Shayna Murphy


5 Best High-Sided Litter Boxes For Messy Cats

Cats have a reputation for being pretty clean, but when it comes to litter boxes, even the tidiest cats can sometimes have issues keeping everything nice and neat. From tracking litter outside to spraying where they definitely shouldn’t, cats can make a mess with their litter boxes pretty easily. At A Glance: Our Top Picks For Best High-Sided Litter Boxes...

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cats coconut oil

Is Coconut Oil Good For Cats?

As one of the major ‘superfoods’ that nature has to offer, coconut oil can be beneficial for humans in a number of ways for everything from cooking to treating dry skin, to even boosting immune system function. But when it comes to pets - and specifically cats - does coconut oil offer the same great perks or could using it...

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Can Cats Be Emotional Support Animals?

While there's no doubt that animals (especially cats) can be loving companions, there's been plenty of debate over the years about whether or not they can actually provide emotional support to those suffering from mental health problems.  The truth is, having an emotional support animal (ESA) can change your life. Beyond the emotional and psychological benefits that a pet can provide,...

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