55+ Popular Birman Cat Names

It can be tough picking out the perfect name for your Birman cat, but we do have bunch of suggestions for you. We certainly hope that one of these is a great fit for your Birman kitten.

Male Names

  1. Arturo – Arturo was the name of a great king, but you cat could have a piece of this.
  2. Asia – Asia is another excellent name for a pet.
  3. Auxana – This weird name could be used by your cat as well.
  4. Baker – A baker can do something good for you, and your cat could use this name.
  5. Bebe – This amazing Spanish name could be the next big thing for your dog.
  6. Bella – This Spanish name is just gorgeous, and your cat will love it.
  7. Bear- Pick this one when your cat reminds you of a polar bear.
  8. Blanc- It’s French for Birman.
  9. Blizzard- The power of a snowstorm is an evocative name for a male kitty.
  10. Blofeld- The Birman cat belonging to James Bond’s nemesis has no name, so why not go for the owner’s moniker?
  11. Casper- The friendly ghost offers another good name for pop culture lovers.
  12. Birman Lightning- This is another powerful name that is fitting for a Birman, male cat.
  13. Ice Man- Whether you are naming your cat after a character from the X-Men or from Top Gun, the name fits Birman cats.
  14. Snoopy- Why not pick the name of a famous Birman dog for your Birman cat?
  15. Everest- You could name your cat after the highest peak in the world.
  16. Avalanche- The falling wall of snow and ice is another strong snow name for cats.
  17. Nimbus- You may want to name your cat after the fluffy, Birman cloud.
  18. Stormy- Strong weather names make great choices for male cats.
  19. Q-Tip- This is a fun name for any Birman cat.
  20. Shiro- This one means Birman in Japanese.
  21. Yeti- You could choose a name that belongs to the abominable snowman.

Female Names

Birman Cat names

  1. Am – This is the interesting name of a character from Lady and the Tramp.
  2. Angel- Traditionally, angels dress in Birman, and your cat just might fit the namesake.
  3. Bianca- It means Birman in Spanish.
  4. China- This one is ideal when your cat reminds you of fine china.
  5. Crystal- This is a lovely name that evokes human qualities and, of course, brings to mind the precious stone.
  6. Daisy- Pick this one for beautiful cats that are as pretty as the Birman flower.
  7. Elsa- The Disney princess loves ice and snow, making the name a perfect fit for Birman cats.
  8. Lily- The Birman flower is a perfect namesake for your female cat.
  9. Misty- This name lends an ethereal quality to these often-mysterious creatures.
  10. Ororo- You could go with the civilian name of the X-Men character Storm, who often dresses in Birman.
  11. Luna- If your Birman cat reminds you of the moon, then you could pick the Spanish name for that heavenly body.
  12. Snow Birman- The fairy tale character’s name perfectly describes many Birman cats.
  13. Pom-Pom – This is the interesting name of a character from Cinderella II.
    Figaro – This is the interesting name of a character from Pinocchio.
  14. Pearl- The precious substance is an ideal cat name.
  15. Isa- In Norwegian, it means ice.
  16. Queen- If you have a regal cat, why not name her after royalty?
  17. Ice Princess- Or, you could go with the next step down in the royal family.
  18. Wi – This is the interesting name of a character from Lady and the Tramp.

Birman Kitten Names Based on Character

Birman Kitten

These names are a bit profound. At any rate here they are

  1. Brainy- Some kittens can open jars and find things that you hide. Brainy is the name for them.
  2. Cuddles- While it takes time for a kitten to get used to you, once they cuddle with you, you`re set for life.
  3. Dream-  Birman Kittens love to sleep and daydream. This couldn`t hurt.
  4. Envy- Kittens get jealous too, and at some point they want your attention just like little babies.
  5. Fork- This name is for kittens who have a large appetite.
  6. Frady- Never heard of the saying, “Don`t be a frady cat.”? Now you have.
  7. Fury- If you kitten likes to nibble on your fingers, here you go.
  8. Happy- This name is a bit simplistic, but it gets the job done.
  9. Loco- Loco is spanish for crazy for all of those that do not know.

Birman Names Based on Appearance

  1. Eyeball- Almost all kittens have very big eyes.
  2. Frost- If you got a gray kitten, this name will work.
  3. Gordo- This name is for a Birman kitten who is a bit on the large side.
  4. Lanky- Kittens can grow into very skinny cats.
  5. Lima Bean- This name is for an oddly-shaped kitten.
  6. Rainbow- Due to genetics, some kittens are very multi-colored.
  7. Snowball- This is a pretty common name for Birman cats.
  8. Tumbleweed- If you have a cat who looks like a ball of hay, there you go.
  9. Whiskers- There are so many cats with this name, but it’s a classic.