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How Long Do Cats Remember Other Cats?

Whether in the wild or in your living room, it's true that cats remember other cats. But, it's natural to wonder just how long do cats remember other cats. The answer isn't a simple one, but when you discover more about the feline mind, it will help you to understand just how long do cats remember other cats—and even you....

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7 Signs Your Cat Is Not Getting Enough Love

Despite the common misconception that cats are aloof and antisocial, this could not be any further from the truth. Cats crave interaction with both the pets and the people in their homes, and when your cat isn't getting enough love, there are signs they will display that serve as cries for help. Your cat needs you to give them love—even...

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Do Cats Have A Sense Of Humor?

We know that cats are funny little beings. Their antics can keep us entertained for hours on end. Anyone who has ever cohabitated with a cat they've spent much of their time observing them and laughing at all the interesting things that they do. We find humor in our cats' antics, but do cats know they're funny? Or, better yet,...

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Do Cats Like It When You Talk To Them?

If you share your home with a cat or two, chances are, you have regular conversations with them. And this is not only a normal habit, but it's also a healthy one, too. Despite the common misconception that cats are antisocial and prefer their alone time, this is hardly true. Your cat needs to be mentally stimulated, and not just...

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how to mask the cat smell in your home

How To Mask The Cat Smell In Your Home

We adore our feline friends, but just because we cohabitate with cats doesn't usually mean that we want our homes to smell like cat odors. Cats are clean animals regarding their grooming regimen, but this doesn't mean there aren't smells associated with cats. The good thing is, it is perfectly possible to live with cats and not have your guests...

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Do Cats Like Bells On Their Collars?

For many of us cat keepers, we choose not to put collars on our cats. And there are several reasons why cats and their owners are happier sans collar. For one, cats—whether kept exclusively indoors or permitted to go outside—are generally safer when not wearing a collar. Collars can undoubtedly be cute, but if it's not a safety-inspired breakaway collar,...

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facts about big cats

15 Little-Known Facts About Big Cats

If you are a fan of domesticated cats, chances are, you've got a soft spot in your heart for big cats, too. These wild cats are majestic, intriguing, and fascinating all at the same time. It's sad to think of the reality that their populations are dwindling drastically, but thankfully there are nonprofits and laws in place to help protect...

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10 Cat Breeds That Live The Longest

It goes without saying that we all wish our cats could live forever. And while advances in modern medicine and improvements in cat food can help many of our feline friends live longer, the truth is, one day, our beloved cat will cross over the Rainbow Bridge. When it comes to cat breeds, each is unique in their own way....

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why does my cat like my husband more than me?

Why Does My Cat Like My Husband More Than Me?

Once we bring kitty home, instantly, our lives are changed. We have a new obsession that purrs and is covered in magical fur and makes us feel good inside whenever they are near. The endless photos on our phones, the warm and fuzzy feelings they give us, surely, with all the love we bestow on them, we can only hope...

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6 Surprising Similarities Between Cats And Dogs

If you have a cat in your home, chances are, you might have a dog, too. While these favored pets hold a special spot in the hearts of many, it goes without saying that there are differences between cats and dogs. Given that they are two totally different species of animals, dogs descending from wolves with cats descending from their...

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