Dr. Pete Wedderburn, DVM

Ireland Online and at my clinic


  • Worked in Africa studying cattle parasites, worked in the UK in mixed farm and pet practice, worked around the world as a locum, bought my own clinic in Ireland, Gained an extra qualification in veterinary diagnostic imaging, developed a career in the media (writing, radio, tv and internet) in Ireland and the UK, set up my own new website to offer veterinary advice to everyone, everywhere, all the time at www.petfix.com


Qualified as a veterinarian in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1985. Have done minimum 30 hours continuing education every year since then, to keep myself up to date.


I am a companion animal veterinarian, with my own practice (employing five vets and five nurses) and I also have an online focus at my website, www.petfix.com.


I have been married for over thirty years to Joyce, and I have two daughters, Anna and Ella. We are all animal-mad, and we live with cats, dogs, hens, ducks and goldfish. I am passionate about triathlons in my spare time.


Vet Approved Cat Stool Chart: Decoding Your Cat’s Stool

Why use a cat stool chart? Because your cat's feces is one of the biggest indicators of their health. Put simply, a healthy cat should have healthy stools. While there are many specific health issues that can cause signs from constipation to diarrhea, it’s a simple rule that normal faeces (or stools) are a good sign that your cat is...

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What Can You Give A Cat For Pain? 6 Vet-Recommended Options

Pain is defined as “a highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by illness or injury”. Cats feel pain in just the same way as we humans feel pain, and cat carers rightly want to do all that they can to protect their pets from this unpleasant sensation. Quality of life is important for cats, and that means ensuring that they remain...

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Excessive Meowing In Cats Explained (Causes And Solutions)

Meowing and purring are the main forms of vocalization in cats. While most cat owners don’t mind if their pet purrs a lot, it’s different when a cat meows excessively. As well as the worry that there could be something wrong with the cat, many people find the noise itself to be irritating and annoying. Why Cats Meow Simply put,...

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whisker fatigue article featured image

Whisker Fatigue: Does It Really Happen?

“Whisker fatigue” is a topic that has split the online feline community. The Big Question Is Simple: Does This Condition Occur At All? If you ask most veterinary surgeons about whisker fatigue, they will look at you with bemusement: it is not a condition that can be found in standard veterinary textbooks, nor has it been reported at veterinary conferences...

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Fluid Therapy For Cats

This article aims to explain the details of fluid therapy for cats. Fluid therapy is a common type of treatment given to cats for many different reasons. This article will summarise the most important aspects of fluid therapy in a way that is easily understood by cat carers. What Is Fluid Therapy For Cats? Fluid therapy generally means the administration...

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Bone Marrow Disease In Cats: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

This article aims to explain the details of bone marrow disease in cats, a common and serious problem. The aim of this article is to provide a simple, clear explanation about the types of issues that can affect feline bone marrow disease to help cat owners understand what may be going on if their pets are affected. Where Is Bone...

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Common Skin Problems In Cats

This article aims to give you clear facts about the common causes of skin problems in cats, and what can be done to help affected animals. Why Do Skin Problems Happen? There are many different reasons for cat skin conditions, but the most common course of events is that something irritates the skin, causing inflammation of the cat's skin (so-called...

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Liver Failure In Cats: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

A diagnosis of liver failure in your cat can be worrying for cat owners: this article aims to give cat carers clear facts about what this means, and about the possible consequences for a cat's health.​ What Is Liver Failure? A cat's liver is a large solid organ at the front of the cat’s abdomen, just behind the diaphragm which...

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Cat Nausea: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

  Most humans are familiar with the sensation of nausea on different occasions, ranging from seasickness, to viral infections, to hangovers. Cats can also suffer from nausea, and the aim of this article is to explain to cat carers why cats may develop this, how to identify it, and what to do to help cats suffering from nausea. What Does...

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Cat Scooting: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment​

This article aims to explain the details of cat scooting, a behavior that can happen in cats for a number of reasons. The aim of this article is to provide a simple, clear explanation about cat scooting for cat owners. What Is Cat Scooting? Cat scooting describes the behavior when a cat rubs their rear end along the ground behind...

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