Julie Posluns, Applied Animal Behaviourist (ACAAB)



  • Associate Applied Animal Behaviorist designation (ACAAB)


MSc. Cognitive and Behavioural Ecology


Owned and operated a professional dog walking company in Toronto with multiple walkers and up to eighty dogs on the roster. I also provided private behavioural consults for pet owners. Six years ago, I turned my focus from dogs to cats.


I love spending time training my pets, doing yoga, and searching for the best plant-based restaurants in Toronto with my husband.



How To Train Your Cat In 5 Easy Steps

More and more cat lovers are seeing that not only is cat training easy, it's also a fun activity for all family members. For indoor cats that don't get enough enrichment, time spent training will become a highlight of their day and keep them from destructive behaviors due to boredom. Training your cat will teach them fun tricks and practical...

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5 Easy Tricks To Teach Your Cat

Trick training used to be primarily an activity for dogs, but that's changing now. Cat owners are joining the fun and teaching their cats impressive tricks that even outshine their canine rivals, especially when it comes to their jumping abilities. Try asking a golden retriever to jump on your shoulder or into a backpack, and you will see what I...

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