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Dr. Zara Boland, DVM


Irish born Zara is a UK registered clinical vet with a passion for helping people to understand their pets. She does this in any way that she can from hands-on consults to international conference speaking, article writing, TV and radio. Her main areas of clinical interest are animal nutrition and behaviour, but she also has a lifelong fascination with exotic animals. She is the founder of Vet Voice, a specialist veterinary communications agency and has nearly 15 years globally acquired experience within the pet food and pet healthcare industries. She is also involved with a number of different animal charities and the proud pet parent of a Bernese Mountain Dog called Rhumba and a rascally rescue cat called Scamp.


Can Cats Eat Dog Food?

Cats are certainly capable of eating wet and dry dog food (as evidenced by my own moggy who will happily try to dislocate his jaw in an effort to eat giant-sized dog kibble!), but from a nutritional perspective, cats really shouldn’t eat dog food. Is it Safe for Cats to Eat Dog Food? Dogs have evolved and become domesticated over...

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Devon Rex Eating Tuna

The Truth About Grain-Free Diets For Cats

Everyone seems to be talking about ‘grain-free’ these days. Whether it’s in relation to our own health or that of our beloved companion animals, everyone who is anyone has an opinion. So, what is the truth about grain-free diets for cats? Is grain really bad for cats? What about carbohydrates and gluten? Let’s not forget that cats are the quintessential...

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Can Kittens Eat Cat Food Feature

Can Kittens Eat Adult Cat Food? A Vet Explains

There are countless materials and resources dedicated to kittens, but how do you know the right thing to do when it comes to feeding your gorgeous new kitten? Read on to explore feline nutrition in detail and find out why it’s so important that every kitten receives the right food during growth. In short, we’ll be looking at why kittens...

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Foods poisonous to cats feature

15 Human Foods That Are Poisonous & Toxic To Cats

When it comes to foods that are truly poisonous to cats, the list is thankfully quite short. However, some foods that are traditionally associated with cats can actually cause more harm than good: think of the proverbial saucer of milk. In this article, we'll uncover the most common foods poisonous to cats as well as products that may seem healthy...

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How To Put A Cat On A Diet?

“He’s just fluffy!” is a claim I often encounter as a practicing vet when attempting to start the ‘You need to put your cat on a diet’ discussion. While it’s true that he may well be endowed with additional hair follicles, the reality of the current obesity epidemic amongst our feline friends is sadly also true. Over the past two...

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