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21 Purrfect Facts About Kittens

If there's one thing that cat lovers cannot resist, it's kittens. These babies of the cat world pull at our heartstrings and captivate our attention whenever they are near. Those little meows, those tiny bellies, and the miniature toebeans are enough to make our hearts skip a beat. While kittens are effortlessly precious and adorable, there are actually a lot...

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7 Cat Breeds That Actually Like Water

We know that cats our individuals by nature, but there are many cats out there of various breeds and mixed breeds that share common traits. One thing that most cats are not a fan of is water. However, there seem to be particular breeds of cats that like water and are here to debunk the theory that cats hate water....

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Petification Studio Allows Cats To Shine Like Royalty

For many cat lovers, we love all things cats. And this is especially true when it comes to cool cat stuff. Ana Milosevic out of Novi Sad, Serbia is a master at turning an ordinary photo of a cat into a real work of art. She uses her incredible imagination to make her Petification Studio pet portraits come to life,...

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The Charming Zarathustra Lives On In Fat Cat Art

Svetlana Petrova is a very talented artist who also happens to be a cat lover. Over a decade ago, she launched Fat Cat Art, and if you've spent any time on social media, you've probably seen her work. Her late kitty, Zarathustra, was the inspiration behind these entertaining works of art, and together they inspired each other. Zarathustra was inherited...

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Kefir The Maine Coon Cat Has A Purrsonality As Big As Him

Maine Coon cats are beloved by many for their impressive size, magnificent coats, and outgoing personalities. And because of these amazing traits, it's easy to see why they're adored by many cat lovers across the globe. For one very large Maine Coon cat out of Stary Oskol, Russia, he's created quite a buzz on social media due to his impressive size...

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Abandoned Special Needs Cat Transforms Into A Warrior Princess

It goes without saying that all cats are special, but when it comes to cats with special needs, sometimes these cats don't get the chance they deserve with the odds stacked against them. And worst of all, evil people in this world will toss these perfectly imperfect kitties aside as if their life means nothing at all. For Sansa, she...

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UK Kitty Cat Named Oddity Olive Has The Most Amazing Eyes Ever

Every once in a while, you will see a kitty cat online that makes you do a double-take. And this is especially true when it comes to cats with a pair of different colored eyes. Now, you may have witnessed some truly remarkable odd-eyed cats in your day, but what about a kitty with sectoral heterochromia—meaning each eye is two...

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