Ma'ayan Gutbezahl


Maayan is a freelance writer living in Southern New Jersey. Over the course of her career, she has written on a wide variety of topics that reflect her many interests, from video game reviews to animal and pet care; and from rock music to international social issues. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her family, drinking tea with a good book and one of her cats in her lap, and deep diving into new hobbies and exploring new interests.


250 Best Majestic Cat Names

There is just something about cats that make them seem naturally regal and majestic. Even when cats are at their silliest, their often haughty and proud demeanor still shines through, which reminds us that our kitties are not so distant cousins of feline royalty such as lions, aka, the King of the Jungle. Here are 250 majestic cat names for...

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150 Best Native American Cat Names Ideas For Your New Pet

Native American culture, history, and lore is rich and deep with meaning, and Native naming conventions often reflect this quality. Here are some beautiful and meaningful Native American names to consider for your cat. Keep in mind that many of these names could easily be gender neutral, and this list is just a guide - don’t let that stop you...

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150 Best Space Names For Cats

Since time immemorial, humanity has been fascinated by outer space, and all of its awe-inspiring grandeur and mystery. If you happen to be a space nerd as well as a cat person, giving your furry little friend a name from the cosmos couldn’t be more fitting. Here is a list of space-themed cat names for you to consider. Male Cat...

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150 Best Royal Cat Names For Regal And Noble Kittens

We know that cats generally like to be treated like royalty, and if you are a true cat lover like us, then you probably oblige them! Here are some fittingly royal names for regal and noble kittens. Male Royal Cat Names Ahkenaten - An ancient Egyptian pharaoh known for creating shocking religious reforms centering around the god Aten, making it...

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150 Adorable Fat Cat Names For Male & Female Cat

We love cats, and when they are more on the plump side, that just means there’s more to love - and to cuddle with! Celebrate your cats full figure with these fun fat names. Male Fat Cat Names Angus - A type of beef from Scottish cows. Babe - The name of a piglet in the family-friendly movie of the...

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150 Coffee & Tea Inspired Cat Names With Meanings

As a coffee lover, naming a beloved cat after your favorite beverage probably seems to make as much sense as mixing coffee and cream. Here is a list of coffee-themed cat names for you to consider for your feline friend! Male Coffee Cat Names Affogato - A yummy Italian dessert of a hot shot of espresso and a scoop of...

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