100 Most Popular Cat Love Quotes Of All Time

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  1. “Cats are the visible soul of the house as the time spent with them is never wasted.”~Jean Cocteau
  2. “Cats and music are the two ways of refuge from the miseries of life.”~Albert Schweitzer
  3. “Cats are intrusive, but they hate to admit it”.~Mason Cooley
  4. “The innocent look on their face is enough to take up most of the room in your heart.”~Mark Twain
  5. “Rubbing their face against yours and touching your cheek with their claws are the expressions of love.”~James Herriot
  6. “Cats come into your house to teach you about affection, they leave to teach you about the loss.”~Jules Verne
  7. “Your heart is likely to be very big if you have loved many cats.”~Susan Howatch
  8. “A part of your soul remains asleep if you have not loved an animal.”~Anatole France
  9. Try to be the person your cat thinks you are. If you are the person who thinks that cats don’t feel love then maybe you don’t
  10. know what love is.~Jean Burden
  11. “My house would be cleaner without my cat but my heart would be sad and empty!”~Martha Curtis
  12. “Love and a cat are all that you need to stay happy.”~Jules Reynard
  13. “My cat loves me as I am! “~Marly Bly
  14. “You are no longer lonely or lost when you hug your cat.”~Missy Disick
  15. “Keep calm and cuddle with your cat.”~Terry Pratchett
  16. “Cats own numerous charms which will make you forget all your worries.”~Saki
  17. “The vibrations you receive when the cat purrs on your lap are of contentment and pure love.”~St. Francis of Assisi
  18. “You cannot ask for more if you are having a cat to love you unconditionally.”~Charles Dickens
  19. “If you think that it is only a cat then obviously you have never loved a cat.”~T.S.Eliot
  20. “I wish I could simply purr my feelings and affections like a cat.”~George F.Will
  21. “Cats are angels with whiskers!”~Jenny de Vries
  22. “Cats choose you, you never own them.”~Gary Smith
  23. “A dog will praise you but you have to praise the cat.”~George Mikes
  24. “Life is Beautiful! Cats and love are all that you need.”~Arthur Bridges
  25. “They never offer their services to you. They offer themselves.”~William S.Burroughs
  26. “They just want care and shelter. Of course, you do not get the love for nothing.”~Paul Gallico
  27. “Cats never lie about love.”~Colette
  28. “Cats are innocent. They never judge you. All that they want is your unconditional love. “~Joseph Epstein
  29. “When you see someone putting on his Big Boots, you can be pretty sure that an Adventure is going to happen.” Winnie The Pooh
  30. “You cannot ask for more, if you are having a cat as your best friend.”~Dan Greenberg
  31. “Cats can be a wonderful means of entertainment if you are feeling lonely.”~Lari
  32. “Every cat possesses a charm. Do not judge a cat by its color.”~Hippolyte Taine
  33. “You can never forget the moments spent with a good cat.”~Leo Dworkin
  34. “Cats should be loved and protected.”~Frank Perkins
  35. “None of them are wrong who thinks they have the best cat.”~Susan Easterly
  36. “Undoubtedly, having an animal in your life makes you a better person.”~Jean Burden
  37. “I love to have meaningful conversations with my cat.”~Ogden Nash
  38. “If you are a lover of cats then it would be impossible for you to banish them.”~Terri Guillemets
  39. “Unlike human beings, cats are emotionally honest, they never hide their feelings.”~Paul Corey
  40. “It would not be wrong if we say that behind every great person there is a cute and gentle cat. “~Dan Greenberg
  41. “Never trust a man who hates cats.”~Jane Pauley
  42. “There are friends. And then there are best friends.”~Alan Devoe
  43. “How many of us are capable of becoming cats with the same qualities of affection, cleanliness, patience, and courage?”~Robert Byrne
  44. “The qualities which the animals like cats possess are very difficult for the people to live up to.”~Frnand Mery
  45. “I want every cat in the world as my pet.”~Ambrase Bierce
  46. “People who banish cats will come back as mice in their next life”~Anthony Williams
  47. “The way to my heart is covered with paw prints.”~Barbara L. Diamond
  48. “It came from nowhere and became my everything.”~Robertson Davis
  49. “The more I get to know people, the more I find myself loving cats.”~Charles de Gaulle
  50. “Life is better with a Cat.No Complaints and No Demands.”~Robert A.Heinlein
  51. “My sunshine comes from the love in my cat’s eyes.”~Christopher Hitchens
  52. “Why be mean to cats when they treat you far better than people?”~George Carlin
  53. “Cats are a privilege, not a right!”~Neil Gaiman
  54. “I feel, “My cat and I are a package deal”.~Winston S.Churchill
  55. “A part of your soul sleeps until you have loved a cat.”~Garison Keillor
  56. “My pets complete my family.”~Bobbie Ann Manson
  57. “If I had a dollar for every time my cat made me smile,I would be the world’s richest person by now.”~Ernest Hemingway
  58. “Sometimes the smallest things just fill your heart without trying.”~Tamora Pierce
  59. “If you think that they don’t have souls, you might not have looked into their eyes long enough.”~Erin Hunter
  60. “You didn’t save a cat. A cat saved you.”~Kendare Blake
  61. “Your house will always be blessed with love, laughter, and friendship if you have a cat.”~Lewis Carroll
  62. “Cats know more than we think and think more than we know.”~H.P.Lovecraft
  63. “I promise to my cat that I will never leave you when you get old.”~Eckhart Tolle
  64. “Coming home to a wagging tail is the best part of the day.”~P.C.Cast
  65. “I can not imagine life without cats.”~Laini Taylor
  66. “True love is how excited your cat gets when you get home.”~Erin Hunter
  67. “Your house is a heaven if your cat is there.”~Elizabeth Peters
  68. “The nobility of a person’s soul can be quickly measured by how they treat cats.”~Immanuel Kant
  69. “Love is a word that has four legs.”~Peter S.Beagle
  70. “You cannot buy love but you can save it.”~Pam Brown
  71. “The memory of the cat you love becomes a treasure when that cat becomes a memory.”~Rick Riordan
  72. “We give them a home and in return, they give us their love and loyalty.”~Alex Flinn
  73. “In you, I found my closest and truest friend.”~Lilian Jackson Braun
  74. “Cats are bundles of love, wrapped in a fur coat.”~L.M. Montgomery
  75. “You are lucky if you have a loving cat waiting for you at home.”~Orhan Pamuk
  76. “God gave us cats because he could not physically be with us.”~Susanna Clarke
  77. “Cat’s eyes have the power to speak a great language. You can understand it only if you love them.”~Martin Buber
  78. “Good days are when you come home to a cat’s love!”~Jodi Picoult
  79. “Treasure your cat as your cat treasures you.”~Charles Bukowski
  80. “For me, cats are the role model for being alive.”~Haruki Murakami
  81. “Cats are the small rays of light who brighten our days for a short time.”~Connie Willis
  82. “Your cat has only one best friend…you!”~Rudyard Kipling
  83. “If you think diamonds are a girl’s true love…you never owned a cat.”~Ray Bradbury
  84. “Having a cat will bless you with the happiest days of your life.”~Seanan McGuire
  85. “Sometimes cats can teach you more about humanity than humans.”~Robert Byrne
  86. “Cats need not talk as their life is their message.”~Paula Poundstone
  87. “I found your paw when I needed a hand for support.”~Gail Carriger
  88. “Cats speak only to those who know how to listen.”~Sigmund Freud
  89. “Cats are the angels who don’t judge. They just love.”~Alexis Flora Hope
  90. “Without fur kids, a house is not a home.”~Cleveland Amor
  91. “My cats give me a reason to smile every day. Being a cat mom is a gift!”~Henry David Thoreau
  92. “I would be happy to lock you up in the other room if my cat makes you uncomfortable.”~Mikhail Bulgakov
  93. “A cat doesn’t care if you are smart or dumb, give him your heart and he will give you his.”~Abraham Lincoln
  94. “Cats are my favorite people! No complaints and no demands.”~Ally Carter
  95. “The only thing wrong with the cats is that they cannot live forever.”~Peter Kreeft
  96. “God just sat down and smiled after he made cats.”~Richard Dawkins
  97. “They motivate us to be affectionate and be loyal.”~Andrew Vachss
  98. “Animal adoption is a commitment. It’s not easy and it should not be.”~Rachel Hartman
  99. “If having a spirit/soul means being able to feel loyalty, gratitude, and love, then cats are better than a lot of humans.”~James Herriot
  100. “Cats are such agreeable friends-they pass no criticisms and they ask no questions.”~Lora Leigh
  101. “Do not drink and drive. Your cat won’t understand why you left them and never came home.”~P.G. Wodehouse

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3 thoughts on “100 Most Popular Cat Love Quotes Of All Time

  1. Lambros

    ”My house would be cleaner without my cat but my heart would be sad and empty!” Is a great quote. I would never be able to imagine my home without cats. The feelings that these souls share with us are invaluable.


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