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Lizzie Youens, BSc (Hons) BVSc MRCVS

Gloucestershire, UK Sundean Veterinary Group


  • Interest in feline medicine, involved with running cat-only clinics and a special interest in geriatrics


University of Bristol


Worked in companion animal practice for ten years, in a variety of roles from small rural branch surgeries to large hospital environments.


Enjoys reading, gardening and spending time with my young daughters.


Do Cats Enjoy Sex Or Mating?

If you’ve ever witnessed the act of feline mating, you would be forgiven for thinking that you were watching a prime fight instead. What with all the biting, screeching, and writhing around, even just being in heat seems quite a drama for cats. Female cats are polyestrous (they have multiple cycles each year) and allow multiple matings per heat cycle,...

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Why Does My Cat Hiss at My Partner?

Facing a hissing cat is an unpleasant, and if we’re honest, slightly intimidating prospect! All cat owners would, of course, rather experience the purring cuddle or welcoming meow that we’re more familiar with from our furry friends. Hissing is a warning in the language of cat behavior and is usually a sign of fear or discomfort. Cats hiss at people...

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Why Are Cats So Flexible? A Vet Explains

As a devoted cat owner, I often marvel at my cats’ abilities to contort themselves into the oddest positions – for grooming, playing, or even sleeping! I also admire their outside acrobatics, leaping up onto our stone wall, jumping and twisting in mid-air to catch a falling leaf, and pouncing on each other in a playful rough and tumble. Cats...

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Can Cats Get High From Inhaling Smoke?

It is common knowledge that smoking is bad for health: in the U.S., smoking is the leading preventable cause of death and disease.1 However, it is unclear whether pet owners realize the extent of health problems that can be caused in their pets by breathing in secondhand smoke, from the side effects of marijuana intoxication to the dangers of tobacco...

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Why Does My Cat Like Me But Not My Husband?

Pet favoritism is rife in our house. My cat loves me and will spend all her time giving me cuddles, letting out a purr whenever she sees me, and even giving me a lovely (if painful) knead of the claws every evening. My husband? Not so much. She even sleeps on my side of the bed! But why do cats...

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10 Proven Ways To Show Your Cat You Love Her

I admit that I tell my cats "I love you!" an embarrassing number of times daily. I expect many cat lovers out there can relate. Obviously, they don’t understand me—cats have many clever and subtle ways of communicating, but speaking human language is not one of them. So, how do we show our gorgeous felines that we adore them and...

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Can Cats Sense Bad Weather?

All pet owners will be familiar with tales of cats who can predict foul weather, even before the weatherman can. But are these stories of miraculous weather predictions just superstitions, or can cats actually tell if there is an impending storm?   Our pets are well adapted to read their environment, and cats sense many things more accurately than us...

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What Can Cats Drink Besides Water?

It’s a fascinating sight, watching cats lap quickly and efficiently at their water with those little pink tongues. Cats are an example of an obligate carnivore, deriving the nutrients they need from a diet mostly made up of animal protein. Wild cats would also gain most of their hydration needs from their diet, but will supplement this with fresh water....

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Do Cats Really Have Webbed Feet?

You wouldn’t compare your cat to a duck. Cats won’t venture outside if there is the merest hint of rain in the air, daintily step around any puddles on the ground, and forget about trying to give them a bath!   Cats have a reputation for hating water, so it may come as some surprise to many cat owners that...

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Do Cats Feel Sadness?

How can we know if cats feel sadness, love, happiness, and all the rest? Is it just pet parents’ intuition or is there real evidence out there? Read on for insights into how we know cats feel emotions, why they might be feeling low, the signs of unhappy cats, and how to help. Can Cats Feel Emotions? Cats can live...

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