgard and Cooper), this is a young brand. The founders were looking to make better, healthier pet food using fresh meat and quality ingredients. One percent of sales goes to charity. Find out more about Edgard Cooper cat food in our unbiased review. The We’re All About Cats Standard – Rating...

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Blink! Cat Food Review

Made in Britain, Blink is a personalized cat food subscription service. Blink offers a variety of recipes that can be customized to your cat’s taste. Products are also available at some pet stores. Read our unbiased review of Blink! cat food to learn more. The We’re All About Cats Standard – Rating Blink! On What Matters We have analyzed Blink!...

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