Dr. Pete Wedderburn, DVM

Ireland Online and at my clinic


  • Worked in Africa studying cattle parasites, worked in the UK in mixed farm and pet practice, worked around the world as a locum, bought my own clinic in Ireland, Gained an extra qualification in veterinary diagnostic imaging, developed a career in the media (writing, radio, tv and internet) in Ireland and the UK, set up my own new website to offer veterinary advice to everyone, everywhere, all the time at www.petfix.com


Qualified as a veterinarian in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1985. Have done minimum 30 hours continuing education every year since then, to keep myself up to date.


I am a companion animal veterinarian, with my own practice (employing five vets and five nurses) and I also have an online focus at my website, www.petfix.com.


I have been married for over thirty years to Joyce, and I have two daughters, Anna and Ella. We are all animal-mad, and we live with cats, dogs, hens, ducks and goldfish. I am passionate about triathlons in my spare time.


Radial Hypoplasia In Cats: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

This article aims to explain the details of radial hypoplasia in cats. This is the term that is used to describe an anatomical deformity of a cat’s front legs that leads to an unusual appearance and gait in cats. These cats may be described as RH cats, twisty cats, squittens, or kangaroo cats. Despite some of these cute-sounding names, such...

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Vet Approved Cat Stool Chart: Decoding Your Cat’s Poop

Why use a cat stool chart? Because your cat's feces is one of the biggest indicators of their health. Put simply, a healthy cat should have healthy stools. While there are many specific health issues that can cause signs from constipation to diarrhea, it’s a simple rule that normal faeces (or stools) are a good sign that your cat is...

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What Can You Give A Cat For Pain? 6 Vet-Recommended Options

Pain is defined as “a highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by illness or injury”. Cats feel pain in just the same way as we humans feel pain, and cat carers rightly want to do all that they can to protect their pets from this unpleasant sensation. Quality of life is important for cats, and that means ensuring that they remain...

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Cerenia for cats injection

Cerenia For Cats: How It Works, Side Effects, And More

Cerenia is the brand name for a drug called maropitant, or to use its full name, maropitant citrate. Maropitant is a neurokinin-1 (NK1) receptor antagonist which was developed by Zoetis (formerly Pfizer) specifically for the treatment of motion sickness and vomiting in dogs. It was approved by the FDA in the United States in 2007 for use in dogs, then...

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Mouth Ulcers In Cats: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

This article aims to explain the details of mouth ulcers in cats, providing a simple, clear explanation about mouth ulcers for pet owners whose cats may be affected, and who want to understand more about what’s happening. What Are Mouth Ulcers In Cats? An ulcer is an open sore caused by a break in the skin or mucous membrane that...

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Dehydration In Cats: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

This article aims to explain all about dehydration in cats, including causes of dehydration in cats, signs of dehydration, and how to treat dehydration in cats. What Is Dehydration In Cats? Dehydration describes the condition of a cat when excessive fluid has been lost from a cat’s body, which has then not been replaced by sufficient water from drinking. As...

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How much to feed a cat feature

How Much Should Cats Eat And How Often

As with all carers of animals, one of the basic questions that we need to answer every day for our feline friends is: "how much should I feed this cat?" This article aims to answer that question in a clear, informed, logical way. Firstly, What Type Of Food Should Cats Eat? You can meet a healthy cat's nutritional needs met...

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Veterinarian lifting kitten's tail to determine sex

Sexing Kittens: How To Determine The Sex Of Your Kitten?

Sexing kittens is an important part of caring for a new litter, determining details of how the kittens will be cared for and how they'll be rehomed. Sometimes we kid ourselves that a small kitten may look particularly feminine, so she surely must be a girl kitten, or a larger, stronger one is certain to be a little tomcat, but...

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‘Mad Itch’ Pseudorabies Virus Infection in Cats

What Is Feline Pseudorabies? Feline pseudorabies is a rare disease caused by pseudorabies virus (PRV, also known as suid herpesvirus-1), which is a herpes virus. Pseudorabies virus infection mainly affects farm animals (primarily pigs) but it is an unusual herpesvirus in that it is not species-specific (i.e., different species of animals including dogs, and more rarely, cats, can be infected). The...

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