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Dr. Joanna Woodnutt, MRCVS

Alderney, Channel Islands Joanna Woodnutt Freelance/The Veterinary Content Company


  • Small animal veterinarian, owner of The Veterinary Content Company, published in several national magazines


I went to the University of Nottingham for my veterinary degree, gaining the BVMedSci in three years- my dissertation was in preventative health- and then graduating in 2016 with a BVM BVS, allowing me to be a veterinarian.


After graduation I worked in small animal practice in the midlands, UK, doing a combination of emergency work, general practice, and feline-only work. I quickly realised a love of consulting and developed an interest in dermatology and behaviour, as these subjects are often long cases that require a good client-vet relationship. I enjoy taking the time to explain these complicated conditions to my clients. However, I soon realised that I could help more people than just the one in my consult room if I took the time to write some of my explanations down. I took a sideways step, and now I spend most of my week working in veterinary communications.


I moved back home to the Channel Islands in 2019 with my partner Ian and our terrier Pixie. I love the slower pace of life down here and especially enjoy the beautiful scenery on our morning walks. I work once a week as a relief veterinarian, but spend the rest of my time writing articles about pets. I also own and run an organic salad farm and bee-friendly plant centre.


Why Do Cats Try To Bury Their Food?

Burying food is not as unusual as you might think. Does your cat cover his food with bedding or paper? Does he indignantly tip over his food bowl when he is done eating? Have you seen your cat pawing persistently at his water bowl? Or does your cat scratch around like he’s in his litter box kicking up the cat...

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Why Does My Cat Lick My Hair? A Veterinarian Explains

If you share your life with cats, you'll know that most kitties spend a lot of time grooming themselves, but you may have also noticed your cat licking other objects, animals, or even you! Not content with licking their human companions' skin, some cats develop the habit of licking our hair too. Although this licking behavior can seem a little...

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Is My Cat Bored? 8 Signs to Watch Out For

Have you ever wondered if cats get bored? Even though we provide cats with everything they need like food, water, and shelter, cats can suffer from boredom just as we can. Cats that are kept indoors without access to the outside world are more likely to become bored. There are various signs that can indicate a cat is lacking mental...

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5 Reasons Why Cats Like Shoes So Much

Cats can exhibit all sorts of seemingly strange behaviors and the internet is full of funny cat videos to prove it. One behavior that is common amongst many cats is a love of shoes.   Whether it’s lying on them, playing with them, or even moving them around the house, many cats seem to have a liking for shoes. Although...

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how cats communicate

Why Is My Cat Sniffing Everything All Of A Sudden?

A cat’s sense of smell is quite simply amazing. It is far superior to a human’s. In fact, cats have around 200 million scent receptors in their nasal cavity, whereas humans have just 6 million scent receptors. That means a cat’s nose is almost 40 times more sensitive than ours. It’s no wonder that cats rely heavily on their sense...

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Why Does My Cat Guard Me When I Go to the Bathroom?

You may think you need privacy when using the bathroom, but chances are your cat has other ideas! Does your cat follow you into the bathroom and stare as you go about your routine, or perhaps they sit by the door as if on the lookout for something? This may seem a little odd, but you are not alone (pun...

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Why Do Cats Sit On Laptops?

Do you find your cat loves joining you on your laptop while you’re busy working from home? Or maybe you often get up to go make a coffee only to come back and find your cat lounging on your laptop when you return? Cats seem to love making the most of our frequent use of tech in the household, so...

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Why Do Cats Sigh? A Veterinarian Explains

Cats can produce many different noises. Some are for communicating with other cats, and some are directed toward people. You may be interested in decoding each of these sounds to better understand your cat. A purr or a hiss is easy enough to interpret. But maybe you’ve recently heard your cat sigh. Why do they make this human-like sound? When...

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Why Do Cats Scream When Mating?

When cats mate, it might sound like more of a fight than a romantic encounter. As dramatic as it can sound, these feline mating noises are not a cause for concern. However, the female cat is justified in shouting, and it has a lot to do with a thorny penis (yes, you did read that right!). Here, we look at...

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cat with thick coat

How To Tell If Your Cat Has A Double Coat In 4 Simple Steps

Much the same as humans, cats come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Your cat's fur is usually the first thing you notice, and their magnificent coats play many important roles. Cats' coats can be shorthaired, longhaired, curly-haired, or hairless, and they can have single or double, and even triple coats. Are you wondering which coat your own cat...

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