Kate Barrington

Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh, PA


  • I completed a certificate with Dogs Naturally Magazine to become a Pet Food Nutrition Specialist in 2020.


Completed a Bachelor's degree at Marietta College in 2009 and have pursued numerous certifications since then.


After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in English in 2009, I dabbled in freelance writing for a few years until I eventually settled into the pet niche. For the past 5+ years my work has been concentrated in the pet industry, particularly in the subjects of pet care and nutrition.


I am the loving caretaker of a dog (Archie), three cats (Bagel, Biscuit, and Munchkin), and an ever-changing menagerie of other pets including guinea pigs and fish. I spend my free time reading, watching movies, and playing rec league sports in my hometown.


The 7 Best Cat Insurance Companies In The UK

As pet owners, we love to dote on our cats. We love to play with them, cuddle them (when they will let us!) and provide them with nutritious food and delicious treats; and we worry about their health and their safety, particularly if we let them outside to roam. Cats bring so much love and fun into our homes. While...

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What Is The Best Food For Feeding Feral Cats?

Every cat deserves a healthy and nutritious diet. Unfortunately, feral cats don’t have access to the same food resources that house cats have, which means that their diet is often less than perfect. Just because a cat is feral doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still depend on humans for help. If you are the caregiver of a feral cat colony,...

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Tabby Cats – Colors, Lifespan, Personality, and Fun Facts

Many people refer to their cats as tabbies without really knowing what the term means. Rather than referring to a specific breed, the word “tabby” is a reference to a certain coat pattern commonly seen in both domestic and wild cats. Tabbies often have stripes, swirls, or spots of color on their coats determined by their breed and individual genetics....

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Tortoiseshell Cats: Facts, Personality, Lifespan And Pictures

Cats are acknowledged for having reputable characters, which can vary from playful and devoted to unfriendly and independent. There are many varieties of cat breeds and lots of different colors. One coloring is the tortoiseshell, and felines with this kind of fur are recognized as Tortoiseshell cats. What Is a Tortoiseshell Cat? The term "Tortoiseshell" was derived from the mishmash...

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The 7 Best Venison Cat Food Formulas

Cats are born hunters and if you’re a hunter yourself, you’re probably familiar with the taste of venison. Venison is a lean meat that delivers significant amounts of protein with less fat than other red meats. It’s rich in iron, zinc, and a variety of B vitamins. Perhaps most importantly, it’s a novel source of animal protein for many cats....

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The 7 Best Lamb Cat Food Formulas

Lamb is becoming a popular ingredient in cat food, especially with reputable pet food manufacturers popping up in places like New Zealand where lamb is common. As an animal-based protein, lamb is a species-appropriate choice, but it might not be the best option for every cat. It’s expensive and it tends to be high in fat which could be a...

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The Best Turkey Cat Food Formulas

Wild cats largely prey on rodents, birds, and other small animals, so poultry is an appropriate protein choice. Chicken may be one of the most common ingredients in cat food, but it doesn’t work for every cat. It’s one of the most common triggers for food allergies in cats and some just don’t like the flavor. Whether your cat has...

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Koha Cat Food Review

We’ve rated Koha on ingredient quality, species-appropriateness, recalls, and more. Read our Koha cat food review to learn how this brand stacks up. The We’re All About Cats Standard—Rating Koha on What Matters We’ve rated the brand on six key criteria for quality. Here’s how it rates in each of these six crucial areas. In total, we give Koha cat...

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The 8 Best Salmon Cat Food Formulas

You’ve seen the cartoons of the family cat reaching into the fishbowl for a snack. Cats may love fish, but it is really the best protein choice? Perhaps not. In this guide we’ll explore the benefits and drawbacks of salmon as the primary protein in a cat’s diet. We’ll talk about why a single-protein recipe might be needed and show...

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The Best Rabbit Cat Food

It’s not difficult to picture a wild cat chasing a rabbit across the plains, but is rabbit an appropriate choice for domestic cats? In this guide, we’ll answer the question “is rabbit good for cats?” and discuss the situations in which you might consider feeding your cat a rabbit-based diet. We’ll also explore our top picks for the best rabbit...

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