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Journalism, Long Beach State University


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Michael is an animal lover, writer, musician and voice actor who has always loved having animals in his life. He and his wife enjoy their involvement with local shelters and the rescue community, as well as taking care of their ever-growing family of animals.


Sanicat Extreme Litter Review

Sanicat Extreme Litters are made from natural sodium bentonite clay, which allows for a high absorbency rate and creates immediate clumping abilities. The clay also has a very low amount of dust and, whether you are using the scented or unscented formula, it does a good job with odor control. The porous clay, along with the immediate clumping and absorbency,...

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Skoon Cat Litter Review

Skoon litter is an all-natural litter made of diatom pebbles that are manufactured using a low heat-thermal activation process. The porous pebbles and their manufacturing method create a high rate of absorbency along with being virtually dust-free and hypoallergenic. The size of the pebbles almost completely eliminate tracking outside of the litter box, and the non-clumping formula reduces the amount...

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Garfield Cat Litter Review

Garfield litter is an all-natural litter made from dehydrated cassava and corn with no added chemicals or fragrances. It’s completely plant-based, biodegradable and flushable, and its naturally light color makes it easy for owners to spot any irregularities in their cat’s urine. Even though it’s unscented, the natural ingredients still manage to do a decent job with odor control, and...

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How to Introduce Cats to a New Home

Whether you are a first-time cat owner or looking to adopt a new member into your existing brood, there are many things to consider before introducing a new cat into your home. Cats are generally very independent and are typically able to adapt to almost any situation. However, every cat has its own, unique personality; just like you, any pre-existing...

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The 5 Best Carpet Cleaners For Cat Urine

If you are a cat parent, you absolutely love your fur babies with seemingly unconditional adoration. Cats all have their own, unique personalities and, despite their individual quirks, we can’t imagine our lives without them. However, as with all animals, cat ownership is never perfect and, ‘accidents will happen,’ as the saying goes. This is definitely true when it comes...

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What To Know When Adopting An FeLV-Positive Cat

Feline leukemia, also known as FeLV, is a common disease that affects 1-2% of the global cat population, and anywhere from 2-3% of all cats in the United States. How is FeLV transmitted? FeLV is typically transferred through the exchanging of fluids from already infected cats, such as from bite wounds, nursing, mutual grooming, and litter boxes, as well as...

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What To Know When Adopting A FIV-Positive Cat

Even though cats are considered to be very low-maintenance animals, adopting one is still something that should not be taken lightly, and bringing one into your home should never be a spur-of-the-moment decision. Cats require some specific supplies, a nutritious diet and a pleasant home in order for them to live long, happy lives. And, this is especially true when...

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The Complete Guide to Fostering Cats

Fostering cats can be a very enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Whether you take in a newborn kitten or an adult cat, even though it may only be temporary, you have the opportunity to provide them with a loving and healthy home, as well as providing yourself with a lot of happiness along the way. The need for fostering can be...

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Fostering A Pregnant Cat: What You Need To Know?

If you’ve ever been a foster parent for cats, you know what a wonderful and fulfilling experience it can be for you, as well as for the cats that you foster. Even though it may only be temporary, providing fosters with a nurturing and healthy environment is a very important step to them eventually being adopted into their permanent homes....

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How To Kitten-Proof Your Home: 6 Essential Tips

It’s hard to find cuter and more lovable animals than kittens. Those bright eyes, little ears, and big faces can melt even the hardest of hearts! Also, their playfulness, curiosity, and need for attention are incomparable when it comes to animal babies. Kittens are very playful and curious by nature, which contributes to their overall cuteness. They love to run,...

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